11 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories for Flights

Traveling is a great way to get refreshed whether it is for business or just plain fun. Traveling is just awesome. Therefore, we are going to talk about some of the best portable travel gadgets today. If you are a regular traveler, you must have an idea of how important it is to carry certain gadgets. We provide you the list of best gadgets to enhance your traveling experience.

Here's the big question. Why should you carry portable gadgets during travel? The world that we live in is digital. We revolve around technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, everything has just gone digital. Just like the world has become a global village. It's important to keep track of where the digital world is going.

Therefore, to keep your traveling experience over the top without any compromises in the technology department while being in the context of technology, it's very important to keep all these portable gadgets with you all the time. Even if you're on vacation rentals, you might need these gadgets to enhance your travel experience. Now let's talk about the best travel gadgets essential for your traveling experience.

Best Travel Gadgets and accessories for Backpackers

If you are making a list and checking it twice, chances are you aren’t Santa Claus, but taking an international vacation. While travel is fun, packing can be stressful and you got to be ready with some of the essential things before heading. Here are the top portable gadgets:

1. International Travel Adapter

There are all sorts of adapters available. However, choosing the best one should be your priority. Europe, Asia, and America use different plug adapters. It's important to have a all-in-one traveling plug adapter if you're a chronic traveler. The universal power adapter is must as it has inbuilt USB ports and will keep you plugged in and your gadgets charged.

Having a universal plug adapter can make you travel experience rather seamless and less worried. Therefore, there are universal plug adapters that provide you all these different plugs. There won't be any problem no matter in which country you go to.

2. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Please don’t be the person that rolls their eyes or loudly complains to the gate agent within earshot of a parent groaning, tell me that baby is not sitting near me. Babies have the same rights to flying as you do! You were one once. Have compassion for the parents and understand that it is extremely difficult for them. Be proactive, not reactive and get earplugs. Many airlines will already provide them in a little pouch when you fly long-haul.

Music brings life to boring travel. If you're bored while traveling then music is a great way to bring life to your time. At least temporarily. However, you must choose headphones that are great for this purpose. A lot of companies are making the best headphones suited solely for traveling purposes. So why should you choose noise cancellation headphones?

The main significance of using a noise cancellation headphone is that it can reduce noise coming out of your headphones and vice versa. Therefore, it's best suited for air travel where there is a lot of noise. This makes noise cancellation headphones one of the best travel gadgets on our list.

3. Portable Hard disks

If you're a YouTuber or a content creator, it's always important to have a portable hard disk at your disposal. A portable hard disk allows you to transfer data from one medium to another or you can just use them to edit current videos or have a large amount of data without having to worry about the storage capacity of any machine.

Therefore, choosing the right hard disk is important. There are all types of them. Ranging from 250 GB up to many Terabytes, it depends upon your budget. This is why portable hard disk is considered as a great portable travel gadget.

4. Power Bank

Many planes still don't have outlets. For long flights, layovers, and of course while you are out and exploring different destinations, nothing is more useful than a power bank. They are slim and light which means they are easy to carry around. Power bank is a must-have for you in all scenarios to power your devices.

If, you don't find any plugs while traveling, it's important to have a portable power bank in your backpack. With the use of this awesome piece of tech, you can easily charge your devices without having to worry about batteries dying. Choose a power bank with a high charging capacity.

5. Tablet/Notebook

If you are traveling, enjoying media might seem a little weird on your smartphone. The world is a large place. Therefore, you need a bigger product to enjoy in the outside world. Having a notebook or tablet is a cool way to enjoy media. Even if you're a content creator, notebooks can help you in producing your content without you having to carry those bulky laptops out there.

Samsung, HP, and some other companies like LG are producing some of the best notebooks out there. Carry small iPad with downloaded movies.

6. GPS Smartwatch

Smartwatches are an awesome tool to use especially when you're traveling. Imagine checking your phone every second. Smartwatches enable you to check notifications and stuff right from your watch without having to worry about a thing at all. Therefore, a smartwatch is an awesome device to have.

7. Eye mask

An eye mask is invaluable for your sleep, but also mental well-being, and often provided in your little airline pouch as well.

8. TSA Locks

If you do not want your own lock broken into during random security checks, it’s best to use TSA approved locks. They are durable and secure, and a combination lock means you don’t have to carry a key around.

9. Electronic gadgets and accessories organiser

Between charging cables, power banks, sim cards, and external storage devices, we travel with a lot of must have gadgets and accessories to keep them running. A gadget organiser comes in handy to keep them organised and in one place.

10. Packing cubes

For the organised traveller, packing cubes are the perfect way to pack. Cubes of different sizes allow you to separate items(you could keep formal wear in one, casual clothing in another, footwear in a third and accessories in the last) in your suitcase.

11. Anti theft day bag

This bag is made using a thick material that cannot be slashed with knives, comes with sturdy straps that aren’t easily broken, and lockable zips.


So far we've covered some great portable travel gadgets. Whether you're going on a trip or business, you need to have these items in your bags so that you won't suffer as many people do nowadays.
Kalyan Panja