Tips for Cycling Up Hills to Col du Tourmalet

Do you dream to go up the Col du Tourmalet, one of the best hikes in France and cycling climbs in the world in your mountain bike. Col du Tourmalet, the colossus, the giant, the myth of all the climbs is the one that all cyclists dream of climbing once in their lives. The Col du Tourmalet, or simply Tourmalet goes without any doubt to the story of great cycling achievements. The Tour de France has added a patina of legend to this high mountain pass in such a way that it is already inseparable from the sport of cycling.

The Col du Tourmalet Bike Climb is situated in Midi-Pyrenees. The Col du Tourmalet ascent is 17.2 km long starting from Sainte Marie de Campan. You have to climb 1268 meters. The maximum slope is 10 %. PJAMM Cycling has the list which contains the best bike climbs in the world. Where to stay to face the climb up the slope of St. Marie de Campan is always a matter of doubt.

It is true that Campan is close to the climb. Many people stay in this town and wheel to warm up in the direction of Bagnères de Bigorre (7 kilometers away) to then return and start the climb. Bagnères de Bigorre is a very touristy town and there is a wide range of accommodation.

Tips for Cycling Up Hills

For those who are new to cycling sport, you will reach a time where you must climb the hill and much more likely. To perform this task effectively, there are some tips that you should think about so as not to waste all your energy or increase heart rate while climbing the hill. Many first-time cyclists end up falling into bad habits that hinder their ability to climb hills.

Once you develop a method, it's hard to get out. So be sure to start the right foot when it comes to climbing the hills. The last thing you want to do is to be scared of the roads with names like Old Mountain Road, Granite Hill, and Hill Crest Lane. You will use not only your legs to push yourself up the hill but your arms as well.

If you climb a hill correctly, you will notice that your arms will be cumbersome like your leg muscles are pulling down on your bars. Try not to disturb the "pull" from pulling the rails. Eventually, cyclists who tend to pull their rods lose momentum, and their body will work unevenly, making it even more troublesome.

Making a bicycle lighter for cycling uphill is an option that many cyclists choose. They will remove their rear brakes because more power and control comes from the front brakes anyway, but if you are competing, you will need to check the regulations to make sure you can do so and still qualify for the competition.

You can use smaller windows, although this step may bring some comfort away from your trip, you will not notice much because steep climbs reduce travel speed. Some riders under 65 kg lose weight and will use the old road bike seat and remove all padding to ride the open plastic mold only. You will be invited to rule on your part if you can ride without stuffing, by all means, try it.

Mountain bike water bottle holders and cages are almost unnecessary for horse riding for an hour or less. Ready-made cyclists must already compete for water, then respray it immediately afterward, and there is no need to take a huge water bottle. Breathing is one of the most important aspects of climbing the hill.

For your muscles to get the oxygen you need, your breathing techniques must be correct. Make sure to keep your chest open, and breathe deeply through the diaphragm (lower abdomen) instead of the upper chest and shoulders. Skeletal breathing across the chest can increase ventilation, where you will have to breathe twice several times to get the same amount of oxygen as if you had proper techniques in place.

Often the most experienced pheasant has already recovered on the hills. They do this by breathing profoundly and expanding the lungs. RPMs or revolutions per minute can vary from pheasant to pheasant, but on average they will be about 80 rpm when climbing the hill. This can vary due to the composition of the cyclist's body, not because of individual strength.

The important thing is to lift the truck effectively. Do not wait until the current gear becomes very difficult. This somewhat late also focused on pulling the pedal stroke to the top as much as you push them down. One good way to think about it is by guiding your heels down and driving your heels through the ground on the stroke.

On the opposite end of the stroke focus on throwing the knees into the handlebars. This will push the tendons and glutes to work as hard as the thighs do. Otherwise directly burn your thighs out and quickly. The mental aspect of climbing hills with a bicycle is one of the most important parts. Remember mountains like road names?

It has been shown that knowing that you can perform a task is 95% of the battle, and the rest is material. Why do people often surrender? Their minds are trained for this event even if they are their bodies. You will need to be in the right mind mode to climb that hill, see yourself advancing, top up and up with energy to spare you and carry you forward. Just remember this, at the top of each hill you climb there is always a trip back down.

When you recover, you want to see everything, photograph everything and of course enter the bar museum, where you will surely enjoy the most comforting drink and food of your life. From what great being a cyclist we encourage everyone to live this great experience. Numerous cyclists from all over the world reserve a few days in summer to face the climb of the Tourmalet, much more than a mountain pass. Do you dare?
Kalyan Panja