Travel Through India to Improve Sexual Wellness

The number of men and women who are looking for no strings attached relationships or love is on the rise, who abandon the traditional holiday destinations in favor of increasingly exotic places. The number of men and women of different age groups is growing, who caress the idea of ​​finding love or even just fleeting relationships on vacation.

To push many of them to places with a high rate of fun and low inhibitions is not only sexual desire, but also the desire for different relationships. Therefore, the idea of ​​a break leads to relationships that can last only two weeks and which do not exclude a sort of reward in economic terms or gifts to the occasional partner.

During a holiday the rest from busy daily rhythms increases sexual desire. In the summer, moreover, the action of the sun has a decidedly positive effect on the hormones, stimulating the production of serotonin and testosterone. Even the desire for transgression increases, to subvert the habits, in every field and in the erotic one, testing new pleasures.

A trip to India is an opportunity to discover another approach to well-being using techniques ranging from the ancient wisdom of tantra and lush natural landscapes. It's about taking the romantic relationship to the next level, both in the bed and in the outside world. In India the Kamasutra and Tantra were invented hundreds of years ago and they had a very open, advanced and spiritual vision of love.

Without becoming too philosophical, the experience of a vacation is associated with certain pleasures, that is, an escape from normality. For a first approach, it is quite easy to learn different methods of meditation in states like Goa for example, where there are many centers that offer courses to tourists.

In Arambol, there are centers that offers many classes in yoga and meditation, including Tantric meditation, also called sexual meditation. Through breathing exercises, relaxing the body and exchanging energy, the goal is to enter into communion with the energy of our environment and that of our partner.

With a little practice, it can unlock the flow of energy in the whole body and even reach ecstasy without going through orgasm. It is an ideal practice for those who want to live their sexuality better, often held back by cultural taboos around sex in our society. You learn a lot about yourself and your relationships with others.

Ayurveda can be found in India as a whole, but even more so in the state of Kerala, in the south of the country, and the cradle of this medicine. For a first approach, try abhyanga massage, which is a massage of the whole body with essential oils. The coconut available here abundantly is a symbol of fertility in India. In addition, Coconut oil is used as an excellent lubricant and stimulant.

Travel Through India to Improve Sexual Wellness

Many retreats in Kerala offers accommodation in cabins with palm trees on the coast of the Arabian sea, as well as sensory-sensual exploration sessions, erotic inspiration, and wild euphoria. Many couples have often resorted to them not because they were necessarily traveling, but as an escape to find romance and eroticism.

It's the same kind of pleasure you feel when you eat a chocolate bar or smoke a cigarette. Oh, and let's not forget those wonderfully clean and fresh sheets, room service, pools, smells, and the list goes on and on. You will learn erotic imagination techniques, and you will enjoy the gifts left in your room like sex toys and homemade aphrodisiac truffles.

Many top hotels offers sensual rooms to unleash the fantasies of the travel couple that allow you to spend a crazy night with the help of intimate products. These are offered in different chests of spectacular design inspired by the seven deadly sins to experience wild, sensual, sweet or perverse fun with the toys, ultrasexy lingerie, bath oils, exfoliants and a massager so that it is she who enjoys a relaxing night. The best? That the next day you can take the chest to continue the fun at home.

In addition to accommodation and toys, many packages includes a bottle of champagne in the room, and strawberries with cream. On the other hand, the therapists use the fertile energy of the earth to allow the tourists to connect with their natural rhythms and find their most pure and primal sensuality through yoga and meditation oriented to sex.

The contemporary tantra concepts lead ancestral practices of tantra to the modern world, combining ancient wisdom with current therapeutic tools that allow couples to build both spiritual and erotic connections. In the north of the country at the foot of the Himalayas is the Disneyland of Yoga. Rishikesh, a sacred city, has dozens of ashrams to choose from and lots of courses of all varieties of Yoga.

Here I reviewed many of the beliefs I had about sex and learned a whole new way of coping with life. In tantra there are two oranges that together form the symbol of infinity and this connects them with everything that exists. No one will enter there for codependency, need or attachment, but by pure celebration of force itself.

After the break it is important that couples are able to incorporate into their daily lives what they have learned during the holidays and to help improve sexual wellbeing. In India breaking away from traditions and taboos, there are now online stores from where you can easily get products ranging from personal lubricants, vibrating rings, foreplay games and sexy lingerie to spice up your fantasies whether you are a single or a couple looking to break the monotony.
Kalyan Panja