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What could be better than a wedding in Las Vegas? How about the honeymoon in Vegas? As you can see here, there is no better place to celebrate for newlyweds than Las Vegas. With incredible suites, unlimited fun and without inhibitions, walk together to the altar and from there to the main avenue to start your new life together in this exciting adventure called Las Vegas.

Its cool and urban atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for both a fast and original wedding and a sophisticated and fun honeymooning in Vegas. In addition, it is the starting point for a romantic road trip through the canyons and deserts of the southwest USA.

For many people who have never set foot in Las Vegas, the hype is all there to savor. No mindless drinking and getting married at a whim! No slot machines! And certainly no getting home penniless. But this is not to say that you need not be there to experience Las Vegas. Having a life defining experience that matches up to the many stories you have heard from your peers all boils down to preparation. Yes! In as much as it may seem like a bold and boring word, it certainly makes up for it when adequate preparation leads to a great time.

Getting married in Las Vegas

Yes, we've seen it in so many movies that getting married in Las Vegas is a cliché, but the truth is that it's a fun and unforgettable experience. Surely that's why every year a few thousand couples get married in the chapels of the Capital of Sin, some with a singer-impersonator Elvis, others with a serious minister.

But Las Vegas also offers more exclusive weddings, from outdoor ceremonies in beautiful places such as the Red Rock canyon to sophisticated parties in casino complexes on the Strip, such as the Bellagio, with its artificial lake and dancing fountains. You have to apply for a marriage license in advance.

Las Vegas For Couples

Ok, you're already married. It's time to think about the best honeymoon in Las Vegas and celebrate it in style. The Capital of Marriage, offers a good number of activities to inaugurate married life altogether. Go on a gondola ride through the Venetian canals or by a lake under the moonlight. Visit Graceland Wedding Chapel where Jon Bon Jovi got married. Relaxing in Qua Baths & Spa is perfect for future brides or honeymoon couples.

Toast at Mandarin Bar & Tea Lounge overlooking the Strip. Tour the Eiffel Tower Experience to spend the honeymoon in the City of Light. Look at Vegas Weddings, the only window for express weddings from the car, with a beautiful mini-cathedral. Go to Spa by Mandara, where couples can choose the "Paris for Lovers" treatment package, with a Jacuzzi for two.

Have some tapas in La Cave, between arches in Spanish style and by candlelight. Have a romantic date in Parasol Up and Parasol Down, two memorable places to taste craft cocktails. Room service menus include champagne, gourmet chocolate, and non-family-friendly treats in case you need a little push. The luxury restaurants and bars have cozy tables, and chapels specialize in carrying out fast weddings everywhere.

If it is mentioned in the hotel reception that it is a romantic trip, you can get extras such as jacuzzi or rose petals on the bed. The accessories with the rubric "Just Married" are not only a kitsch souvenir, but the bars and casinos of Strip offer free drinks to those who wear them.

Discover The Strip and Fremont Street

The Strip is a large avenue about six kilometers long that brings together most of the leisure and fun of the city. Do not forget to take pictures with the famous sign "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada", near the Mandalay Bay hotel. Go to the Stratosphere hotel tower or visit hotels, casinos and resorts, such as Bellagio or Caesars Palace.

And if you have a chance, do not miss a night walk on the Strip. You will discover a world of lights and neons, and some of the great spectacles of the city, such as the fountains of the Bellagio Hotel. And if you want to travel during the day, do a sightseeing at The Deuce, a popular double-decker bus. In Fremont Street do not miss the Fremont Street Experience, a magnificent show of lights, video and sound in one of the largest screens in the world, which makes roof part of this street.

If you want 24 hours of fun, buy the special Las Vegas Pass, with free access to 50 attractions or the Go Las Vegas Card, which allows you to visit the top attractions of the city. Remember that many of the attractions of Las Vegas are located within the hotels.

The Stratosphere hotel with a 350 meters high tower is the best viewpoint in Las Vegas and three unforgettable attractions like Big Shot, X-Scream and Insanity, the Ride. Right in front of the New York hotel is the roller coaster, which can reach 100 kilometers per hour, or the High Roller, the largest panoramic Ferris wheel in the world.

Luxor Las Vegas: Where Class And Sophistication Meet

Sleep in the themed hotels in Las Vegas

Do not miss staying at a themed hotel on the Strip. They are gigantic and will surprise you with their shops, theaters, swimming pools, discos, chapels for weddings, casinos. Among the most spectacular are the Luxor hotel, inspired by ancient Egypt with its great pyramid.

When you plan to take a break and travel to Las Vegas, Luxor Hotel is not just a pipe dream, but one to be realized when you finally get to be wowed by its many luxuries. With hardly a few months from celebrating its 25th anniversary, Luxor Hotel & Casino has come a long way. From a position of detached objectivity sort of a like a fly on the wall it is easy to downplay that.

But like they say, you need to see it to believe it! Spread out over 120000 sq.ft., this expansive hotel and casino boasts of over 29 retail stores, 4 swimming pools, a salon and nurture spa, 4407 rooms, 87 tables and 2000 slot machines. And that's just a tip of the iceberg, as locals are accustomed to saying.

Consisting of a staggering 30 floors, you forget that you're on the other end of Las Vegas Strip when you realize that you can see quite a great deal of surrounding areas from your hotel balcony. Located on the southern tip of the Strip, the hotel is surrounded by two bays, Mandalay and Excalibur. A pristine location, it doesn't come as a surprise that it was built at a cost of USD 375 million.

So many delightful treats await you on arrival that trying to take on everything at once can be likened to charging an elephant. You have the world famous Criss Angel performing his heart wrenching acts of magic once a year. Then there's the LAX Nightclub, which was officially opened by Britney Spears and just recently hosted Christina Aguilera.

And top all of that, you have the cream of the crop: The Luxor Sky Beam, which is the strongest and one of the longest beams of light shooting out from a pyramid into the universe. Visible from as far as 275 miles, this is a must see for any Star Wars fan.

It is therefore fitting that a resort like Luxor Hotel and Casino was featured in a host of movies and popular television shows, like Hangover, Fear Factor and CSI, as well as having its maiden appearance in a the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is therefore widely considered as one of the best hotel destinations in the world owing to its postmodern architectural brilliance and savvy attractions.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas is a luxury hotel located between floors 35 and 39 of the Mandalay Bay resort. The hotel is a 30-minute walk from Town Square of Las Vegas, 15 minutes' walk from Monorail MGM Grand train station. The property is 5 km from the McCarran International Airport.

It has 424 elegant and sophisticated rooms with a maximum capacity of four people, which are equipped with marble bathrooms with rear lighting mirrors, work area with ergonomic armchair, iPod docking station and tea and coffee service, among other amenities.

This pet-friendly hotel has an elegant swimming pool, as well as a spa where clients can treat themselves to beauty treatments and massages with products from the best brands. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas emulates the desert environment in the colors and materials with which it was designed. There is also a gym and a business center that has specific spaces and means available 24 hours a day.

Weddings at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas have a banquet room and pastry services, florist, as well as event organization. In the section of restoration they are the Veranda restaurant, whose specialty is Italian cuisine and the Charlie Palmer Steak, specialized in meats. In addition to shows, it has an aquarium in which there are sharks and crocodiles.

Both have separate bars serving light dishes and drinks in an elegant atmosphere. There is also a social lounge with outside terrace overlooking the pool. In addition, guests of the Four Seasons Hotel can enjoy the facilities of Mandalay Bay, which has a casino and an artificial beach with waves, sand and other attractions. Finally, the Four Seasons Hotel offers its clients the possibility to visit the Valley of Fire by helicopter.

In the Venetian you can take a gondola ride through canals like in Venice. New York-New York Hotel has an impressive facade of the New York skyline. Caesars Palace will transport you to ancient Rome. Paris-Las Vegas has a 100-meter-high Eiffel Tower. The entrance of Circus Circus imitates a large circus tent.

Also, do not forget to visit the Neon Museum, where the history of Las Vegas posters is collected. In fact, one of the typical visits is the welcome sign of the city, which has been filmed in numerous films. In the vicinity of the city is the Red Rock nature reserve and there is also a reservoir, the Mead, which is the largest in the United States, where you can perform various water activities.

For many couples being alone under starry skies is a trip as romantic as the hotels that leave a chocolate on the pillow. The starting point is Las Vegas, Nevada, the perfect place to relax after a great wedding. After the break, hit the road, starting at the Grand Canyon, an incomparable natural wonder in the nearby state of Arizona or the great Hoover Dam, or spend a day in the Black Canyon by the Colorado River to do kayaking or go to Scottsdale. So make a date with Nevada, and kick off your holiday break with a BANG.

The best time to visit Las Vegas is in late April, May, September and early October. Temperatures are milder in the desert and it does not snow.

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  1. These all sound like great places for a honeymoon! Themed hotels are so much fun!

  2. Nice post. Vegas is always a good idea

  3. I've stayed in Vegas a few times, and have to say my favorite place to stay, was the Paris hotel; so much fun; feels like you are in the streets of Paris!

  4. These are great tips for couples; my husband and I love Vegas; stayed at the Aria the last time we went. It was incredible!

  5. O so many good things to do! thanks for the tips

  6. I have never been to Vegas but, it's on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this great list I'm sharing it with my niece who's getting married soon and going to honeymoon there.

  7. We never went on a honeymoon. I'm not sure we would have chose Vegas if we did go. I'm more of a tropical person.

  8. There's so many options for weddings and honeymoons in Vegas. It sounds like there's something forever. And you can visit the Eiffel Tour on your wedding night. :)

  9. I love Las Vegas. Such a magical city with so many amazing hotels! I've only been to a few of these but they are definitely amazing

  10. What a great idea for a honeymoon! I didn't realize all you could do there and all the sights to visit.

  11. I've never been to Las Vegas and me and the bf really want to go! This would be a great article to reference :)

  12. Vegas definitely sounds like a perfect place to get married and honeymoon. Those hotels sound great.

  13. Thank you for sharing this list. I would love to go Las Vegas for my honeymoon.

  14. I've never been to Vegas but we are definitely thinking of going soon. We went to MX for our honeymoon.

  15. I would love to go to Las Vegas, as the place has so many great stuff to offer. Great post that you've uploaded here, this place is so for the couples that want their honeymoon as amazing and memorable one.

  16. These are great options for weddings and honeymoons in Vegas. We haven't been there in forever!

  17. I’m way over die for a trip to Vegas! Thanks for all the tips!!

  18. I have never been there but it sounds like a nice destination getaway with the whole squad.


  19. I have never been to Vegas but I always wanted to visit. Such a wonderful place.

  20. I have been there. It is indeed a lovely place to explore.

  21. We just love exploring the various hotels in Las Vegas either as a couple or with our redhead in tow. Our favorites are the Venetian, New York, New York and Caesar's Palace. Next time we'll have to visit the Hoover Damn and the Neon museum.

  22. We loved visiting Fremont the last time we went to Vegas. I love seeing the couples getting married!

  23. I’ve never been to Vegas before and I wish I would have in my twenties. It’s seems like the perfect place full of fun and excitement. A Vegas wedding would be fun to witness it seems like the trend to do there.


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