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Ah, the monsoon! Downpours, waterfalls and the open road. While many adventure junkies look forward to this season for the myriad activities and trips that are unique to this season, monsoon travel is fast becoming popular. Still considered off-season by popular standards, this season presents numerous opportunities for everyone. Too many options dragging you down? We have a handy list of travel tips and tricks to ensure you have a magical monsoon break.

Monsoon Travel Tips India Goa

Plan Ahead

While just loading up a car/bike and taking off might seem like the perfect getaway, travelling during the monsoon might require a little more preparation. The monsoon brings with it uncertainty in the form of traffic diversions, alternate routes and sometimes the occasional blocked access route.

Figuring out the best routes and planning out the most scenic one/with the minimum disruptions would go a long way in making your trip one to remember. For those looking at setting off for the mountains or waterfalls that abound during the season, it is advisable to look up alternate routes in the event of roads being blocked/landslides etc.

Check Expenses

Looking to make your monsoon trip within a budget? While you should not cut back when it comes to supplies and medicines, technology can go a long way in helping you save on other expenses. Looking at refuelling along the way? Keep track of daily changing fuel prices through handy apps like BankBazaar. Here you can receive alerts on petrol and diesel prices based on the city you are in.

Check real time petrol price and rein in those ever-mounting petrol bills. Avoid time and fuel-wasting diversions by tracking traffic in real time, so you can get to your destination in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

Also, do make sure you track your overall spending on the trip so you don't go over budget. Personal finance features on mobile applications like the BankBazaar Mobile App can help you keep track of every expense on the road. Tracking expenses for the duration of your trip can help you keep a check on unnecessary expenditure. It will allow you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about going over budget.

Keep Updated on the Weather

Regularly keeping track of the weather along your route and at your destination is another handy tip. It could go a long way in making that vacation a memorable one. With the monsoon being unpredictable, there could be a chance of cave-ins or traffic disruptions along your route. To avoid being stuck in traffic jams or having to turn back midway, monitor the news or use a weather app to track climate. It is also advisable to avoid accident-prone areas as far as possible.

Waterproof Luggage

Thinking of setting off on a monsoon trek, or visiting a waterfall? No matter what your activity or travel plan, ensure you have waterproof and quick drying clothing so you are comfortable throughout your trip. Trundling through a winding road dripping wet can ruin even the most diehard traveller's day.

So stock up on those quick drying clothes and invest in waterproof covers for your essentials and electronics. Look out for water resistant bags or covers for your regular luggage, if you are not looking at buying new gear. For those travelling with electronics, dry bags are an excellent way to keep electrical items safe and dry when on the road.

Pack for the Season

Seems like a no-brainer, but packing for the season and location is a must when you are looking at monsoon travel. Based on your planned location/locations and activities, packing appropriate clothing makes a world of a difference. You won't be lugging around huge suitcases, totes or backpacks, for one, and you will be prepared.

Wet weather usually entails a sticky, muggy climate and swarms of mosquitoes in most places. So keep those bug sprays and disinfectants at the ready. Another essential for monsoon travel is protective gear-raincoats, ponchos, and umbrellas. Keeping warm and dry is always preferable to getting soaked and spending the rest of your travels sniffling.

Handy Spares

Whether you are riding into the sunset or planning a drive, carrying along spares is a must. Since the season sees fewer travellers, finding help along the way might prove difficult. So remember to carry essentials wherever possible. Spark plugs, cables and a spare tyre for a four-wheel drive are some basic spares that will ensure you are not stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Make a checklist of supplies and spares that you would require so as to avoid missing out on anything. Rechargeable batteries and portable charging stations are also must-haves. It can be picked up at most electronic shops and added to your travel tool kit.

Sturdy Shoes

A wardrobe essential for monsoon travel, carrying or wearing a sturdy pair of shoes can make or break your trip, especially if you have activities planned. Flimsy flip-flops or fashionable boots should be left behind in favour of comfortable sandals or quick-drying shoes. With rain always on the horizon, surfaces will be slippery so ensure your shoes can grip slick surfaces.

Investing in a pair of rubber-soled shoes or sturdy rain shoes will tide you over for the duration of your trip and beyond. Carrying shoes based on the activities you have planned is also advisable. Planning a trek? Look for lightweight waterproof trekking boots that can double up as rainwear shoes as well.

Medical Kit

Another no-brainer, a first aid kit should be one of the first items you load up on that bike/car before you set out. It is advisable to take a fully stocked first aid kit and some seasonal additions in the form of insect repellent, seasonal medication in case of allergies and plenty of disinfectant for those errant scratches.

You can either buy a fully stocked medical kit or make up one based on your individual requirements. Remember to pack a spare flashlight/torch for emergency purposes, as well as a spare set of batteries. Keep these tips in mind and make the most of your monsoon break, without breaking the bank.

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