10 Best Places to Visit in Malta

Malta is a little archipelago with many appealing attractions and some of the nicest places tourists can visit in Europe. The islands not only have more than 300 days of sunlight yearly, but they also have some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. The earliest historical sites in Malta belong to the Neolithic era, and there are a staggering number of them.

This island nation is simply magical. It's like going back in time to the Middle Ages, with its stone walls and structures older than the Egyptian pyramids. Get a Malta travel guide and explore the cathedrals, temples and medieval architecture - Malta is an island with many cultural treasures. During the Easter weekend organized parades in Birgu and Qormi takes place, when the Maltese recreate biblical scenes in costumes. Fascinating to see!

To travel to Malta is to delve into the history of Baroque Europe. The first of the cities you will find if you travel to Cottonera from Valletta is Senglea. Go through the main street, Settembru, until you reach the end where is the Forti San Mikiel, a fortification built between 1551 and 1565 that offers an impressive beauty. In addition, from there you can see magnificent views of the city of Senglea, Valletta and Vittoriosa.

Triq It Tarzna borders the sea. Visit Fort St. Angelo and the Inquisitor's Palace. The latter, built in 1530, is one of the oldest and most interesting buildings to see in Malta. Go to the Forti Rikazoli. This impressive fort has been the scene of numerous films like Gladiator or Troy.

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You won't believe how much variation there is in this small archipelago or how they managed to fit it all here. Here are the best places to visit in Malta, so you won't have trouble filling your days.

1. Valletta

Valletta is the capital of Malta and one of the top 10 places to visit in Malta. Malta's capital, Valletta, was established due to the well-known Ottoman Turks' loss during the Great Siege of 1565. This village has a population of about 6000. It is situated on a peninsula in the country's east and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes beautiful specimens of 16th-century baroque architecture and is located atop Mount Sceberras.

St. John's Cathedral, together with other inns and bastions, stands out among these. The Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens offer stunning views of the Grand Harbour, which can be found in Valletta, Malta's most fantastic harbor town. The three-day Maltese Carnival is fantastic if you get the chance to attend. To make everything more accessible and more exciting, be sure to bring your equipment. You wouldn't want to forget to pack your camping gear.

2. Gozo

The tiny island of Gozo is located not far from the shore of Malta. The majority of visitors stop through for the day to take in attractions, including the Azure Window, Citadel, Inland Sea, and the Temples of Ggantija. The majority of residents in Gozo love the villages of Xlendi and Marsalforn, which are mostly farming and fishing community.

A day spent wandering the island will offer you a good impression of a more classic Malta because there hasn't been much construction here. Most people take ferries, but if you want a little thrill, take a seaplane. According to consultants at Evolution Moving, people moving to a new location need something to make them feel at home. There is no better approach to reduce your moving stress than to delegate the technical aspects of the move to relocation professionals.

Many tourists mistakenly assume that visiting Gozo is not worth it because what they will find will be similar to what they have already seen in their older sister, Malta. They are wrong. Although its villages are built from the same honey-colored earth, Gozo has a completely different environment. Its capital is Victoria which is located approximately in the center of the island and, like the citadel of Gozo, it is essential to visit.

If you are interested in water sports such as diving or snorkeling, the deep blue waters of Gozo will be impressive and ideal for you to enjoy these activities. You will also find good trails, both along its entire coast and in the interior of the island, to walk and live unforgettable adventures.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Gozo island, the Azure Window, has collapsed due to a strong maritime storm. The blue door was already very deteriorated. Game of Thrones fans today have a less-visited location. Remember that this important series used the vicinity of the Azure Window to make the first episode of the Winter is Coming series. The best known island of this town is the Fungus Rock.

Xlendi, the small fishing village is really one of the most beautiful to know if you are going to visit Gozo. It is located next to the bay of the same name, where you can take a bath in its calm and warm waters, while you enjoy the views of this little village. It is an ideal place if you like diving or snorkelling as it has a beautiful coral bottom.

If in each place you visit you chase good beaches where you lie in the sun and enjoy the water, in Gozo you should not miss visiting Blas Bay. You will have, however, to walk a lot since the nearest place to park the car is quite far from the beach. Ramla Bay is one of the best known beaches of Gozo and therefore it is a must if you travel to this island.

Ramla Bay is well known for its red sand and because of that, many call it the orange beach. Ramla Bay, being hidden is very charming. On the other hand, on the beach you will find a beach bar where you can eat and drink and enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach. From Ramla Bay go to the Calypso Cave, which you can get by taking a bus from the village of Xaghra or doing a walk of about half an hour from Ramla Bay.

If you are a fan of Greek mythology it will surely have a special charm for you; When you visit it you can imagine Ulysses who stopped there on his long trip to Ithaca. The coordinates of its location could coincide with those of the Ogiga island that appears in The Odyssey.

Cospicua, also known as Bormla, is the largest of the three. Take a Maltese gondola that takes you to navigate the Mediterranean to see from another perspective the spectacle offered by the three cities.</p>
<p>Next time you want to travel around Europe, make sure you stop by the fantastic spots listed on this post. That way, you can have an exciting view of many hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the continent.

3. The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is positioned on Malta's southern tip and is accessible by boat or from above. A boat can be easily arranged from the majority of hotels and Valletta itself. However, it will cost you extra, so make sure you have enough money. We recommend visiting it before noon. This time of day/morning exhibits a distinctive blend of beautiful blues and underwater beauty that is modified by the morning sunlight due to the cave's location and the light.

4. Ħaġar Qim

One of the nation's oldest and most valuable historical treasures, the megalithic temple, dates back to 3,600 BC. Visit the Women's Temple, the Northern Temple, and the Main Temple. The location is a terrific UNESCO site to visit even though it isn't Machu Picchu with its breathtaking panoramas because it actually has a far older history, which is one of the reasons why it is included in the list of top 10 places to visit in Malta.

5. The Gardjola Gardens

The Guardiola Gardens are one of the most beautiful places to visit in Malta since they provide a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour. Keep an eye out for sculpted ears and eyes engraved on the tower, watching over the country as they are perched on the side opposite the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

6. Mdina and Rabat

Visit one of the island's oldest communities, with well over 4,000 years of history, in the peaceful lanes of Mdina and Rabat. It's one of the best spots in Malta to discover the calmer side of island life.

7. St. John's Co-Cathedral

The St. John Cathedral is a masterpiece of Baroque artwork and construction. It was constructed as the St. John's Knights convent congregation. St. John's Co-Cathedral is an excellent place to start if you're unsure of what to visit in Malta. The cathedral, which was constructed between 1573 and 1577, has two Caravaggio pieces.

Even now, this church serves as a significant memorial and a sacred place of worship. Additionally, it serves as a venue for cultural activities. The structure was commissioned in 1572 by Grand Master Jean de la Cassière and designed as the Knights of Malta convent church by Maltese military architect Gerolamo Cassar.

8. Popeye Village

Popeye Village has evolved from its beginnings as a set for the musical "Popeye" (1980) to become a recognizable sun-soaked day for all young residents in the area. Popeye and his famous friends will greet you and entertain you all day long with their numerous presentations. Once in a lifetime, visitors can take part in a filming event with the animation department and live out their dream of being a movie star for a day.

Toy town of Santa, a boat trip, sunbathing decks, water trampolines, and an exciting experience in the new "Popeye the Comic Museum" with over 100 original comics from 1936 are additional facilities. This is the place to go if you're trying to decide what to do in Malta.

9. St. Agatha's Tower

One of Malta's attractions, this tower, popularly known as the Red Tower, was built in 1649. It provides stunning panoramas of Comino, Gozo, and the Ghadira Nature Reserve. You can find this tower on the summit of Marfa Ridge. And a chapel dedicated to St. Agatha was located in a barren niche of the tower.

Because of its hue, it is also called the Red Tower. It was preserved and smeared during the repair. The inside wooden spiral staircase was also constructed to take the place of the flat roof's stone staircase, which was taken down. Malta, Gozo, and Comino can all be seen beautifully from the top.

10. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural location with pristine, azure seas. With waters dashing on the beach, it gives a South Pacific feel. Because of how stoic the waters are and how kid-safe the empty end is, this austere lagoon resembles a massive hot tub. The lagoon's central area is tied into boats and is excellent for surfing or relaxing in quick cabanas.

The sea is famous for its stunning blue hue. In the sandy section, it is shallow, but it goes down a few meters. The Golden Bay beach, located on the island of Malta, has incredibly soft sand and the island of Comino is famous for dream beach "the Blue Lagoon" with crystal clear water and white sand.

The Golden Bay is one of the most tourist and most famous beaches in Malta. The name of the beach comes from the golden color of its sand. It has sand, bars, easy access and hotels in the vicinity of the beach. Also, if you are one of those travelers who like to walk you can enjoy a nice walk along the beach and get closer to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, another beautiful beach that is 5 minutes from Golden Bay.

The best seasons for weather in Malta are spring and fall. Religious festivals and street music bring villages to life throughout the sweltering summer months. Using our list of the 10 best places to visit in Malta, you can organize your trip to these beautiful islands.

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