9 Best Places to Visit in Greece

#Greece has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and it may not be possible to list it all. Whether you are looking for a culinary experience or looking to relax at the beach, Greece is the ideal location in Europe. The biggest problem you can face when on Vacation, is choosing the right places to visit. With so many choices available, it is easy to feel like you’ve missed a great spot when the trip is over.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Here are some of the best places to visit in Greece, ensuring you get the best out of your trip:

1. Archaeological site of Mycenae

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, then you are familiar with Mycenae, home of legendary king Agamemnon. The magnificent wall of the city was said to have been built by Cyclops, but all that is left today are ruins. The city may not be as powerful as it once was, but there is a lot of discovery to do here. Billed as one of the largest archeological sites in the world, the ancient structures here are a sight to behold.

2. Colossus of Rhodes

Begin your Greece holidays in Rhodes, the island with Greek charm. Or visit the Old Town of Rhodes - the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe.

The Colossus of Rhodes may not be existing, but there is still a lot more Rhodes has to offer. Rhodes happens to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and is one of the most frequented tourist locations. Located in the famous Aegean sea, it's little wonder why people love to visit this Island. From relaxation activities to more engaging tasks like Hiking, Rhodes offers it all.

3. Delphi

Very close to Arachova is its prized archaeological site, Delphi, the mythical archaeological site dedicated to Apollo that can be visited from Arachova to Kalambaka. It is about 180 kilometers northwest of Athens and is another of the traveling destinations par excellence of the Hellenic territory. It is a small town on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, and next to the Gulf of Corinth, with a great history behind it.

You don't need to be a greek mythology enthusiast to have heard of the Oracle of Delphi. No oracles anymore, but the city s still as vibrant as ever. Once, the famous oracle brought Kings from all across Greece, today, the ruins bring people from all over the world. You can still find a piece of Greek history in the temple of Apollo along with a few other ancient locations. Be sure to visit Delphi if you are ever in Greece.

For many centuries Delphi represented the spiritual and religious center of ancient Greece, which the Greek mythology identified as the center of the world and the the navel of the earth and which was the famous Oracle of Delphi. According to Greek mythology, Zeus released two eagles from the ends of the universe so that, wherever they crossed their flight, they showed the center of the world.

It was during the 8th and 7th centuries BC when its sanctuary began to take shape with the construction of the first temples dedicated to the cult of Apollo and Athena. The tour of the site begins with Kastalia Krini, the source where Pythia, the high priestess, her subordinates and others washed before consulting the oracle.

After admiring the beautiful surroundings, the archaeological museum, the second most visited museum in the country, has a relief that represents the history of the Sanctuary of Delphi and the famous oracle.

4. Meteora

The name says it all, as this marvel is literally held in the air. The cliffs of Meteora are nearly 400 meters high and give a perfect view of the surrounding villages. Adding to the allure of Meteora are the monasteries located atop the cliffs. The monasteries have been atop the cliffs since the 14-16th centuries and look to spend many more years. Just as the monks intended, you will have a lot of solace and peace atop the cliffs.

And then, you cannot miss Game of Thrones. After Northern Ireland and Girona, you can see a location of the famous series. Meteora appears in the landscape that Tyrion Lannister sees from his cell in the prison in the Eagles Nest, in the first season. Actually, it is a digital reproduction of Meteora's landscape, since they were not allowed to record there.

Declared a world heritage site, Meteora is the biggest rock formation. The exceptional site pulls in travelers like a magnet. With more than 2 million guests a year, Meteora remains one of the most visited places in Greece. The clifftop old monasteries are the most eye-catching thing of fascination in this spot.

Crafted by the best craftsmen in the history the Orthodox cloisters of Meteora are intended to blow your mind. Visit to Greece is not complete without seeing Meteora.

The monasteries in Meteora with its colossal rocks and monasteries seem to be suspended in the air over the Meteora valley, in the region of Thessaly. Meteora is a set of sandstone boulders formed under the sea 30 million years ago. These fascinating sculptures formed throughout history were discovered when the sea level dropped. The nearest towns where you can stay are Kastraki and Kalabaka.

5. Old Fortress of Corfu

The Greeks know her as Kerkyra and her name is related to the Greek legend that when the god Poseidon fell in love with Korkyra. He abducted her and took her to the island, baptizing her with her name. The island is mountainous and in the northern center rises Mount Pantocrator, the highest mountain in Corfu.

The island is rich in history as it participated in conflicts between Athens and Sparta and was under the control of Venetians, Ottomans, French and English. It was the latter who left Corfu its architectural heritage which can be seen in its monuments and buildings. The island was the target of battles and conquests which led to the construction of the fortresses that surround Corfu, making it the only fortified city in Greece.

Corfu is characterized by its exuberant vegetation and beautiful beaches bathed by the Ionian Sea giving it the nickname of Emerald Island. Corfu was the first island to open its doors to tourism offering important sites such as the Basilica of Paleopolis, one of the most important Byzantine monuments, as well as the church of Agios Spyridonas which is one of the best known on the island.

Spianada is a French-style square cataloged as one of the largest in Greece where you can see Liston, a building built during the French occupation which houses the best known restaurants in Greece and cafes. In this square you can also visit the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, known as Palaia Anaktora, dating from the time of the British occupation.

Corfu has narrow streets, squares, shopping streets, Venetian fortresses and museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Asian Art Museum, among others. For these historical attractions, Corfu was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands and the second largest in the archipelago of the Ionian Islands, at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea off Albania. It is the second largest island of the Ionian group after Kefalonia. If you travel to Corfu in winter, it is best to bring a coat or thick jacket, a raincoat or umbrella, lip protection and shoes with non-slip soles.

6. White Tower of Thessaloniki

Greece's second largest city was named one of the world's top ten party cities according to Lonely Planet. The city is a cool mixture of bazaars, upscale shopping, the historic White Tower and hip restaurants. By car you can reach the beaches with the label "Blue Flag".

7. Delos

Now let's talk about Delos, which is located northwest of Naxos, right next to Mykonos. Delos has tons and tons of ancient ruins. Indeed, the archaeological excavations that have been conducted on Delos are among the most extensive in all of Greece. If you like ancient history, Delos may be the right island for you to visit.

8. Skyros

It doesn't have to be all about history and culture when you visit Greece and Skyros offers the perfect alternative. With stunning beaches on this Island, you are spoiled for choice in relaxation. It may not be the most popular tourist destination, but that means you get to relax uninterrupted. Skyros also offers a few tourist attractions like the legendary wild horses of the Island. With farmlands and hills on either end of the Island, you get to choose where suits you best.

Traveling with family to Greece is ideal, but you can always call your family members while on vacation. With so much to see, you will be on the phone a lot and will probably need a sim-only deal. Sim-only deals are ideal for traveling to tourist destinations and with Greece offering so many, there will be a lot to talk about.

9. Thera

Thera is, at the same time, the Greek island that has served the fabulists to imagine myths like that of Atlantis. Names such as White Beach are names that should not be forgotten.


Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it is easy to see why. There is a lot the country offers, making it difficult to narrow your choices down. Here, we have some of the top must-visit locations in Greece.

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