10 Best Beaches in Gujarat, India

The western most state of Devbhumi Gujarat is blessed with a long coastline that runs for 1,666 kms. This has inevitably led to the development of several picturesque beaches. It is the perfect way of unwinding after a busy day out for local residents as well as the tourists. Watching the sunset over the horizon, calming yourself by listening to the rhythm of the waves and indulging in fun beach side activities, is a great way of spending a holiday in Gujarat. Now experience the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and spirituality in Gujarat.

Best Beaches in Gujarat, India

Here are the top 10 best beaches in Gujarat that you must include during your next trip to Gujarat.

1. Dwarka Beach

Situated right next to the famous Char Dham Temple of Dwarkadhish is the Dwarka beach and a must add to the Gujarat Tour Packages. Its location is a huge plus point after a full day of spiritual visit to Jagat Mandir many devotees decide to relax and cool off on the beach. Dwarka beach is not just a popular beach but it is also famous for its rich marine biodiversity like octopus, sea urchins, sea turtles etc.

2. Mandvi Beach

Located in the heart of Kutch district, Mandvi beach is another one of the most famous beaches in Gujarat. The beach is mainly famous for the peaceful environment, smooth sands and crystal clear emerald water lapping up to the shore. You can sit back and relax or indulge in some fun water sporting activities like water skiing, surfing, parasailing, speed boating etc.

3. Dandi Beach

This is a rare one, a beach that has incredible historical significance in India's freedom movement. Dandi beach represents the perfect combination of peaceful beauty with rich history. This is the place where Gandhi Ji had kickstarted the legendary non-cooperation movement by making his own salt. Dandi beach is perfect for a quiet and peaceful getaway from the bustling and rather busy tourist attractions.

4. Porbandar Beach

When it comes to historical beaches of Gujarat, Porbandar is another beach that deserves to be mentioned. Nestled in between the Dwarka and Veraval Beach, Porbandar beach is the perfect palace for everyone to just spend some relaxing time with your family and loved ones. Huzur Palace, located very close to the beach can also be added to your list of places to visit around Porbandar beach.

5. Ghogla Beach

Speaking about the best beaches in Gujarat, Ghogla Beach ranks among one of the most beautiful beaches of Gujarat. One can sit here and spend hours and hours at a stretch just gazing out at the unending oceanic beauty of the Arabian Sea. Located in north Diu region it is the best place for people seeking some respite from the chaos of daily life.

6. Tithal Beach

Tithal beach of Gujarat can be defined as Gujarat’s natural marine drive with the addition of a beach! Situated in the Valsad coastline, Tithal Beach swarms with local weekenders and tourists. You can sit back and have some local Gujarati street food, a cup of chai and just enjoy the electrifying surroundings. It is also a great place to go with your family and kids since there are several fun activities for them to indulge in like camel ride, water rides, horse rides etc.

7. Chorwad Beach

Located in the holy region of Somnath, Chorwad Beach is another tranquil and serene beach in Gujarat. The beach had once served as a much loved summer holiday destination among the nawabs of Junagadh. The iconic Chorwad Palace, which is just 1 km away from the beach, is another place of tourist interest you can go to for a historically rich holiday.

8. Beyt Island Beach

Located 30 kms away from the main city of Dwarka, the island occupies the mouth of the gulf of Kutch. The sands of this beach are silky, smooth and white. The coral reefs and the fact that tourists can camp and picnic freely here makes it a must visit beach in Gujarat. You can go there with your family and loved ones.

9. Dumas Beach

Known for its hauntingly beautiful black sands, Dumas beach is one of the top urban beaches in gujarat. The sand of the beach being black has sparked many rumours surrounding paranormal activities and ghosts. These two factors have made this beach very popular not only among tourists but also among the residents of Gujarat, especially Surat.

10. Gopnath Beach

In case you get tired of exploring around, then you can definitely pay a visit to Gopnath Beach that is famous for its pristine natural beauty. Located in Bhavnagar district, the beach has served as a favourite summer retreat for the Nawabs of Bhavnagar. Cooling off and refreshing yourself to the beach winds will work perfectly in lifting up your mood, especially after a tiresome day.

Gujarat is more than just its cuisines and temples; it is home to an eclectic range of cultures and geography. These mingle seamlessly to create an aura of tranquility.

Kalyan Panja