10 Best Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a vibrant city that deserves a spot on top of your traveling to Europe list. There are so many things to do in Ljubljana that you will probably wish to extend your holiday. From enjoying stunning scenery and tasting delicious local foods to visiting great museums and experiencing the exciting nightlife, Ljubljana truly offers something for everyone.

In this article, we've selected the most interesting and fun things to do in the European Best Green Capital that will appeal to anyone's taste. Traveling to Ljubljana is pretty easy, no matter what part of the world you're coming from. But why not make the trip as smooth as possible by preparing well? Slovenia is home to Bled, one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, which is less than an hour away from Ljubljana.

Here's what to have in mind when traveling to Ljubljana. Before you book your trip, check if you need a visa to travel to Slovenia. The good news is that citizens of over 90 countries don't need visas to visit Slovenia. Be mindful when it comes to packing. An excellent way to prevent overpacking is to make a list. If you still feel you've added too many items, go through your list one more time. They'll surely be things you can buy in Ljubljana and don't have to take with you.

Before your trip to the airport, double-check your bag. You want to make sure you don't forget your documents and passport. The last thing you want to do during your adventure in Ljubljana is worry if your precious belongings are safely waiting for you at home. Storing valuables in self-storage is a great way to have peace of mind while traveling. You should definitely consider this option, as it's much simpler than finding someone reliable to house-sit.

Best Places to See in Ljubljana

Now we've come to the best part - here are our top things to do in Ljubljana that will show you why this city is one of the best places to visit in Europe.

1. Ljubljana Castle

Standing proudly for over 900 years, Ljubljana Castle is one of Slovenia's most popular attractions and one of the best places to visit in Slovenia! Even though it seems quite high when looking up from one of Ljubljana's squares, it's actually easy to get to on foot. Alternatively, there is a tourist train and a funicular railway.

2. Dragon Bridge

Did you know that Ljubljana is called "the dragon city"? That is because the dragon is the symbol of Slovenia's capital, and you can see them all over the city. The four most famous in Slovenia have stood and protected the Dragon Bridge since 1901. This bridge was also considered a considerable technical achievement at the time, so make sure not to miss out on seeing it. Visiting Dragon Bridge is one of the first things to do in Ljubljana.

3. Metelkova Art Center

Metelkova is a kind of Christiania in Copenhagen, but without having its charm or size. It was an old military barracks in the former Yugoslavia, now converted into an area where alternative artists create art in the form of graffiti, music or any other artistic expression.

Not long after independence, squatters occupied a disused army barracks that originated from the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and stopped it from being torn down. That large space located in the very center of Ljubljana is now an autonomous urban enclave covered in graffiti and stunning murals. Enjoy art by day and parties by night in Metelkova Mesto.

4. Mount Saint Mary

If you need a break from the city, Mount Saint Mary is the place to go. Located north of Ljubljana, it's less than 20 minutes drive from the city center. Make sure to check out some of the 15 well-tended hiking trails and take your dog with you. Slovenia is very dog-friendly! At the top, you and your furry friend you'll be greeted by a restaurant and a Baroque church from the early 1700s.

5. Ljubljanica

A great way to spend a sunny day in Ljubljana is to take a stroll along the Ljubljana River. Make sure to stop by one of the amazing local coffee shops or pizzerias. However, one thing you should definitely not miss in Ljubljana is Kremšnite. Trust us; you won't be able to get enough of this delicious dessert!

One of the most romantic things to do in Ljubljana is to hop aboard a cruise boat and enjoy views of Ljubljana from the Ljubljanica river. Cruise on a traditional boat made of larch and oak and appreciate Ljubljana's stunning architecture.

6. Butchers' Bridge

Another bridge in Ljubljana you have to check out, especially if you are with your significant other, is the Butchers' bridge. Although it sounds all but romantic, it's one of the favorite sports for couples. In fact, hundreds of them locked their loves in a padlock and hung them on this bridge. Don't forget to throw the key over the edge when locking your love in Ljubljana.

7. Central Market

After you've locked your love on the Butcher's bridge, continue walking towards the end of it, and you'll come across an amazing local food market. The best part about it is that most of the foods are organic and homegrown.

8. Narodni muzej Slovenije

There are plenty of fabulous art galleries and museums to check out in Ljubljana. Here are our three favorite museums you simply have to check out. The National Museum of Slovenia is devoted to Slovenia’s culture and history. The National Museum of Contemporary History is there to tell you stories about 20th century Slovenia. Museum of Illusions is fun for all ages!

9. Congress Square

Lastly, Congress Square is another historically significant site in Ljubljana that you shouldn't skip. It played host to crucial events in Slovenian history, such as the first free protest in 1988, which was the first step towards Slovenian independence. What better way to spend a day in Ljubljana than by having a picnic in Zvezda park while enjoying stunning architecture all around you?

10. Tivoli Park

Get lost in its streets, climb up to Tivoli Park, walk down the Castle Hill or sit in a square to watch life go by. Its warm terraces are always full of people enjoying a beer while playing background music, either from an urban musician or from Some DJ from a bar.

And the list continues...

Indeed, on top of what we've listed above, there are plenty more things to do in Ljubljana. Slovenia is one of those countries that always leave you wanting more, so we guarantee you'll be booking your next holiday even before the one you're on finishes!

Kalyan Panja