10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

If you are planning to travel to Europe any time soon, we would like to share with you the wonders of Slovenia. Although it is a small country in the heart of Europe, Slovenia offers an array of breathtaking sites. The magical forests, enchanting villages, and emerald lakes will make you fall in love with this hidden European gem.

This beautiful, mountainous country provides everything a visitor might wish for and much more. And to prove that Slovenia is worth a visit, here is a list of the best places to see in Slovenia. The urban parts of the country also have a lot of green places. Therefore it is not a surprise that the country's capital received a title, the greenest capital of Europe. There are many places worth visiting in Slovenia.

Best Places to See in Slovenia

We recommend you start packing your bags now. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will be itching to visit this country.

1. Ljubljana

The best way to start a trip to any country is to visit its capital. You will have a better understanding of its culture and its development. And trust us on this one, Ljubljana has a unique charm that makes it worth your visit. Ljubljana is one of the best places to see in Slovenia. Despite being smaller than other European cities, it has the potential to elevate the cultural level.

For example, only in this city will you encounter more dragon statues on the streets than in other cities. Or baroque and Roman architecture, accompanied by medieval castles. And while you are here, you can also visit great art museums, an impressive zoo, the philharmonic, and the national theatre.

When the sun sets behind the hills surrounding Ljubljana and the lights of the streetlights dimly illuminate the city, you will cross the Dragon Bridge over the Ljubljanica River in search of the secret of the attractiveness of the old city, among its cobbled streets, under the imposing castle that rises over the city.

When you turn each corner it will seem that you have traveled in time to medieval times, and maybe you feel the magic that surrounds this wonderful city with the name of a woman, and that houses legends and mysteries in every corner. Located in the center of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

It is pure romanticism, and despite (or thanks to) being less well known, it has not yet been devoured by mass tourism and retains a wonderful essence. Stroll along the two banks of the river, crossing its historic bridges, from the mythical Dragon Bridge to the Zoisova Bridge.

In addition to that, Ljubljana offers so much more too! It has the best in architecture, some very interesting wine options, and brilliant weather during spring too! One of the typical products in Ljubljana are the Cevapcici, which are rolls of minced meat with many spices, and you will find them by many restaurants in the city. Do not fail to try Slovenia's wide range of craft beers, called Slovenian Pivo.

Slovene cuisine is very diverse, influenced by German, Italian, Hungarian and Balkan cuisine, since parts of the country were, during centuries, also parts of or in the neighborhood of all those countries and regions. And during those centuries lots of dishes (mostly of Austrian/German and Italian origin) gradually became consistent part of Slovenian cuisine, with some local and authentic modifications or inventions.

In addition, you can have a taste of the local food at one of the open markets or relax in the Tivoli park while having a drink. But still there are some unique Slovenian dishes. So yes, cross this city of your bucket list already! So, make sure to visit the dainty city of Ljubljana. You won't regret it.

2. Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city after Ljubljana, was first mentioned as a city in 1254. It is located near the Austrian border and is well-known for its wine-growing industry. As a matter of fact, here you can find the oldest grapevine in the world. It is 400 years old, and it has been growing on a house facade.

Today, you can visit the house and sample some of the region's best wines, as well as participate in the Old Wine Festival. During the celebration, visitors can pick grapes from the vine and celebrate St. Martin's Day. So the best time to visit this wonderful Slovenian city is during September. During the rest of the year, you can visit the medieval Old Town and see Maribor square, Slomskov square, and Castle square.

These are pedestrian-only streets where you can admire the rich culture and historical architecture that give Maribor its charm.

3. Kranjska Gora

If you want to make your journey memorable in Slovenia, you must visit Krajnska Gore. Here you will find the best Slovenian winter resort town in the Julian Alps. Snow lovers come here during winter for the frequent snowfalls and the skiing, snowboarding, and tracking opportunities.

During the summer, admire the lovely Lake Jasna and Lake Bohinj or rent a bike and explore the surrounding area. No matter in which season you choose to visit this beautiful mountain city, you will undoubtedly have something to see or do. Kranjska Gora truly is one of the best places to see in Slovenia.

4. Ptuj

Found on the banks of the Drava River, this city is a display of historic architecture. It is said to be one of Slovenia's earliest cities, going back to the Stone Age. Some of the main attractions in Ptuj are the Orpheus monument, dating from Roman times, and the 13th-century Dominican Monastery.

In addition to the impressive architecture, Ptuj is also famous for its Kurentovanje carnival. It is a centuries-old tradition in which participants wear traditional sheepskin masks and costumes. That is what makes this ethno festival one of the most interesting in the world. So make sure not to miss it if you are planning to go to Ptuj in February.

5. Piran

In southwestern Slovenia, on the coast of the Adriatic sea, lies the town of Piran. The coast of the Adriatic Sea of Slovenia is not well known, but if you have time you can not miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Europe: Piran, as well as its neighbors Koper, Izola or Portoroz.

This reminiscent city of the Venetian Empire is vibrating with history and culture. It is full of Gothic architecture, narrow streets, and medieval walls. It's ideal for history lovers who want to learn about history while walking down the street.

For instance, they can see the oldest building in the city, called the Venetian House, or the beautiful church of St. George up on a hill. From there you can have a clear view of the city and also the Adriatic sea. It might just be enough to make you think of contacting international movers to organize your relocation to this wonderful country.

This way, you can start enjoying Prian and the whole of Slovenia while the moving professionals do what they do best. The beautiful city of Piran will amaze you with its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views.

6. Soca Valley

The Soca Valley is one of the best places to see in Slovenia if you prefer the outdoors and a little excitement. The valley, which spans from the western side of Triglav Park to the Italian border, is home to a beautiful river. In fact, the blue-green Soca River is regarded as one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

It's no surprise, given the rocky gorges, stunning waterfalls, and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can explore them all by hiking, kayaking, rafting, paddling and canyoning in Soca. Furthermore, for the truly adventurous, there is even the option of paragliding over the beautiful sites. Also, hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding on the mountain trails have become very popular in the Soca Valley.

7. Postojna Cave

One of the best places to see in Slovenia is the Postojna Cave. Here you can admire how a river can create a natural wonder. These caves are a natural wonder and a must-see when visiting Slovenia. This cave is well known for its extensive cave system and a stalagmite named “Brilliant” that became the cave’s symbol.

In the caves, you can admire 20km of galleries and hallways created by the waters of the Pivka River. The chambers are almost 50m high and can be visited using the underground railway that takes you deep into the bowels of the cave. The Concert Hall, known for its acoustics, and the Spaghetti Hall, named after the layout of the tunnels, are just two of the chambers.

Also, the Murano glass chandeliers are a great addition to the cave’s beauty. You just have to see it to believe how beautiful it all is.

8. Lake Bled

A lot of you would have been mesmerized looking at a picture of Lake Bled sometime or the other! It's a dreamy and picturesque landscape like no other, after all! Lake Bled is an hour or so by train or bus, and it is one of the typical excursions from Ljubljana. And Lake Bled is just a 46 minute drive from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana!

If you are in Slovenia, you just can't miss out on visiting lake Bled and its beautiful Church on the island. Surrounded by the Julian Alps and in the heart of Triglav National Park lies Lake Bled, a scenic and popular tourist attraction. This glacial lake is emerald green and features a small island in the center, home to a lovely 17th-century church.

Tourists can visit the church by taking a rowboat or going kayaking or canoeing. In addition, you can explore the lake's shoreline on foot and visit the castle on the hill. From the Bled castle, you can admire the beautiful view of the lake and take pictures of the magical surrounding area. And if you arrive in Bled during winter, you should visit the Straza Ski Slope.

Sledding on this slope makes the place worth mentioning among the other top ski destinations in Europe as well as one of the best places to see in Slovenia.

9. Predjama Castle

This Renaissance castle, built on a 400-foot hill, is one of Slovenia's crown jewels. The castle is about 700 years old and was formerly the home of a nobleman named Erazem Lueger. The legend says that he turned out to be a local Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

And, when visiting the castle, you will learn about his story and take a tour into the secret tunnels. During sieges, these tunnels were very helpful for bringing much-needed supplies to the castle. In addition to visiting the castle, you can attend the medieval festival. It is held every July and allows visitors to experience how knights jousted in late medieval times.

10. Lipica

The small city located at the border with Italy is known for the famous Lipica Stud Farm. There the Lipizzaner horses were bred since the 16th century and held by the royal families. Today you can visit this establishment and admire the world-renowned breed of horses. You can go on guided tours of the barns and learn about the history of the Lipizzaner horses.

And, you can even go trail riding or carriage rides and enroll in the Classical Riding School. Just make sure to include Lipica on your list of the best places to see in Slovenia if you love horses. It is the perfect place to admire these gentle and elegant animals.

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