10 BEST Restaurants in Kuwait

Kuwait has an exciting culture and a fantastic dining scene. One day you can eat a delicious meal while being aboard a wooden boat, and on the other day, you can choose to dine in a 5-star hotel in a luxurious setting. Local specialities, fish, and seafood dishes are something you shouldn't miss trying while visiting the best places in Kuwait. The cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mediterranean influences.

Restaurants in KuwaitRestaurants in Kuwait

Even though many restaurants suit all tastes and budgets, we've made a list of the best restaurants in Kuwait that stand out.

1. Pepper steak house

This is an absolutely must-visit restaurant for meat lovers. It's located at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Pepper steak house serves expertly prepared prime cuts from around the world, and the service and setting are impeccable.

Try Pepper Signature Mix Grill with some of the fantastic side dishes and sauces. Another excellent dish to try is the 48h Braised Short Ribs or one of Pepper Gourmet Burgers. For a sweet ending, order a Baked Coconut-Caramel and Mango Cheesecake or Lemon and Strawberry Meringue Tartlet. Complete the experience with one of their healthy non-alcholic cocktails or iced-tea selection.

2. Al Boom

If you're craving some seafood, head to Al Boom restaurant. It's a part of the Radisson Blu Hotel, located in the hull of a traditional Arabic dhow. They have a great selection of fish and meat as well (Angus beef is the most popular choice). You can have a unique, VIP experience on this historic wooden dhow and enjoy lavish décor with gold leaf accents.

For those who love the ornate ambience, this is the perfect place to visit. No matter if you're traveling alone or with your family or friends, you'll enjoy a gourmet experience in Al Boom – one of the best restaurants in Kuwait.

3. Assaha

Assaha means "meeting place" in Arabic. This traditional Middle Eastern concept restaurant is built to resemble an old Kuwaiti villa. It's located on the corner on the Gulf Road, offering a cozy private atmosphere, large tables, and many branches.

For starters, try local favorites such as Fattoush - a fresh salad made from toasted or fried pieces of Arabic bread-khubz combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, usually radishes and tomatoes. Order Mint-Laced Labneh - a special kind of Arabic yogurt, Kebabs or Moussaka - potato and meat-based dish with oriental spices. For dessert, try Mixed Mini Sweets, Mixed Arabic Sweets, or Exotic Fruits Platter.

4. Dai Forni

This wonderful restaurant is located at the Four Seasons Hotel at Burj Alshaya. It's set atop the hotel tower overlooking the residential part of Kuwait City and has a perfect setting for an intimate occasion. You can celebrate any special occasion here, surrounded by beautiful views. With its luxurious interior design and furnishings in gold and beige palette, this restaurant is reminiscent of magnificent Rome.

You'll enjoy Italian food and sublime ambiance. Choose a hearty or lighter meal up to your taste and enjoy one decadent Italian dessert right after.

5. Ayam Zaman

This restaurant, whose name means "The Old Days", is located inside the Holiday Inn. It offers Lebanese cuisine and an eclectic mix of flavors. The food is served with genuine Arabian hospitality. Enjoy:

Creamy Hummus - Middle Eastern dip made from chickpeas, sesame paste-tahini and garlic, garnished with olive oil, few whole chickpeas, and parsley

Sizzling Mixed Kebabs - freshly prepared delicious grilled meat

Tabbouleh - a salad made of chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion, and bulgur, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and sweet pepper

Traditional Oriental Lebanese Desserts, such as Kanafeh (it's filled with cheese, soaked in a sugar syrup, flavored with rose water, and topped with ground nuts) and Mouhalabiyah bil Gazal (milk pudding topped with candy floss caramel bread crumbs and pistachio)

6. Trèsind

It seems that Kuwait has a thirst for something new or bizarre, and if you happen to have the same aspiration, don't miss on visiting Trèsind. You'll enjoy sea views and a spacious venue. The place is known for its famous Indian cuisine with a modern twist and some hidden gems.

Expect to see Indian Lentil Soup served in a cappuccino cup and main dishes presented in unexpected ways. The restaurant has enough recipes to please and satisfy all generations and engage all the senses. Its modernistic approach - innovative plating, new textures, and live presentation makes it unique and definitely one of the best restaurants in Kuwait. Trèsind is also present in the majestic city of Dubai and in Mumbai, India.

7. Burj Al Hamam

This waterfront restaurant is a great place to try Middle Eastern food and specialties while enjoying a cozy, relaxing terrace with beautiful sea views. As in most other restaurants in Kuwait, here you can try unforgettable food at reasonable prices.

In addition to grilled meat and seafood, there's also a great choice of mezze, such as Dolma (stuffed grape leaves). Here you can also find dishes from as far as Egypt and Armenia. For a dessert, try freshly prepared Baklava.

8. Tatami

For a stylish and minimalist atmosphere with an elegant and artistic food presentation, head to Tatami in the heart of Kuwait City. Try a mix of Japanese dishes and traditionally-prepared Asian classics.

You can enjoy beautifully presented Sushi and Sashimi, Edamame Beans, Crisp Prawn Tempura, Fresh Crab Rolls, Salmon Teriyaki, Black Pepper Beef, and much, much more. Complete the authentic Japanese dining experience with Matcha Green Tea.

9. Dar Hamad

If you just recently moved to Kuwait with the help of Easy Move KW, the best way to explore the new city is through its culinary scene. Dar Hamad is one of the first places that newcomers decide to visit, offering a contemporary Kuwaiti gastronomic experience. It's located inside a large old house by the sea, owned by a renowned artistic Kuwaiti family.

This place is one of the country's architectural and interior-design landmarks, so you can capture some beautiful photos here. The menu includes meat and seafood dishes, such as Chicken Biryani (made from chicken pieces, basmati rice, and special sauce) and Murabyan (rice and shrimps cooked with onion, dill, and traditional Kuwaiti spices). Date Pudding is one of their famous desserts.

10. Estia Mas

Estia Mas is a great place for Mediterranean (especially Greek) food. It's located in Crystal Tower and has a cozy interior. The food is prepared with the highest quality of ingredients available, including fresh fish and vegetables. You can't go wrong with what you order, but an excellent place to start is Zucchini Balls, Grilled Halloumi Cheese, and Melitzana – an eggplant-based dish.

Final thoughts

Kuwait is a culinary hotspot, and going out for meals is very common and popular. The best restaurants in Kuwait are known for their hospitality, originality, and authenticity, which you'll soon discover by yourself.

Kalyan Panja