9 Best Things To Do In Maldives on Honeymoon

There is no denying that the world has a lot of scenic beauty to offer when explored to the core. Additionally, the warm climate plays a significant role in your quest to unravel the world’s most glorious and alluring sites. The Maldives has all these and more. It has a natural island setting, which serves as a perfect getaway.

A trip to the Maldives for your honeymoon would be a perfect choice. You can even dive into the clear waters if you are up for some adventure on your honeymoon. Most tourists crowd in the Maldives to be in the scenic beaches as a honeymoon destination. The island's cultural and historical roots are very strong.

The fascinating islands in the Maldives are Phua Malaku, Kudahbaru, Mirihi Island, Grand Friday Mosque, Nalaguraidhoo beach, Maldives National Museum. Exciting places for the newlyweds to enjoy.

Spending time on the white sandy beaches will feel like heaven! Cruises, sun-scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, sparring and spa can be enjoyed at sunset on clear lakes like transparent glass. Honeymoon in the Maldives remains incomplete if you do not have dinner at candlelight along the sea. What could be more enduring love for a story to eat under the starry open sky at night!

Maldives is one the best island destination and its well suited for couples who wish to only relax and unwind. If you wish to stay over a water bungalow then this is the place for you, the Maldives offers a concept of one island one resort thus making it an ideal place for a couple who wish to stay in privacy without any hustle-bustle of a city. This is not a destination for those who want sightseeing and beach concept together.

The Magical Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives
The Magical Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives.

If the Maldives is on your world tour list, get your roof rack ready and engage in these fun things to do in Maldives when on holiday.

1. Try Out Eccentric Resorts in South Malé Atoll

The Maldives encapsulates some of the world’s most unique resorts. There are distinctive features to back it up and take your breath away. A single visit will leave you awe-stricken because of the following reasons:

Thrilling culinary experience: These are not ordinary holiday resorts you see every day. You are treated to an array of restaurants with tempting menus. Enjoy the exquisite view and scenic surroundings, as you dine is a plus.

Spa and wine galleries: This has got to be the peak of your holiday as it is a full package. Help yourself to some quality wine and relax as you await your spa treatment. Romantic dinners wrap up this heavenly escapade if you are in the company of your significant other.

Privacy and isolation are at their best: This works for those that thrive best in self-indulgence. There are underwater resorts in Maldives and spas which are fully furnished for you to enjoy and relish. Your only company is the fish, which are not in the least bit as noisy or nosey.

2. Take a Snorkeling Adventure in Guraidhoo

This will work wonders for you if exploring marine life is your forte. There isn’t a better chance to do this than with clear water all around you. Some resorts will provide you with the rare possibility to explore outside of your villa's surroundings. The engaging activities of fish watching and poking will leave you at your utmost state of relaxation.

Sea creatures arrayed in various shapes and sizes are at your eyes’ disposal. Thoroughly checked and cleaned snorkeling gear is made available to you upon request. It gives you the freedom and thrill to explore and have a closer look at the sea's beauties.

3. Water Skiing in Dharavandhoo

Since we are talking about an island, water activities are definitely at their peak. Water skiing is one of the most familiar and fun things you could take part in. There are lifeguards on standby in case you’re engaging in water skiing for the first time. Special equipment is provided to you, and your only option is to ski away.

As much as possible, avoid water skiing in June all through to September. The weather is not safe for such activity at these times and will only be a recipe for disaster.

4. Kitesurfing in Thulusdhoo

It’s also referred to as kiteboarding. The Maldives has lots of open spaces that mostly borders the water region. Kitesurfing grants you the opportunity to explore the winds. A successful and memorable kitesurfing experience is usually dependent on weather conditions. The months of June through October are the best for this kind of activity, considering the winds and sun are best.

Kiteboarding is a sport that involves a longboard on which surfers are supposed to balance themselves. They hold on to a sail that’s triangular-shaped as they strive to maintain a stable balance.

5. Visit the Local Islands in Huvadhu Atoll

There’s so much to learn as you engage in this activity. The Maldives is a Muslim nation that is blessed with a variety of cultures you could learn. The inhabitants are quite friendly and welcoming. They have so much to offer in terms of food, drinks, entertainment, and so on. Feasting on their delicacies gives you the chance to sample all you've heard about their beautiful islands.

This is the place for you if you wish to escape technology and all its demands. It's not easy to come across cell phones, the internet, and all the technological theatrics we are used to. The scenery is perfect for a picnic, fishing, or reading a book you brought along.

6. Take a Ride On a Dhoni in Sea of Stars

A Dhoni is a special kind of boat used as the primary means of transport in the Maldives. Dhonis exude a significant level of luxury that will make your trip to Maldives worthwhile. They were powered by sails back in the day but have now upgraded to using diesel. The thrill of riding on a Dhoni is the wave of fresh air that hits you as you sail across the ocean.

They are also used for fishing out in the open water, which makes the entire exercise quite an easy and enjoyable one. Original Dhonis were made of coconut timbers and were not so stable. Nowadays, they are made out of imported wood that makes them an exotic and reliable source of transport.

7. Fishing in Hanifaru

What a sober way to relax and recharge! Fishing in the Maldives has taken recreation to a whole new level. Being an island, Maldives is home to plenty of fish types that will pique your curiosity. Natives are aware of two types of fishing; morning and night. Each of them is unique, considering they draw different types of fish at different times of the day.

Fishing in the morning guarantees you a great catch of yellowfin tuna, swordfish, marlin, and barracuda. When fishing at night, you could be lucky to catch fish such as snappers, emperors, and squirrelfish.

8. Scuba Diving in Helengeli

Water lovers will agree to the fun and thrill that comes along with scuba diving. Arming yourself with the right gear is the start of all the fun you’re about to experience. The Maldives is better placed for this sort of exercise as its waters are incredibly deep. It's not possible to go scuba diving all year round. The best times are between June and October, or December and March.

9. Sunset Cruise in Felidhu Atoll

Last but not least, the sunset cruise is a befitting way to end your stay at the Maldives. Capture the beautiful sunset at its peak as you slowly and peacefully cruise on a Dhoni or a boat.

Besides, this is the best time for adorable sea creatures such as dolphins to be seen. Your eyes can graciously have a taste of the breathtaking landscape. The sea is usually calmer and more tranquil at this time of the day. Make the most out of it while you can.
Kalyan Panja