9 Best Islands In Maldives For Honeymoon

Maldives is probably the most desirable and popular tropical holiday destination in the world. The beauty, serenity of the blue waters and lovely people are enough to give you a holiday to remember for a lifetime. But it has always been considered a couples destination. Well, you couldn't be more wrong!

What else do you need when you have the opportunity to get a luxurious experience that too by not spending much!! Yes, Maldives which is yet another budget-friendly honeymoon destinations will let you spend quality time with your partner on the beaches with crystal clear water where you can enjoy getting indulged in some private swimming.

Add a cutting edge of romance in your Maldives honeymoon package and head to the Maldives if your idea of romance includes swimming, surfing, snorkeling in the prismatic blue waters. The Maldives is an independent archipelago nation sitting in the Indian Ocean.

The most romantic island nation, Maldives and exotic honeymoon are synonymous with each other. Not only locals but many global celebrities like David Beckham, Alia Bhatt, like to go on a vacay to the Maldives.

Maldives packages are extremely desirable as a family destination too. So if you are thinking about going in for a Maldives holiday package for your family, you need not think twice. Over the last couple of years, lots of hotels and family friendly resorts in Maldives have cropped up making it a fun holiday for young and older children alike.

best islands in Maldives for honeymoon

And there are so many resorts and islands in Maldives that it wouldn't be crowded like other destinations either. So you get quality family fun time!

1. Male

Male airport is without walls and surrounded by turquoise blue water. It is incredible but Maldives is the lowest country in the world, whose highest point is 2.3 meters above sea level. Also, make sure you don’t miss out visiting the Hukuru Miskiiy which is an ancient mosque that lets you experience the culture of Maldives.

Farukolhufushi is an oval island that has an interior lagoon surrounded by impressive vegetation. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and has a diving school of great prestige and with more than 130 bungalows.

2. Ihuru

Of small size, Ihuru has as its main attractions its vegetation and its coral barrier near the beach. The accommodations are arranged in 16 bungalows that are located between coconut trees.

3. Vabbinfaru

Vabbinfaru stands out for its typical Maldivian vegetation that is in a virgin state. It is also a small island of Maldives.

4. Bandos

Bandos has a famous diving school and one of the best hotels in the country.

Kudahithi island is one of the quietest and is characterized by being the most exclusive and also the most expensive.

Rihiveli is considered one of the most beautiful islands for honeymoon and also the most welcoming, having managed to preserve the Maldivian lifestyle. Highlights the lagoon of large dimensions in which you can practice water sports.

The accommodations on Cocoa island follow the Maldivian style with coral stone houses and palm leaf roofs. It is one of the smallest and has a lagoon and exuberant vegetation.

Villivaru is an island in Maldives with modern fittings. The vegetation is leafy and is composed of coconut trees and bougainvillea.

Emboodhu Finolhu has an elongated turquoise lagoon. The bungalows are built on the sea and have the shape of stilt houses. Emboodhu Finolhu has one of the very beautiful beaches of Maldives.

5. Thoddoo

The first ferry to Thoddoo leaves at 9. See a lot of people with posters of the different hotels and resorts. You can catch a speedboat. This island is a small secret place, a paradise hidden inside the paradise, an island still to be exploited. The journey lasts approximately 2 hours. It looks like a postcard but this paradise really exists and very few people know it.

The very first thing you need to choose is obviously your stay. Do keep in mind, some resorts cater to only couples and some are family friendly. So before booking, you ought to check. As already mentioned before, you have lots of islands and resorts. Some resorts solely dominate one particular island; and you get to have all kinds of activities and fun on that island itself without having to move anywhere else.

6. Maafushi

The Maldives paradise has so much to show you below the surface. Its sea life is something worth seeing. Any age group would love looking at the various species and array of colors below the sea surface. Reef Sharks do not bite! And you don’t have to be afraid of them. If you go diving you will see lot of them just swimming around you.

Snorkeling and diving are two completely different experiences. If you are brave enough go to the depths of the oceans the Maldives is the place where you should try diving. Try not to disturb the marine life though because we are doing our best protect them. You can always expect something new with every dive you do.

If you are okay with Maldives liveaboard diving, you can ask to be taken to the great dive sites. Trained professionals would help you out and you would be able to witness some deep sea glories. Or if you would like something simpler, you and your kids can just snorkel. You would need to know basic swimming and you can manage. You and your family will get to see colorful reefs, tropical fish, eels, manta rays and sometimes turtles too.

This would be a great science lesson for your children and when they see such beauty they would automatically know the importance of cleanliness, conservation of the environment and the various species they see. Such beauty and serenity deserves to be protected and conserved. Have a nice time at the jetty and you can count and spot the reef sharks and stingrays right from there too.

You can also take the famous sunset dolphin cruise which would give you another magical experience. After all, Maldives is considered to be one of the top 5 places where one can see whales and dolphins. Taking Maldives family packages will allow you to be a part of such experiences.

Maafushi is a more touristic island than Gulhi, the island of fishermen, but it is also an ideal place to spend a couple of days. On this island, as in many, there is an area defined as Bikini Beach. You can only go in a swimsuit (if you're a girl) in that area. In the rest of the island you will see posters that specify that you cannot go in a bikini.

In Maafushi there are many snorkeling tours to do. The most common is to visit the coral reef, to a point where there are turtles, a point where there are blankets, a point where there are dolphins (you see them from the boat if you are lucky, no you can swim with them) and a Sand Bank, which is a small island of sand that disappears at high tide.

You will see it is an area that is full of seaweed and at night, from out of the water, you can see Baby Sharks hunting your dinner. Have fun watching the typical crab races that are organized every Thursday, and in which the islanders compete and make bets.

7. Vaadhoo

The Sea of Stars is a beach located at the Vaadhoo Island in Maldives. As the name suggests, on this beach when the water is disturbed it glows into a neon blue colour. The question here arises is how does this beach gets this neon blue glow? The answer to that is that this water contains a microorganism Phytoplankton that glows to a neon blue colour when it is disturbed by oxygen.

This glowing water is resembled to the stars and is hence called the Sea of Stars. The Phytoplankton glows as a defence mechanism towards fishes preventing them from eating them. As the phytoplankton float movement of the water sends electrical impulses which make them glow. They look like neon dots which depend on the climate and the plankton growth of the year.

8. Meeru Island

This is a tropical paradise of sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons for travelers. This is the only resort on Meerufenfushi Island, and is a 1148-foot-long white sandy beach. It is a 55-minute boat ride from Velana International Airport in Male.

This beach is ideal for snorkeling and sunbathing. It offers a myriad of things to do like excursions in the sea, and other activities on land and even in the air. You can also discover the underwater world and colorful marine life, rent a bicycle, or swim or kayak around the lagoon.

9. South Male Atoll

After you land at the airport, you need to be transported to your island or resort. That is generally by speedboat or a seaplane. The pilot or captain would be locals who are very friendly and would put a smile on your face. You could either make arrangements with your hotel or take a private boat/plane which is easily available at the airport.

You won’t be sorry for taking up Maldives family packages. Your first view of the blue hues, turquoise waters, white sands, lush palm trees and vegetation of each island is enough to make you fall in love with the place.

The highlight is of course the Manta Point, which is part of the daily programs as often as possible since there is an almost 100% guarantee for manta sightings. Other highlights are foxtail sharks, bull sharks, gray reef sharks and the largest wreck in the Maldives. The atoll also offers many other small surprises. The dives are very varied and sometimes rough.

Due to different current scenarios, there are often surprises underwater - sometimes the situation suddenly turns in a completely different direction. The accommodation is simple but completely sufficient (at least for a pure diving trip), the air conditioning is important - since the air is often still standing inside the island.

On foot you are in about 5 minutes at the jetty and in 10-15 minutes in the restaurant where there are the 3 daily meals. Otherwise, there is actually nothing to discover on Maradhoo - so the experience consists of walking past the same corners and people several times a day and slowly immersing yourself in the life of the locals. There is a supermarket with everything possible directly on the route.

Let us have a look at some reasons why your family should choose Maldives for your next holiday and why you should take up Maldives family packages –

When you are traveling with your family, safety is something that is always on your mind but you need not worry at all! Maldives is extremely safe. You as parents can just let your kids run around and play while you guys can just relax. Where else would they have such a large and beautiful playground!

Maldives has a dry season between the months of October to April. February to April are considered the driest and hottest. While in the months of June to October it rains; however, the rains are not heavy.

Most of the hotels and resorts provide you with all kinds of cuisine. They also have various Maldives family packages. Depending on your budget, you can go in for an all-inclusive package which includes your stay, food, drinks and some activities. The all inclusive packages have elaborate buffets with sumptuous varieties.

You can not only have your fill of activities and fun but also pig out on some great food. If you prefer something simple then you can arrange for only your stay and try out some local food and drinks.

While travelling to a place like Maldives, you can travel light. All you need are your swimwear, casuals like shorts or other comfortable clothing, slippers and so on. You can forget those heavy shoes and sneakers, winter clothes and other items that you are used to carrying on your holidays.

But yes, you do have to get some good quality waterproof sunscreen and some large hats that can protect you from the sun. Make sure you and your kids use the sunscreen well; else you all would return back home with serious sun tans. You could also carry snorkeling kits or purchase it at your resort or local store.

Maldives is a perfect place for children and parents alike because of the quality time you get to spend with each other; just chill out and take part in various water activities. Maldives family packages would take care of all your needs and ensure that you have a great time with your family. So go ahead and plan your next vacation and have fun with some fresh coconuts, tropical fish, swimming, snorkeling, dolphins and so much more.
Kalyan Panja