14 Most Beautiful Cities In Spain

Spain has been one of the most suitable destinations for decades. Traveling here is magical, liberating, soulful and a never ending path towards discoveries. We all have daydreamed about the places in Spain we would wander through, filled in that last page of our bucket list, calculated the expenses and what not! But however, we ended up bailing on it. Traveling is an experience which is no less than owning a box of treasure.

Whether it be a family excursion or a little swing with your friends or a me-time solo trip, the pleasure of traveling is heavenly!

One cannot travel enough through this country. It is heaven on earth, Consisting of mountains, beaches, historical structures, wildlife, rich heritage and the catalog is endless! Any time is best to visit this country. To put an end to your hunt, we have got some ultra breathtaking locations which will make your expedition a dream come true.

best cities to visit in Spain

Here a few of the best cities to visit in Spain:

1. Barcelona

Your craving for a perfect Mediterranean vibe will be well pleased when you step into Barcelona. It is filled with bohemian architecture, deep blue beaches and the sky lines are comparable to paradise. It is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. If you are someone with a craze for cruising, there can be no better place.

Barcelona is topped as number one hosting for hosting cruises in the entire Europe. The city also offers an ice bar on the beach which is created for the first time in the world so that your margarita and cosmopolitan gets a stylish ambiance. This place counts 68 parks and 55 museums.

And of course, the sporty side of yours might want to explore the largest football stadium in Europe. With all this said, the city has to offer much much more! And we’ll let you explore.

2. Madrid

Madrid being the capital of Spain has the quality of offering you the best, beyond your expectations. Here's a tip before you get on board: don't forget to pack your big bottle of sunscreen! The city hardly sees any clouds, if you want to flaunt your tan skin then this is where you belong. Madrid is rated as the sunniest city in Europe.

The food in Spain is delicious with variations of Spanish traditions. Don't miss a chance to dine in the oldest restaurant in the world, Sobrino de Botin, which was founded in 1725. If you are in the city during June month, you’ll be lucky to witness Flamenco festival which ranges widely all over the city with dancers, singers, artists, instrumentalists and authentic talents.

You can renew your closet with everything luxurious, embellished and decorated as it the powerhouse of gold and high end fashion brands.

3. Malaga

The city is stuffed with unique frameworks which symbolises the rich heritage, ancient culture and traditional values of Spain. Malaga is worked through the coastline which enhances its beauty through blue lagoons and lively beaches. To get yourself started with the exploration run into ‘La Manquita’ cathedral whose building began in 1528 and lasted over 250 years.

The city is the heart of Spain which offers historical monuments as well as modern classics. Coffee, wine and anchovies are great options to try in this city to pop up your taste buds. Malaga also celebrates it’s fair every year since the tradition began during the 1400s.

Verdiales is the oldest of the Malaga songs, which is performed with a small batch of orchestra players, violins, guitars, cymbals, tambourines, castanets and a lute. This city is perfect for touring around with a purpose to understanding the culture of Spain.

4. Valencia

Valencia checks your list with every enmity you need for a good satisfactory break from your everyday routine. This gorgeous city in the Mediterranean space is a delight for people who want to explore every bit of their time. It is the third largest city in Spain consisting of great landscapes and modern architecture.

The hearty platter of Paella is famous throughout Spain but Valencia is the home to savour the dish. Want to get a tomato body spa? Well, get it for free! La Tomatina, is celebrated every year in the month of August off the coat of Valencia, Bunol. And that’s not it, you can also take part in the battle of flowers which is generally the shower of orange and yellow petals nearly in the month of July.

If you are someone with a taste of literature, hop in the University of Valencia's library to find the first book ever printed during 1474 which is a collection of poems. Everything you need is here! At Valencia.

5. Seville

The fourth largest city in Spain which is known for its history and various art forms. It is the oldest city in Europe which was once an Iberian town ruled under Romans in the 2nd century BC. Seville was the richest city in Spain with striking amounts of gold and silver which was also deported off to America.

This city has been the home for many famous artists, which becomes a must visit spot for art lovers. Your craving for tapas ends here! Dig your hands into the plates and order limitless tapas variations to get the most out of its flavors. The April fair in Seville is worth anything which usually begins after two weeks of easter, the fair tunes in for a week programme.

These days are filled with fun activities and a retreat to tourists. Seville cathedral is the biggest in the world. If you keep your eyes active you will find the code ‘NO8DO’ which means ‘it has not abandoned me’ given by King Alfonso X. Don’t waste your time anymore and get your shoes running!

“Some journeys take you farther from where you come from, but closer to where you belong”

By: Ron Franscell

6. Granada

This territory was ruled by Islamic leaders for more than 700 years much longer than any Iberian provinces. The first thing you would want to visit is Alhambra, which is the most visited monument in Europe. It falls near to the Mediterranean coast line with only 45 minutes drive away. Granada is also famous for tapas and there’s a twist to it, you will be served free drinks with the food you order!

Now this is what we all need in a vacation. This beautiful place is covered with luscious green trees all around, you will pass by trees at every corner. This gives a much delightful view in the winters when they are lathered in the light snow. You will also get to observe a diversified flora and fauna due to varied habitats. Granada is a charming zone of Spain and one cannot get enough of the city.

Maybe you do not know, but the coast of Murcia is one of the few places in Europe where it is possible to see cetaceans. The mild climate and the depth of the waters make common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales or common fin whales inhabit the waters of Murcia. The south of Murcia is, with permission from the Canary Islands and the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the best areas of Spain to see these animals in freedom.

From the port of the town of Mazarrón sailboats and boats depart to make these sightings and also allows you to combine different activities (snorkeling, kayaking or bathing) with sightings in areas of the Marine Reserve of Cabo Tiñoso, Mazarrón, the Regional Park of Cabo Cope or Eagles.

7. Mallorca

This scenic isle is one of the most charming locations in the Balearic islands of the Mediterranean coastline. It’s capital Palma is great to rejoice in the fun and artsy part of the nightlife. It is also the largest island in Spain. Mallorca also presents you with some amazing and breathtaking cave ranges which were then built by Romans and Moorish rulers.

It also relishes the beauty of underground lakes and stalagmites. The temperature is almost friendly in every season of the year with its own beauty. It is considered to be the best city to live in. It is rich with its culture, history and modern advancements. The vibe is rustic yet vibrant. This city has all the surprising factors which will certainly make a trip to remember.

Mallorca is usually mispronounced due to its spelling as the Spanish do not make the J sound. With many peaceful cathedrals and eloquent lighthouses, this is an ideal destination to consider for your vacation.

8. Canary Islands

The name speaks for itself but this can be very much misleading! As the birds have been named after the islands and not the other way around, now these birds are not the yellow little fliers that pops up in your mind but the Latin translation of Islas Canarias. Monk seals which means the sea dogs. These are the inhabitants of Macaronesian Islands.

These islands have been formed due to volcanic eruptions since the 14th century. Mount Teide is the highest range in the Spanish territories. The islands enjoy their own micro climate which can be moist moon deserts or verdant rainforests. Seawater which harbours in the lake of El Golfo crater glows green due to the presence of algae, this creates an elegant view contrasting to the dark surroundings of volcanic rocks.

This particular island is blessed with two capitals which are equally active, one being Santa Cruz and the other is Las Palmas. These islands are a great location for a getaway from the busy casual days.

9. Cordoba

Founded by Romans in 169 BC, this place has a lot to provide for your chilled out mood. Cordoba was one of the most important capitals in the entire Europe, which was home to three different ethnic groups: Jews, Muslims and Christians. Mezquita is the largest mosque as well as temple in the entire world, its construction beauty is to itch for!

If you are a fan of leather accessories, this place is a must visit. Want some dripping olive oil and slices? Here is where you need to go, Cordoba has some of the largest Olive plantations. The Roman bridge was the only way to enter the city for almost 20 centuries and the structure has stood the test of time.

The area is filled with beautiful ancient sculptures which are just breathtaking! This city is also a birthplace for thousands of legends. The richness of its cultural heritage is unbelievable.

10. Salamanca

You will get hitched to this wonderful place filled with older buildings. The Plaza Mayor is one of Spain's major attractions, the cathedral is a massive piece of quality art. Salamanca has harboured many great literary heroes. Its University was founded in 1218, one of the oldest centres in the world. If you are a meat lover, you cannot simply skip this place.

At every restaurant you will find amazing meaty cuisine which are traditional as well as modern flavours. The city shines with golden hues due to the sandstone material of the buildings all around. The place may not hold the reputation of a great nightlife compared to Madrid and Barcelona, but it has its own charm and beauty. One cannot miss enjoying the bright nights with savory treats.

Area surrounding Salamanca is perfect for road trips filled with trees and superb views. Without giving it a second thought, book it!

11. Donostia-San Sebastian

San Sebastian is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It’s got beautiful churches and buildings and a wide sandy beach described as one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. Renowned for its mouth-watering Basque cuisine, it’s considered by many to be the greatest gastronomic destination in Spain.

San Sebastian will match your vibe if you are feeling to enjoy a countryside vacation with a classical environment and picturesque beaches. Summers are perfect to enjoy the true beauty, with a perfect sun tanned body and lush surroundings. The city hosts many festivals, cultural programmes and carnivals to add up to your exotic holiday.

You cannot miss the Museo de San Telmo which was built in the 16th century, the baroque church of Santa Maria and the Gothic church of San Vicente. Cuisine is tasteful and suitable for every foodie around. The beaches are perfect at any time of the year. This place will definitely give you a good taste of overall Spanish attire.

12. Teruel

Teruel is filled with graceful architecture majorly constructed during the Mujedar period. Religious structures, town halls, cathedrals and castles are main attractions. This place doesn’t hit the top list for many people and is one of the most underrated gems of Iberian provinces but you won’t regret spending a day or two.

The history of this place and its cultural heritage has undergone many changes in the past and you can still vibe along it. You can see beautiful sculptures all around. Teruel is filled with ethnicity and you will thoroughly enjoy it. The views from river Matarranya are simply gorgeous. This place has a lot to offer and you must pack an extra outfit!

13. Girona

Before anything if you are a fan of Game of Thrones you might want to hop into Girona cathedral where few scenes were shot. The views of this place are amazing, you will get to explore a lot. Most of this city is like a corridor with narrow medieval walls all around which is totally varied from the crowded street elsewhere.

This region was once a county for Jews and the place, El Call is still very much like it was before 500 years ago. The heritage of this place is diverse which makes it more fun and joyous for your little country break. You may not get to see Eiffel tower, but you can surely walk across Eiffel bridge which was built just before the tower in Paris.

This place is near to Barcelona which makes it more perfect. You can have a great day around this town!

14. Formentera

Spain is trafficked with amazing beaches with its widespread coastline of more than 5000 miles. At every beach you will find jammed people and one cannot blame the popularity! The sands and the blue view is a delight to eyes and soul. This destination is perfect for wanderers who want to experience a peaceful beach day.

The beach is coated with white sand and sparkling water on the shore. The soft dunes of the sand contrast the darker hues of water. You can hire a yacht and go around the sea, jet skiing is also a great option. Cala Saona, a smaller beach in Formentera is a place if you are craving for a sun bath. Lastly, you cannot just ignore the views of this amazing place!

If you are someone longing for an exotic trip! without any further delay pack your bags and set out on an amazing discovery.

Bon voyage!
Kalyan Panja