8 Most Instagrammable Spots in San Diego, USA

Known for its warm and sunny climate, scenic beaches and bustling nightlife, San Diego truly provides the perfect vacation for visitors seeking a cosmopolitan yet coastal holiday. Those wishing to explore the natural landscapes around them will enjoy visiting the multiple beaches, parks and scenic lookouts (perfect for capturing that stunning Instagram shot).

While those looking for a spot of culture will find solitude in the many art galleries, shopping strips and restaurants dotted throughout the various vibrant neighborhoods. Among things to do in San Diego, relax in legendary refuges like the Hotel del Coronado, find art and culture in the city of San Diego and in the surrounding areas, like the luxurious La Jolla.

Have fun playing international golf in Torrey Pines, and enjoy the culture and diversity, all on the shores of a resplendent blue ocean. The SeaWorld San Diego Park, Aquatica, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Legoland California has kids activities in San Diego.

California’s beaches are surprisingly cold. From about Santa Barbara down to San Diego is the only part of the state where the ocean water is warm enough in summer to swim without a wet suit. Even in San Diego in May and June, it can be gloomy and foggy at the beach even when it’s warm and sunny a couple miles inland, so have a sweatshirt handy.

Locals in San Diego find it hilarious at the beach at 10 am to see tourists dressed in bikinis and wondering why is it cold as this is supposed to be California. It’s warmer in the afternoon when the fog burns off and the sun comes out. Then you can get a tan. The beaches in California are more spectacular though. There are hills and even mountains on the coast.

most instagrammable places in San Diego

So here's a list of some amazing Instagram worthy spots in San Diego:

1. Discover the La Jolla Tide Pools

San Diego’s La Jolla district offers a vast stretch of rocky coastline, perfect for beach walks and exploring, and beloved for its many hidden caves nestled within the rocky surroundings. Hidden sea caves aren’t the coastal area’s sole offering however; at low tide, glistening tide pools emerge from the beach, each filled with ocean water and the sea life that inhabits it.

The small pools of vibrant sea anemone, small fish and crabs make for beautiful photos showcasing minuscule sea communities, while climbing the rocky surroundings gives an elevated vantage point for photographing the tide pools below.

While you’re in the area, make sure to explore the scenic seaside neighborhood of La Jolla, where busy cafes and restaurants serve up delicious local seafood, and boutique stores make for some excellent and authentic souvenir finds.

2. Chow Down on Some Authentic Mexican food in La Jolla

While rich and fragrant in flavor, the Mexican cuisine’s vibrant color makes it not only a treat for the stomach but for the camera too - Instagram food shot anyone? With Mexico in such close proximity, there’s no denying that San Diego is home to some of the country’s best (and Aesthetic) Mexican cuisine going around.

And from upscale restaurants (try Galaxy Taco in La Jolla) to no frills food trucks (Mariscos Nine Seas food truck, parked outside of a Target, serves up authentic, economically friendly tacos), there are plenty of options to choose from.

Fried shrimp and fish tacos are plentiful here in San Diego, or you may want to try the Californian spin on the traditional cuisine by ordering a breakfast burrito; you’ll be served up a hearty meal that is equally as photogenic as it is delicious, setting you up for a day of exploring and wandering.

3. Watch the Surfers in La Jolla Shores Beach

San Diego’s coastal playground offers visitors a number of scenic beaches, with Tourmaline Beach being one of the most beloved and popular among tourists and locals alike. Situated at the border of the Pacific Beach and La Jolla districts, Tourmaline is San Diego’s go to for both beginner and seasoned surfers, kite boarders and windsurfers, offering sunbathers on land plenty of entertainment.

Surf watching isn’t the beach’s only attraction though; walking south along the shoreline eventually leads to the slightly busier Pacific Beach, where the elevated Crystal Pier offers visitors the perfect vantage point from which to take bird’s eye pictures of the surfers and swimmers below.

4. Go on a Mystery Picnic around La Jolla Cove

Are you a fan of picnics? Perfect for those seeking to explore San Diego while tasting the local cuisine, AmazingCo’s Mystery Picnic sends you and your family (or your friends and partner) on an epic foodie adventure around the city. Throughout the experience, you’ll need to solve a number of riddles and clues, each leading you to diverse boutique food stores where your picnic pieces await.

After you have collected your delicious food items, your last clue will reveal to you the secret destination of your picnic location. The Mystery Picnic is perfect for tourists seeking a fun spin on San Diego and its attractions, and takes you to some of the most photogenic (and delicious) spots the city has to offer.

5. Wander the Outdoor Markets around San Diego Bay

Boasting natural scenery and a sunny climate, it makes sense to spend as much time of your vacation in San Diego out in the fresh air. Visit the open air Tuna Harbor Dockside Market (open Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm) for some seriously satisfying seafood (think the likes of clam chowders and crayfish in crusty bread rolls), breathing in some hearty, dockside air while you’re there.

For those seeking some open air retail therapy instead, immerse yourself in the Gaslamp Artisan Market, where local artisans sell their handcrafted goods (think boutique style clothing, accessories and artwork) in quaint stalls, perfect for photographing.

After you’ve purchased your handmade goods, meander through the ‘historic heart’ of the San Diego Gaslamp quarter, where a cultural day exploring the countless theatres, museums and art galleries makes way to an evening of hip outdoor dining and bar hopping.

6. Take photos in Potato Chip Rock

Of course there are rocks that stand out on a cliff that look more imposing. For examples, the rock that seems to levitate, known as the Trolls Tongue or Trolltunga in Norway. But in this case, it's called Potato Chip Rock, and it's located in California, inside Lake Poway Park, near San Diego.

It is as picturesque as the reason why it has become one of the most fashionable places for Instagram lovers and other social networks in which to share the coolest photos of the holidays. Of course, here the reason is, precisely, that the idea is for those who visit to take photos, since it is a rock on a ledge that, thanks to the perspective and a good framing and trimming, will allow those who see to have a feeling of vertigo.

The photos taken by many travelers on the Preikestolen, a rocky outcrop in Norway where photos are very dangerous and which, even so, are still a habit (although there have been accidents) are famous. In fact, for many, it is quite a sensation to sit in what they call the pulpit. Well, in California it is similar, but without risk to fall from the rock, since the Potato Chip Rock barely has a couple of meters of height (three, to be exact).

In order to reach Potato Chip Rock it is necessary to travel first to the summit of Mount Woods, so the photo there usually becomes a trophy of a day of hiking in nature.

7. Surf in Cardiff State Beach

Or maybe you have a family that wants to visit Disneyland during Halloween with toddlers but it is quite the trek over to the Golden State or swim in the Pacific in day trips from San Diego. For vacations from San Diego, Encinitas is not only a city, but a vibes north of downtown San Diego and is known as one of the best places to surf in the world. Highway 101, the main coastal road, is permanently dotted with neoprene suits and boards.

Some of the best places to try out the skills include Cardiff Reef, designated by its famous Kook statue, and Moonlight Beach, which has places for beach bonfires, volleyball nets and playgrounds for children. Burritos (and their variety for breakfast, lunch or dinner) are part of the most popular meal, and all residents have their own opinion on who prepares them best.

8. Pick Up Your Instagram Game in Shelter Island

Avid Instagrammer? AmazingCo’s Insta Worthy Adventure ensures you won’t miss out on any photo opportunities during your visit to San Diego, taking you on a picturesque journey to some of the top photo spots in the city.

Throughout the experience, you’ll follow your digital directions leading you from location to location, receiving some fun tidbits of information about your photo spots along the way. You’ll also be provided with heaps of photo tips and tricks specific to your photo spots, so you can take the best pictures imaginable.

San Diego is beautiful and large, so don’t forget to stay at one of the stylish Airbnbs in San Diego and stop at any points of interest (or a coffee in one of the local cafes) along the way!
Kalyan Panja