7 Best Places to Visit in California

Welcome to California – the mecca of celebrity culture! However, there is so much more to California than Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame – two of the most visited places in California.

For instance, this state is home to some of the most mesmerizing landscapes, vineyards, amusement parks, film studios, rock formations, beaches, etc. What is more, three of the most famous American cities are also located here. San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are all packed with an amazing city vibe, good food, and diverse culture. This state is simply fascinating to explore!

California is worth a place for spending vacations. California’s vacation destination is full of thrilling and exciting adventures. You can never get bored with these places as it will keep you busy for a longer period of time. California is one of the great places for nature lovers to explore the beauty of the outdoors.

Spend your time at the Santa Cruz for experiencing the classic beach, exploring the natural beauty of Yosemite, and viewing the beautiful art collection at the Hearst Castle.

Nevada City, located in the state of California, is an outstanding spot. Volunteers stand along the sides of the streets and distribute treasures among all the people. A number of magical shows and musical events are also arranged.

Best Places to Visit in California

Thus, what stops you from hitting the road and visiting this amazing state? If you are not sure where to begin your Californian adventure, fear not. We are here to give you some ideas. So, keep on reading to find out what some of the best places to visit in California are.

1. Lake Tahoe

Due to its beauty, this place has become quite a famous site for visitors. Having some of the best waterfalls you can witness in California, Ropi Lake also has Lake Tahoe by its side. The hike is about 5.6 miles, which takes slightly longer to finish than one of the same distance. Going forward in the Trail, you will come across Ropi Lake Falls, making up for a fantastic viewpoint.

Did you know that Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in America, right after the Crater Lake? However, its depth is not what makes this lake one of the best places to visit in California. It is the nature that surrounds it, intermixed with some of the most amazing-looking outdoor restaurants. As it is close to Nevada, visitors of Lake Tahoe also get an opportunity to gamble and try their luck.

However, what fascinates all the people who come to Lake Tahoe is its untouched and well-preserved nature. The air is always fresh and the surroundings are always clean. Furthermore, huge shoreline is perfect for water sports, outdoor activities, swimming, picnicking or just relaxing and soaking up the sun. This lake is simply fun all year round.

Thus, do not hesitate to visit it, if you have a chance! Pack your travel essentials and do not let adventure wait!

2. Beverly Hills

And now something completely different from the previous destination – Beverly Hills. There is not a person in the world who hasn't heard of this place. Everything here is opulent, extravagant, and extremely expensive. So, it is no wonder this city is called the city of rich and famous and, in the same manner, no wonder why many start thinking about settling down here. Well, who could blame them, there is nothing wrong with luxury.

However, you do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy this place, even for a weekend. Thus, if you want to splurge, you can - on lavish hotels, 5-star restaurants, 24/7 hour shopping, and stretch limousines. When you get tired of those (or you spend all of your money), do not forget to check out the Beverly Hills culture, architecture, art, and history. We recommend visiting The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

3. Napa County

According to many who visited Napa Valley, nothing beats this place. Why are they so adamant about it being one of the best places to visit in California? Because it is the perfect combination of breathtaking scenery of mountains and vineyards, a balmy climate and wine-tasting events. Wherever you stand, it is Insta-worthy.

The area of Napa Valley is full of scattered small towns, each of which is unique in its own way. For instance, in Yountville, you can enjoy some of the most charming restaurants and boutiques. In Calistoga, you can enjoy mineral springs with the most amazing view of mountains and vineyards.

But, wherever you go, do not pass the opportunity to try the Napa Valley wine which is considered to be one of the best in the entire world. Of course, do not leave without going on a hot air balloon ride and a guided bike wine tour.

4. Santa Catalina Island

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, do not miss the opportunity to visit Catalina Island as well. It is located just 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Even if you stay here for just one day, be sure that you will recharge your batteries. It is not overcrowded with tourists, so it is a perfect place to vacation in.

Here, you can enjoy all the popular outdoor activities and water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. You can explore reefs and old shipwrecks, see the bison population, or just enjoy the beauties of this island from the beach or one of its many seaside restaurants. And, if you want to have an educational vacation, visit the Catalina Island Museum where you can learn a lot about the history of the island and about the Native Americans who have lived on the island for 8,000 years.

5. Santa Monica

It is a city located in the state of California, just over 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The coastal town is famous for its dock with its small stores, restaurants and an amusement park, the Pacific Park, famous because it has appeared in many Hollywood films. The city is bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

Do not forget to climb your Ferris wheel, as it is one of the most famous in the world and from the top you will enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles. If you are a beach lover you have the option of getting close to Muscle Beach, one of the best beaches in Santa Monica.

Going to the Santa Monica pier is an obligation, since it is one of the best known places in the district. Being a pier made of wood, it manages to create a bucolic and romantic atmosphere, ideal to enjoy a pleasant walk during sunset. Best of all, when the night comes, the amusement park begins to turn on its lights, since the view from the dock is priceless.

Another of the star beaches of the city is Venice Beach. This beach is perfect for sunbathing and a good dip, as well as being a beach visited by surf lovers. But the charm of this beach goes much further, its main charm lies in its bohemian artists and street shows.

6. Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin is the place everyone wants to reach. It is the lowest point of the western hemisphere that is 86 meters below sea level. There is a protected area of ​​salt flats. If you get into them, remember to bring enough water. On the way back you will pass through Artist's Drive, a 9-mile road with a single direction.

This road takes you to one of the most photographed spots, Artist's Palette. The color that the rocks have acquired in this place, in green, yellow and red tones, come from the oxidation of mica, iron and manganese.

7. Zabriskie Point

On your way to the Visitors Center at Furnace Creek you will find Zabriskie Point, one of the most beautiful geological phenomena in the valley.

You have to climb a small hill to see how the earth in this place has wrinkled giving a spectacular yellow tones. This point you will have to reserve to arrive very early or leave at sunset, when the sunlight illuminates and does not burn the beautiful colors of the rocks. You can enter between these yellow formations at Twenty Mule Team Canyon.
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