10 Travel Essentials to Pack for Beach Vacation

Packing for your traveling might not be as easy as it looks. While one may feel the need to bunch up on a variety of clothes and suggest your shoes, your everyday personal care may also take a chunk of your space. Of course, we do not like carrying huge bags around.

If you are traveling by your own car, then you are lucky as you can have the opportunity to buy a roof rack and get plenty of space to keep your luggage. Otherwise, with limited space in your car, or even when you are getting on a plane, one is often left wondering what to keep and what not.

Apart from your basics, one may also need to understand the importance of keeping other essentials that are important and maybe necessary when one is away from home.

what to pack for vacation

Here is our list of a comprehensive list of items that we believe must make a place in your travel bag.

1. Alcohol-based sanitizer and wipes

There is a possibility of catching germs and pathogens from every nook and corner, especially while traveling from one place to another. The fact that you can not find a place to wash hands that frequently, it is important to sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer at regular intervals all through your travel.

From global pandemic situations like COVID-19 to the common cold and flu, there has always been a greater possibility of catching diseases while you are on a flight or any public place. Not only would you want to sanitize your hands whenever, but you may also want to wipe the seats and handles of your plane and bus seats, as you will be using them for quite some time.

2. Weatherproof jacket

Weather can be unpredictable on a journey, even if you pack after keeping a forecast in mind. Sneaking a light weatherproof jacket in your travel bag can save your days. From gusting winds on a road bike experience to rains, while you plan to hike on a mountain, a single jacket can come handily in various circumstances.

You may want to carry a jacket that is breathable as it can suspend the discomfort coming from the scorching sun. You might want to plunge in some water sport activity that was not on your itinerary, you never know what opportunity you might meet on your distant trip, stuffing a jacket in your carry bag can also protect you against cold nights on a bus, there is no reason you would want to leave it behind.

Carry a pair of slippers with you. Else you will regret. Shoes may get wet sometimes. Prefer wearing rugged shoes rather than sport shoes while travelling.

3. Pack your suit, don’t roll them

While packing the luggage, prefer rolling rather rather folding, it'll save space. The general advice is fold, don’t roll your suit and dress shirt. Place your cummerbund in a shoe to keep it from getting damaged.

3. Sun protection

While you travel, you must make an effort to get adequate sun protection. Harmful UV rays from the sun can expose you to various skin diseases, including skin cancer. While you may find some personal care items at a hotel, you might not get access to sunscreen lotion. So supplying yourself with a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF and defense mechanism against other harmful pollutants.

For protecting your eyes against the sun and tiny dust particles in the air, you might want to take your sunglasses along.

4. First-aid kit

The utility of a first aid kit is of utmost significance when you are traveling. It will serve you in case of an emergency when it is difficult to track down a chemist, or in countries where you cannot buy medication without a prescription. Also, sorting your prescribed medicine along with some general medicines in a separate clear bag can save you a hustle while screening.

It is easy for small things to slip in your luggage, and sometimes it is hard to remember where things can be. Therefore, packing such essentials in a separate bag will give you instant access and you will save yourself the trouble of searching your baggage all through.

5. Chargers and adapters

It’s a no brainer but also the most forgotten item, your charger. Be sure to charge your mobile phone, laptop, battery pack, smart watch, headphones and anything else that needs it before heading out.

When bringing your camera, phone or other gadgets with you, don't forget about bringing your chargers as well as extra batteries, portable chargers, films, and memory cards. Also, it helps to bring a power adapter with you to make sure you can charge your electronics. This will ensure you can capture as much memory as possible during your trip.

Firstly you must pack all your basic chargers of phone, notepad, camera, digital watches, and Airpod case, etc. Secondly, you must be aware of the fact that charging overseas might be different than in your home country, so you will have to stock up on adapters to fit in the different socket on walls and converters too. Don't forget your earphones.

Carry a power bank with you. The most important thing you have to carry. You might not get a power socket on a mountain if you are trekking. Charger won't help you everywhere.

For example, if you are traveling from the USA to Spain you will need a converter to charge your appliances as the standard voltage in Spain is 230 V that is higher than a 120 V standard in the states. You can also look for utilitarian chargers that can help you save some space.

You should always carry a portable adapter which has multiple sockets which when be helpful when there is only one socket is available in between transport halts or in a remote area.

6. A document holder/bag

Invest in a good quality travel backpack, its a good idea to carry a single backpack than bunch of small bags. Have all your cosmetics in a box. Your personal hygiene items in another one. Your chargers and electronics in a third box. You’ll have another plastic box for your camera equipment. When you keep everything neat and organized, packing and unpacking will be a breeze.

If your business trip takes you across borders, don’t leave home without your passport and your boarding pass. Marking your travel essentials like a passport will make it into the top items of your list, and so does your other documents, and cards.

It is crucial that you carry another debit or credit card as a backup plan. It will help in case you cannot use your primary card. Another tip related to this is not to keep all your cards and cash in one place. Keep them in separate bags so that even if you lose one bag, you won’t be out of money. Placing small essentials and little cash in a separate bag or a folder will make your travel more convenient.

Assorting them in a waist bag that you can keep with you all the time will allow you to take them on your errands to the nearby market and also public washroom, thus preventing their theft and misplacement.

7. Carry a scarf

The scarf is like the cream of travel essentials for women. It should already be on your must-bring list since you can turn it into several different wardrobe items, from scarves, skirts, shirts, dresses, to anything-but these wonderful expanses fabric can be used for much more. Think pillow, face cover, beach bag over the shoulder, dust mask, packing of brittle items in your suitcase, etc!

8. Jeans

You should carry only 3 Jeans for a 6–7 days travel. It will save your space in travel bags and it will be easy to handle your bags while moving.

9. Keep a list

Check the weather and your schedule to make a list of everything you need to bring from the book you’re reading, electronics to your business cards.

10. Reusable bottles

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Refrain from using one-time-use plastic bottles and help in preserving the planet by bringing with you a reusable water bottle.

You may not get access to drinking water at all places; it is all the more difficult if you are up for an adventure trip in a remote land. Skipping on single-use plastic and getting reusable water of your own can help you contribute towards the environment, and you will be saving some money too. Packing eco-friendly foldable bottles is probably a smart traveler move.

To ease the burden of packing, you can make a checklist and keep it handily when you are putting things together. Forgetting something essential or missing them out can take a toll on your entire journey. You can keep a count of your baggage and keep a tab on them every time you leave a place and enter a new one.
Kalyan Panja