5 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus has a whole heap of history and culture packed inside its pristine shores. The ancient birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite boasts beautiful beaches, verdant mountains peppered with vineyards, lush valleys, dramatic craggy cliffs and outcrops, lively towns and laid-back villages. With a northern portion controlled by Turkey and a southern half owned by Greece, it’s also a fascinating place to view from a geopolitical perspective.

In short, there’s a little something for everyone in this holiday haven, but if you haven’t been before you might need a few tips to help create the most inspirational itinerary. Summer is just four hours away. Cyprus is the island where Aphrodite was born, with the cleanest bathing water and some of the most beautiful beaches in Mediterranean. In April, it is 22-24 degrees, flowering feast. Here you can see wild purple orchids.

best places to visit in Cyprus

With that in mind, here are a few sublime spots in Cyprus.

1. Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is permeated with marvelous monuments and art galleries that span its ancient and modern history and culture. Start your day with some strong coffee and local pastries, then take a stroll along the Green Line – the demarcation points in the world’s only partitioned capital city. The main checkpoint is found at Ledra Street, where you can cross to the other side.

Meanwhile, you can delve into Cypriot history at the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, explore the bars and cafes of the atmospheric Old Town and visit the Grand Phaneromeni Church, a stunning example of Venetian architecture which features a salubrious interior complete with murals and antiques.

Tip: enjoy an amazing spa experience at Hamam Omerye baths – the surroundings are spectacular.

2. Paphos

Paphos has its own international airport, so you might arrive here as a holidaymaker, but even if you’re not based in the town, it’s worth spending some time taking in the sights as it has much to recommend it. Aphrodite’s Rock (AKA the Rock of the Roman) is one of the most iconic sights in Paphos – it’s a spectacular sea stack that’s located just off the shore on the main road to Limassol.

And at the Archaeological Park of Kato Pafos, you’ll see the world-famous Paphos Mosaics, an awesome collection of intricate floor tiles that were once part of four Roman villas on the site. Meanwhile, the Acropolis and Odeon is a 2nd Century AD music venue and theatre where you can still watch plays and concerts under the stars.

Tip: Vehicle rentals lets you explore the island completely independently.

3. Limassol

Limassol is Europe’s most southerly town, a mainstay of the Cyprus tourist industry and has a host of attractions and amenities. Kourion is a UNESCO-protected archaeology park which showcases 6000 years of history – it’s even mentioned in the books of Ptolemy and Pliny the Elder. Some of its ruins are extremely well-preserved, for instance the Baths of Eustolios still have colourful mosaics in great condition and the theatre is intact for the most part.

Meanwhile, Molos is a seaside park that bridges the gap between the Old Town and the zoo and it’s the perfect place for a cathartic stroll or bike ride.

Tip: check out Fasouri Watermania, a Polynesian-themed waterpark that kids love!

4. Protaras

Cyprus is full of beauty and rustic charm, both of which are captured by the stunning Fig Tree Bay. Picture yourself drifting away in the Cypriot sun, cooling off in the serene waters and then heading up to a traditional beachside restaurant for some authentic cuisine. That is what you get with Fig Tree Bay - heavenly!

5. Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus. In addition, this city is one of the most popular spas on the island. It is located on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, 70 km from Fig Tree Bay. Larnaca has its international airport.

So ends our list, but share your favourite Cyprus spot in the comments section!
Kalyan Panja