9 Best Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. In addition once per week all attractions are free. Romania is one of the best and popular tourist spots to visit in Europe. This country is located on the Balkan Peninsula. Romania is famous for it’s rich cultural heritage sites. This place is filled with quaint old towns, mountain resorts that offer great skiing, and a burgeoning art community.

It’s a very unique country with a stunning countryside and bursts with the strange and exotic, particularly in the Carpathians. There’s all the castles that burst randomly out of the horizon or the unique ancient Romanian churches. The best way to get around the country is hitchhiking, which is all but a national pastime in the country. Very easy to get a ride and everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful.

Werewolves, vampires, undead, the history of humanity is also the story of their fears. Fears that fill books and movies, which pass from grandparents to grandchildren. This is more about a region again, than a whole country. Now, how about a lesser traveled region in comparison to the Central European countries? The Carpathian mountains, Wallachian plains and Danube delta glorify the region geographically.

The Danube river flows through many countries until in Romania it finally leaves its stream and spills into the Black Sea in a beautiful delta, home to many species of birds and animals. The Danube has a couple of narrowings in the area where it borders Romania and Serbia. Ochiul Beiului lake is a small lake that has an unearthly but natural milky turquoise color.

best places to visit in Romania

Romania is so magnificent that defining it in words is almost impossible, but I would try to let you know the best places to visit in Romania.

1. Bucharest

Lets start with a city that is the heart and soul of Romania, and it is the capital city, Bucharest. As London is the most advanced and famous city in the UK, Romania is too. Its city lies in the south-eastern part of the nation and enjoys having a coastline along the Dambovita River.

More than half of all tourists say they want to help reduced load on the popular cities such as Paris and Barcelona by visiting alternative destinations. Get totally charmed by Bucharest, Romania, which is confusingly similar to Paris.

One of the best places to visit in Romania is Bucharest which is the capital city of Romania. While you visit this city you will get to see stunning architecture on historical buildings and structures on the sides of roads. Along with this stunning architecture you will also see various historical museums and art galleries.

Bucharest is a very eclectic city full of different architectural styles! It has the infamous huge Socialist Versailles that is the parliament building, huge big avenues with brutalist terraces, a pretty and baroque old town and modern glassy offices all right next to each other.

Plus it has the heaviest building in the world made out of pure marble. The Romanian Palace of the Parliament is the world’s largest Parliament building, so not seeing the magnitude of the building would make your trip incomplete.

The country also has a rich cultural heritage that can be glimpsed into the various museums in the nation.

• National Museum of Contemporary Art

• National Museum of Art of Romania

• And The Military Museums are mandatory visits.

Moving from history to the party scene, Bucharest's nightlife is something that needs to be experienced when you go there. Watching a Romanian live band like Mafia will make your trip worth it.

2. Brasov

Now, does the word Dracula strike a chord? Yes, we’re talking about Transylvania! It lies in Central Romania, renowned for it’s history and the Carpathian landscape that catches the eye instantly and is a feast in winter. It runs across beautiful cities such as Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Alba Iulia and more. The food is cracking too! The culture is fairly unique to Romania.

Brasov is located southeast of the historic region of Transylvania, in the center of Romania, about 166 km from Bucharest, at the point where the Brasov Depression meets the Carpathian Mountains. Brasov is a beautiful city with Gothic style churches, the Tampa mountain in the cable car or a hike, it’s historic centre - Piata Sfatului, its Medieval structures and a bright ambience with eateries all around.

The famous Bran’s castle and Rasnov fortress are also some of the most visited touristy spots nearby. Well, it's small, but also a good base to visit other places like Bran Castle, the one that is associated with Dracula. It’s known as the home-place of Dracula and vampires. They also has some fascinating Roma/Gypsie folk cultural sites if that is your interest. Go to Sfatului square.

From there, Mount Tampa greets you with great lyrics that remind you where you are, in true Hollywood style. It's not the last poster you'll see in Transylvania. With the corresponding name, of course in Sibiu, Sighisoara, Bran, Rasnov. At the other end of the historic center, just opposite the current Brasov City Hall is the Modarom building in the Soviet style.

Poiana Brasov is praised not only for hotels on the slopes that offer quality services, but also because ski lessons are cheap.

3. Sibiu

Sibiu, another small city similar to Brasov also lies along the Carpathian range and has great skiing resorts and a serene old town. Sibiu is a wonderful medieval city, right in the heart of Romania and is one of the primary reasons to visit Romania.

The capital city of Bucharest is another charming place with much to offer such as the gargantuan Palace of Parliament (one of the largest buildings in the world), beautiful Cismigiu gardens around a lake with iron benches, the Stavropoleos church with wall paintings and the old city which isn’t old but a go-to place for all kinds of restaurants and cafés offering plethora of dishes.

In Transylvania, some of these horror characters have been born. Transfagarasan highway is one of the most spectacular roads in the world that crosses an unforgettable natural landscape: the Fagaras Mountains, the highest in the southern Romanian Carpathians. The ideal thing is to look for accommodation in the vicinity of Lake Balea, the most beautiful part of the route.

Start from the beautiful town of Sibiu and head for the Transfagarasan road. The ascent begins at the first town in Cârţişoara. This opens us to a long climb up the famous road. From here, it's time to enjoy the views and stop at the sidings to melt the memory of the camera. The first obligatory stop is the Balea Waterfall, a very high waterfall that can be reached by a short and simple hiking route (approximately one hour round trip).

It is very easy to distinguish the access point. In a tight corner see dozens of cars parked in the gutter and a lot of food stalls that take advantage of the pull of this place. In addition, it is just this place from where a cable car that some use to reach the top of Lake Balea. In winter and with snow it may be the only way to crown the port.

The highest point of the Transfagarasan road coincides with one of the essential places of the route and a trip through Romania. It is the beautiful Balea lake of glacial origin. Despite being at the foot of the road and with several buildings around it, it does not take away even a hint of beauty. In the surroundings of the lake you will not get bored. There are a lot of stalls with a wide variety of Romanian cuisine on sale.

But the most curious thing is that near the parking lot they have mounted a long zip line for the enjoyment of children and not so small. Find another one of the essential ones: the Vidraru lake. Go to the Poineari castle. It is the real castle of Vlad Tepes, character on which the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker was based.

Right at the beginning of the road from its south access find the Curtea de Argeș Cathedral. End the route and go to Bucharest.

4. Cluj-Napoca

Coming at number four in terms of population and being awarded the title of both European Youth Capital and European Capital of Sport is the City of Cluj-Napoca or Just Cluj for the Romanians. This city has witnessed the most fluctuations in terms of growth, with the drastic decline and equally impressive comebacks.

• The city has garnered eminence throughout Europe because it houses the country’s biggest university, which has buildings that have to be seen and drooled at. Its accompanying botanical garden is also a masterpiece.

• The city has a host of clubs and high-scale restaurants that will appease the party craver in you. The most dating club, being the Diesel Club, is a sure shot way to do that.

• For Opera lovers like me, The Romanian National Opera is the answer to your love for the genre. The Opera Company of Cluj-Napoca has been renowned by Europe, it has performed shows throughout the continent, so you can imagine what a delight it would be to watch their show.

5. Timisoara

If Bucharest is the queen of the east, Timisoara is its western counterpart. This is the third biggest city in terms of area in the country. The city is so unique in its beauty, landscape, and culture that it would be given the much-coveted title of European Capital of Culture in the upcoming year.

• Piata Victoriei or Victory Square is one of the biggest attractions of Timisoara. This square connects the Maghiar Theater with the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. In the center of this park stands the statue of the Lupa Capitolina, in homage to the legend of Romulus and Remus, the brothers who founded Rome and who supposedly were nursed by a she-wolf.

Victoria Square was the epicenter of the Anti-Communist Revolution in the year 1989. The square houses many 18th and 19th century buildings that will make you feel like you have entered a different era.

• The Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral is one of the most elegant pieces of architecture in the country. Almost 75 years old, the church houses the Archbishop of Timisoara, and the paintings inside it will completely enthrall you.

• If you love parks and gardens, this city has plenty to offer you, with The Timisoara Zoological Garden and the Green Forest being the best.

6. Turda

Undoubtedly one of the obligatory places of obligatory visit for all good travelers who cross through Cluj Napoca are the Salt Mines of Turda. You can access them by public transport from Cluj itself, and from Turda to the entrance of the salt mine there are a couple of kilometres.

7. Hunedoara

The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara was built around 1440 by Iancu de Hunedoara, and it still stands. All of it can be visited, and it's really beautiful on the inside as well.

8. Maramures

Built over 100 years ago by King Carol I of Romania, Peleș Castle is a really really beautiful castle.

9. Maramures

Maramures is the region with crazy delicious watermelons, bee hives in trucks, markets appearing under your windows over night, stunning nature, the cat of my life and, most importantly, super friendly and generous people who are so great in treasuring their traditions in everyday life!

Cities like Constanta, and Iasi also deserve to be visited. The sights and scenes that they have to offer are as aesthetically beautiful as the ones have mentioned.

There's a cemetery in Romania that faces death with a smile. Each tombstone in Săpânța has colorful naive paintings, and a poem-like text that describes in a humorous way the life of the person buried there.

The Românians (as most of the Orthodox Church affiliates) are particularly fond of the Easter celebration that took time in Spring. Then, you can attend Easter Holly Mass at a monastery in the countryside and afterward celebrate with the locals at a traditional breakfasting meal with a flavor of Romanian traditional dishes.

Winding Up

Romanian cities provides an old-world charm. The culture, the people, the food and the slight hints of the Turkish influence on the country is worth a visit. Romania is a country that should be highlighted for all that it has to offer to the visitor, and people are encouraged to go and see the entirety of its elegance and beauty.

If there is an underdog in the tourism spectrum of Europe, Romania fits the bill, although it is unwarranted. Anyone who goes there will fall in love with the country.
Kalyan Panja