6 Visa Free Countries for Indian Passport, 2023

Are you planning your vacation in 2020? This is the right time to book and get affordable prices. While searching I was thinking that some places might be in the world which are visa free and people should visit those destinations to make their holidays special. This blog is about a list of those places in the world you can discover without a visa.

Earth is beautiful! There are many beautiful places in the world that are heaven on earth. You can enjoy the most amazing views at some places. Here are some of the holiday destinations in the world you can visit just having your passport. It is amazing to visit such places. So if you need to make your holidays special this time, you should consider the list I’m suggesting to you.

Getting a little upset and irritated at your passport lying dormant in your drawer? We understand the urge! But hey, don’t we travel for the experience over the destination. The allure and stories of a place over a geotag?

Our tongue is not the same as some like sweet or sour and some like spicy or continental. Similarly our eyes are also very unique, some people are short sighted , some people are far sighted and some are balance sighted. But our mind and heart are more complicated and it is different with every different individuals. So what are the best places in the world?

The rich travellers from Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai or any big cities would love to go for nature or the places where most of the common people have not visited nor can imagine to visit and people who have never travelled but can afford to travel, always want to travel those big and famous places or wonders of the world.

And people from developing nations who can’t afford to travel or can’t obtain visa, always want to travel Europe, America, Australia, Japan and others most developed countries. So, people have different intentions for their journey because people want to be happy and relaxed.

People always want to seek beauty in their journey and once they visit the places, they want then they long for other places because beauty is unavoidable and unattainable. Well, People have also different intentions to travel, some travels for money, some for romance, some for peace, some for curiosity, some for discovery, some for study, some for spiritual activities, some for betterment of life, some for pleasures and others things but whatever it is, all travel for their dreams and goals.

For luxurious and all kind of travellers European countries are best because Europe has nature, culture, history, language, safety, infrastructure, night life, freedom, romance, technology, connecting flights and perhaps most of the best places are in Europe.

Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Athens, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam and many others. But the defect is all the people in the world can’t visit them because the difficulties of visa plus many people couldn’t afford to visit them.

Dreaming is not enough to visit your list of best places you want to visit and if you have any best places to visit in North American continent, without having US, Canadian or Mexico visa (for the passport holders of visa waver countries, all the best places in the world are accessible for them, only they need money and time), you can’t visit any best places in this continent because most of the central American countries and Caribbean islands have connecting flight from America, Canada and Mexico.

best places to travel without passport

Here are the best visa free holiday destinations to visit:

1. Antarctica

Antarctic voyage is most beautiful journey and any one can visit it because it is the only continent, we don’t need visa not only that its different wild life, scenic views of glaciers and icebergs lure all kind of visitors. The defect is, it is very expensive and far away.

2. Qatar

Qatar has become one of the most visited destinations in the Middle East. Doha, the capital, concentrates the main tourist attractions such as the Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Islamic Art. The State Grand Mosque is the greatest symbol of the ostentation of Qatar and a place of worship for the Qataris.

In the Katara Cultural Village, full of theaters, concert halls and galleries you can meet several global cultures and the Heritage Village presents the history of the country in the pre-oil period. To relax, walk along the Doha Corniche promenade in the Doha Bay.

Shopping lovers can visit the Souk Waqif, the municipal market. The best beaches in Qatar are Al Ghariya, Maroona, Khor Al Adaid, Ras Abrouq and Fuwairit. Finish your Qatar itinerary with a visit to the most elegant neighborhood of the city, the Pearl-Qatar, where you will feel a true oil tycoon with so much splendor and ostentation.

3. Niue

The island country of Niue is world's largest coral islands. Samoan people inhabited the island as the main settlers. It is perfect example of nature's untouched beauty. Niue is a beautiful pacific nation which have some really beautiful sites. Wander around the beautiful lime stone caves, go for snorkeling, grab a fresh coconut and sit on the white sands in the beach. What more do you need in a beach vacation. And Niue offers all of these.

4. Senegal

The world’s largest collection of megalithic structures is in Senegal - the Senegambian Stone Circles. Covering an area of 30,000 square kilometres, there are some 29,000 pillar-like stones forming a total of 17,000 rings, built by some mysterious ancient civilization.

Dakar, the capital of the country, is the westernmost point of the Cape Verde peninsula and the entire African coast. The charming Goree island is a real haven of peace located in front of Dakar, from where you can admire the Atlantic Ocean, which extends to infinity, and the city of Dakar, which is seen in the distance. From the bar you can enjoy the sunset with a cold Gazelle beer in your hand.

The Bassari Country route is one of the most beautiful trips in Senegal. It is a bit far from Dakar. Kedougou is the main entrance to the Bassari Country and is the typical city that is best to pass by. Iwol, is possibly the most beautiful village of the Bassari Country with many small huts, surrounded by baobabs and hidden in the mountain is the typical place that has something.

You can see a party that takes place every 5 years called the party of the girls, a party in which young women of age to have a husband are available for 3 days to find handsome gentlemen. In that period they dress in their best clothes, sing beautiful songs and dance under incredible ceibas. The Segou waterfall is the least visited. The route to the Dindefello waterfall starts from the village of the same name.

A delight from Western Africa is Thiebou Yap, a decadent rice dish with meat (mostly beef or mutton) which has been braised and grilled, and fragrant rice which has been cooked in the meat’s fat with onions and spices. It’s actually a celebration dish.

5. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a huge country located almost on the Asian continent, but with a small region belonging to Europe, something similar to what happens with Russia, a country with which it borders on its northern area. It is also border with countries such as China or Uzbekistan, and has access to the Caspian Sea.

Kazakhstan invested billions of dollars into building the most surreal artificial city the world has ever seen. Everywhere it’s big, flashy signature buildings, all wearing their architects’ names like fashion labels.

As the main attraction of this country you can find the capital, Astana. In it you will discover different places of interest to visit such as the spectacular Mosque of Nur-Astana, which stands out for its incredible four towers and its colorful golden dome. You can also visit buildings of particular architecture such as the Saltanat Sarai or the Shabyt Palace of Creativity.

You can not miss the appointment with the Khan Shatyry, a spectacular tent that functions as a venue for shows. Another mandatory visit is to the beautiful Synagogue of Beit Rajel-Jabbad Liubavich, which you will love for its unique light blue facade. In addition, the capital is one of the best cities to know and discover the local cuisine, as it has many places and restaurants where you can try the fabulous traditional dishes of the country.

One of the greatest symbols of the city, and of the country, is the sculpture of the Soldier of Gold. This sculpture commemorates the ancestors of the country known as Saks. To learn more about its history, we recommend that you visit the Issyk Tomb, a city near Almaty where you can find the archaeological and historical remains of this civilization.

You can not miss the opportunity to explore the natural surroundings close to the city of Almaty, such as the IlĂ­ River, a perfect place to spend the day with the family and enjoy the sports activities you can do there, or the Park National of Ile Alatau , where you can enjoy a day outdoors while walking through spectacular natural landscapes.

To finish your tour of the country, we advise you to go to places like the Grand Canyon of Charyn an impressive landscape worthy of photography, or the fabulous Burabay Spa, where you can relax and rest before returning home. Another of the most important cities in the country is Almaty, which served as the capital of Kazakhstan until 1997.

This city is perfect to know as it has many places to see and areas that you must visit on a mandatory basis.

There is magic in the wind here. Bend an ear, and you will hear the echoes of hooves long past, the soft stirring of strings on a Kobyz, and the majestic voice of the Steppe - a silent and overwhelming roar.

And once Kazakhstan has awed you with your own insignificance, go back inside, sit down on a plush carpet, and wrap your hands around a steaming mug of chai. At last, you're warm, you're comfortable, and you're surrounded by those you love.

6. St. Vincent and The Grenadines

St Vincent and The Grenadines is a glorious-looking archipelago of small islands scattered across The Caribbean Sea. The real focus of a vacation here should be taking in the beautiful nature it offers. Look for lush mountain peaks, white sands, secluded coves, volcanic landscapes, and spectacular coral reefs.

The country generally found fame since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series was filmed here. And since 32 magnificent islands and cays make up the Caribbeans, a popular choice for travelers is touring several of them for one trip. If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that it will involve a lot of packing and unpacking. You can try learning some time-saving packing hacks so you can do this in no time over and over.

Disclaimer: This information is sourced from public and external sources as on 18th November, 2022 the CPV Division or the Ministry of External Affairs will not be responsible for its accuracy. Indian nationals intending to travel abroad are kindly advised to cross-check this information with the Foreign Embassy/Consulate in India or Indian Embassy/Consulate abroad among others. Check out official doc by MEA for Visa-free countries for Indian passport 2023 here - https://www.mea.gov.in/VFFIN.htm Stray away from the norm and visit a country that doesn't get as much love as the typical travel destinations. Any of these ideas will be perfect for your next trip.
Kalyan Panja