5 Best Visa Free Holiday Destinations

Are you planning your vacation in 2020? This is the right time to book and get affordable prices. While searching I was thinking that some places might be in the world which are visa free and people should visit those destinations to make their holidays special. This blog is about a list of those places in the world you can discover without a visa.

Earth is beautiful! There are many beautiful places in the world that are heaven on earth. You can enjoy the most amazing views at some places. Here are some of the holiday destinations in the world you can visit just having your passport. It is amazing to visit such places. So if you need to make your holidays special this time, you should consider the list I’m suggesting to you.

Getting a little upset and irritated at your passport lying dormant in your drawer? We understand the urge! But hey, don’t we travel for the experience over the destination. The allure and stories of a place over a geotag?

best places to travel without passport

Here are the best visa free holiday destinations to visit:

1. Fiji

If you think of paradise when the island floats in your eyes, then the perfect land for your honeymoon is Fiji. Fiji is becoming safer day by day. As a result, the tourist population is increasing on this island. Besides, the tourist center is well known for its diverse villages, charming resorts and hospitality for the locals. April to September is the best time to travel to Fiji.

It is an amazing holiday destination for your vacation. Fiji is one of the wonders on earth having beautiful and scenic coastal lines. One of the famous beach holiday destinations, Fiji warmly welcomes you to explore the beauties of the land, click the moments and get laid back sun-soaking pleasures on the beach spots of the country.

While in Fiji, must-visit Qalito Island, Garden of Sleeping Giant, and a very scenic, soothing Mana Island to enhance your holiday break experience. Fiji's traditional food, especially seafood is famous among travelers. Most importantly, you can get extra cheap packages to explore the place in the budget.

Take the extra luxuries to pay the same as you pay on the other destinations on earth. Fiji is more recommended because this country has several spots and settings for you to make your solo or family holidays memorable and perfect.

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2. Morocco

I was looking for the packages for Morocco holidays in October and hope to find them soon. For Brits, it is at least a visa-free destination. We only have to buy our tickets and grab the other documents if they are needed, for example, pets travel document etc. But Morocco is a visa-free holiday destination and a perfect setting to get a diverse experience of your vacations.

Visit Marrakech first – this will give you a very brief, beautiful and unique introduction of Morocco. It is often called mini Morocco that has almost every aspect of the whole land. In Marrakech, you should visit the Djemaa el Fna, a very famous market place in the town to buy something traditional. In front of the market, there is a CafĂ© de France to eat quality food.

Take a ride in the hot air balloon in Marrakech. It also has a service of early morning breakfast in the air so don’t miss it. Agadir, Morocco’s coastal city is worth a visit. Travelers get there to take the ultimate beach experiences. The Sunny soft Sandy beach in Agadir welcomes you with several activities there.

Play, soak the sun laid back on the beach beds, stroll on the edge of beautiful water and soothe in the fresh air, and of course, take the pleasures of very traditional foods the city offers.

Don’t miss being at the Chefchaouen, Blue pearl of Morocco, Casablanca and Tangier. You will have your life experience in Morocco I’m sure.

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3. Palau

Another visa-free destination on earth is ready to serve you with the ultimate experiences. Being in Palau, a land of real natural wonders, The travelers, who need to de-stress their nerves and relax should visit Palau at least once in their life.

Visit Jellyfish Lake to overview the unique creatures. If you are with your family, your kids will enjoy this place very much. Ngardmau Waterfall is a dreamy place for you and your family. Feel the cool fresh environment of the place. I guarantee you the best experience of your life is there. Also, you should not miss visiting Koror Island for real coastal experiences.

You can take an opportunity to swim in deep waters in Palau. What are you looking for? You should go to take real experiences. Pack your bags, and set out to have fun in Palau.

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4. Turkey

Turkey is the best option as far as my traveling experiences are concerned. You can also try visiting Turkey without any visa. Just buy a ticket or book with the inclusive package which is very normal nowadays. You should not miss a chance to be on the land of archaeological places, scenic refreshing beach spots, and a great cultural hub.

Turkey gives you a glimpse of everything. It offers you the old traditional and cultural experiences, and also modern traditions. This melt of things in Turkey inspires me and other travelers. Be on the beach spots, enjoy the nightlife and shop, eat better in the world’s most beautiful and visited holiday destination.

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5. Bermuda

The Bermuda Islands in their pink-sand beaches and astonishing natural spaces will make one of the best destinations for your travel. The Atlantic Ocean waters and the rocky coves connecting the rivers, forests, bays, marshes, and preserves paint the natural beauty of this island.

The vibrant reefs rich in marine life indulging in the luxurious spa treatments and world-class cuisine are some memories worth creating. The sub-tropical climate with an abundance of blue and bright sunshine creates a spectacular atmosphere for sailing leisures.

Bermuda is more stayed, more upmarket, MUCH nicer beaches, MUCH nicer scuba, fewer people, NICE restaurants, very pretty environment. It’s a little expensive - not if you live in NYC and are used to their prices. Bermuda is the most safe foreign destination you can go to. You’ll need pre-testing, and will have arrival and during visit covid tests.

If you like fishing? There’s a GREAT run on yellowfin tuna at the moment. You can take that back to your hotel (or to your favourite restaurant) and ask the chef to prepare it for you. Sashimi, pepper crusted or jerked. Yellow fin tuna to die for, that YOU caught 6 hours ago. Yes, we do that level of service here. Get an electric buggy, or a scooter and explore the island.

There are tropical beaches, ghost haunted fortresses, and off the beaten path gourmet restaurants, or Bermuda style fast food. You haven’t had fast food at all, until you’ve had a Bermuda fish sandwich. You haven’t seen tropical water until you’ve gone snorkeling off of the south shore of Bermuda in Bombay Sapphire Blue crystal clear water with talcum powder soft pink sand.

Click: Visa exempted countries Stray away from the norm and visit a country that doesn't get as much love as the typical travel destinations. Any of these ideas will be perfect for your next trip.
Kalyan Panja