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Goa is a place in India that is part of the earliest hippie trails. People from all across the world come here. When I first came here, a photograph shocked me. A very old photograph which was taken in a cafe near Mapusa had a board on which bus details from Goa to Berlin were written.

People from all over Europe traveled all the way to Goa in the '60s and '70s itself. The RV life we dream about in recent times is embedded in Goan culture for a long time now. People from Goa call the '70s as the golden time for tourism. On my first visit, I really didn't understand why there is so much hype about Goa.

I knew I was going to come back to this beach town and explore the soul of the place which is still kept intact. And now I keep going back to Goa every now and then to find inspiration, to write, to rejuvenate, to go back to basics and you know just to live.

Numerous forts and the beauty they have to offer will make you fall in love with Goa. Enjoy the best nightlife with its beach shacks, cafes and trendy bars. Also, relish the exquisite seafood. River rafting, scuba diving, bungee jumping and other adventure sports are the main things to in Goa.

Goa pops images of warm beaches, parties, and Konkan food. While living a beach life is fun, staying inland, exploring the Goan culture, kayaking in the backwaters, lunching with locals, crashing into the laid back music concerts and jam sessions for suppers, church and art gallery hopping all while kicking off at the pretty shacks watching the beach sunsets can be an experience in itself.

best things to do in Goa travel guide

So What is Inland

Anything that is a little far (>10km) from the shoreline is considered as in-land in Goa. Why there is no place like Goa is because here the jungle meets the beach. some famous inland villages are near Anjuna beach and Vagator beach which are Assagaon, saligaon and siolim and even further are the villages of Olaulim, Socorro, bicholim, charo islands

Most of these villages are laid back, quaint with narrow alleys of pretty colorful houses and a lot of trees.

Adventure and Activities in Inland Goa

1. Sleepy Chorao Island

The ocean is not the only water body that makes Goa a traveler's paradise. It also has intricate river network crisscrossing through the land, both feeding to and from the ocean, which is the home to various kinds of birds that you can keep watching for hours, even under scorching sun.

Chorao islands is surrounded by Mandovi river and backwaters, there is a beautiful church here to explore. Events, community gatherings, music concerts, and festivals are celebrated in the church grounds. One can reach these islands by a ferry from Ribander or Pomburpa.

2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

On the same islands, the Salim Ali bird sanctuary is a mangrove habitat for so many species of birds along the Mandovi river. The trails are well paved. It’s a wonderful experience.

3. Visit the Caves

The Pandava Caves or Arvalem Caves and Lamgao Caves near Bicholim can be visited on the same day. Both of them have historical prominence, Goa being an ancient town. The origin of these caves dates back to the 6th century. They are plain mysterious rock cuts with no intricate carvings but if you are curious to trace back the mythological stories from these places they are worth a visit.

4. Mayem Lake

Located in Bicholim, Mayem is a serene freshwater lake. The sleepy countryside is perfect to relax, read a book or sip coffee while watching the water ripples.

5. Olaulim Backyards

This is a heavenly place in Olaulim village. They have a private river where you can get a clay bath, swim and Kayak. Its an eco stay with a farm and friendly animals including a donkey and a pony. The local food they serve is fresh and delicious. Olaulim is a humble, green and silent village, a place where Goan locals reside.

It's away from the tourists and crowds yet not far from the beaches in Goa, Panjim and popular attractions.

6. Shopping in Anjuna Flea Market

This is one of the famous night markets. Legend says that this market was started hippies who came from Europe and settled down in Anjuna. They started selling their belonging in this very place to get some money to stay here for a little longer. With the time the small hippie place grew into a famous Anjuna flea market. For girls, there are plenty of beautiful dresses and accessories at very affordable prices.

Anjuna Flea market is one amazing place to visit! Its a place to shop some fun-hippie clothes and hand made stuff, enjoy some trance music, get mouthwatering local food and drinks and call it a night. You will find a lot of beautiful ceramic work here. Never buy on the first price, always bargain. Rates are twice and thrice there.

Creative keychains, cool scarfs, tattoos (don't fall for this tattoo trap as they would say it's just for 20 bucks, then afterward ask you 300, 400 bucks), bags and slings and pretty vintage stuff can be seen there.

7. Kayaking Through The Backwaters

Terra Conscious is into responsible and sustainable tourism. They organize ethical outdoor activities collaborating with locals thereby empowering the local communities. Some of the activities include walk/cycling in the forest trails, scuba diving and coral ecology and experiences related to ocean biodiversity.

8. Tito's White House

I know Tito's remind of the busy part street near Baga but this is no way similar. Tito's White House is really maintained well. Head there if you are a creative person. They organize art shows, and you can attend classes, watch plays, meet like-minded people and much more. Check ahead what they are up to.

9. Walking & Biking Tours in Goa

Apart from these activities, one can always part take in the cycling and walking tours in Panjim like b-live tours and mangrove boardwalk. Watch the sun setting on the Arabian sea from a shack while the waves hot your feet, Drive to the Panjim conservation area, the old Latin quarter - Fountainhas and Old Goa to admire the Portuguese architecture, visit the beautiful churches and soak in some Goan charm.

In Goa, take the scooter if you are comfortable riding it. This is the best way to see Goa and very cheap too. Even otherwise, Goa is a very comfortable destination for a foreigner.

10. Best Place to Stay in Goa

Do you want to explore Goa and you have tight budget? So you might have a lots of question regarding budget? For stay try backpacker hostel where you can find a bed at 200 INR per day. There is a great selection of ecostays and jungle stays on the inland Goa. I highly recommend staying in one of these or local BnBs in Goa for a unique experience. Off the grid, Shanti Morada amidst birdsong and wilderness are some of the nicest places to stay.

11. Goan Food

Sea food is cheaper in Goa so try sea food. You can easily find a full diet under 150 INR. The quality will be fine. Head to Gunpowder or Saligao for authentic Indian food, Thalassa and Soro for partying and nightlife, and the Project Cafe and 7 Short 1 Long Restaurant to chill. For beer and wine use wine shops which are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Don't try bar and restaurant for beer as cost are expensive there.

12. Local Transport in Goa

Public transport is definitely not the best in Goa. It connects from one town to another but since the places in Goa are usually far from a bus stop and taxis are very expensive I always recommend renting a bike or a moped. It comes very economically and handy to commute in Goa.

You would rarely find autos there. Autos will charge you 300 bucks for 5 km and local taxies will charge you 700 for 5 km (excluding night charges). Local taxies literally will rob you with extremely high fares. On the other hand, the Goa government has started a cab booking service called as GoaMiles. It's like Ola and Uber, a similar way to operate and will charge you affordable rates.

But the only problem is it will ask you to prepay and also, it takes 15 to 30 minutes sometimes to get the taxi. Rent a scooty which will cost you 400 INR per day. Take a scooty and go wherever you want. Carry your driving licence with you.

13. What to wear in Goa

Goa is a chill place and most of the locals are not too conservative when it comes to dressing. If you are staying in a local village it's better to dress moderately. Carry a lot of light cotton clothes as the climate is humid throughout the year.

14. Shopping in Goa

Apart from the Anjuna Flea Market, The Goa Collective Bazaar, Saturday Night Market at Arpora, Mapusa Friday Market are great places for shopping. Assagao area has some really nice boutiques and local studios for shopping knick-knacks, clothes, home decor, art, and jewelry.

15. New years eve in Goa

There are many other things to do in Goa with friends besides sipping on a beer can during parties in Goa Christmas eve. Goa is also one of the best places for the new year eve celebration in India. If you are in India for new year party, then do not forget to enjoy Goa New Years Eve celebrations.
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