17 BEST Places to Visit in Singapore

Honeymoon is a momentous time in a couples life and what better way to commemorate than at lit Singapore. The city never sleeps and has no paucity of romantic tourist spots and adventures to take part in. From stylish hotels in Singapore to scenic gardens, the country is a delight to explore and experience, a wonderful city that helps croon the love newlyweds feel.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel has some excellent pieces of contemporary and modern art from Southeast Asia. There is also Rainer Gross' geometric compositions, a couple of exuberant Andy Warhol and David Hockney's, and several others. The sparkling spectacle of this city sways travelers into an extravagant vacation assured to make honeymoon dreams come true.

best places to visit in singapore

Here are the best places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon.

1. Fort Canning Park

This can be done in one day. The Armenian church was founded in the 1800s and is a quiet, quaint corner of peace amidst the bustle of Hill Street and nearby Clarke Quay. Visit this place to get a glimpse into Singapore’s fascinating multicultural identity.

Fort Canning Park is behind the Armenian Church. It has ruins of an ancient fort, a beautiful garden, and many other things. It is crowded on weekends when many of the islands domestic workers come there to bond with their communities. You will often see people from different nationalities dancing or singing there on weekends.

In a lush green space offering scenic views and holding historical significance lies the Fort Canning Park, at the center of the city. It is extolled as one of the most popular spots for couples in Singapore seeking a serene time with a little adventure. Enjoy each other’s company while strolling across the marked trails spotting several notable, vintage buildings en route and end the day by chowing down on treats from local eateries.

These are small places next to one another but have a unique history, especially the lighthouse which was quintessential in the early history of Singapore in guiding ships to port. The history gets more interesting with the second world war and the Japanese Occupation as saboteurs deliberately keep the lighthouse from Japanese use until the end of the war where it is quickly restored.

The Old Hill Street Police Station also has an interesting history with it’s gradual transformation from Assembly rooms, to Singapore’s first jail, to a police station and now a heritage site.

Apart from strolling in the park, walk down the nearby Orchard Road, the top spot for shopping, before dining at the Clarke Quay for a complete day on a Singapore trip.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is world-famous for its eco-friendly stance on city planning. Its next project is a car-free eco neighborhood complete with a forest corridor running through its center.

Until that's built, you can check its famous Gardens by the Bay. Be warned, this is no mere botanic garden. Here, you'll find the towering supertrees — astonishing vertical gardens that harness solar power, collect water for conservation projects, and even help clean the air— and the world's largest greenhouse filled with thousands of exotic plants in its self-contained climate.

Wandering through the gardens is stunning at any time of the day, but make sure to take an evening visit to see the supertree light show. Lay on the floor with hundreds of other visitors and watch the architectural marvels dance to classical music.

There are renowned gardens and there are state-of-the-art gardens. Singapore is the place to find the best of the bunch: Gardens by the Bay. One of the top 10 indoor gardens in the world, Gardens by the Bay boasts the burgeon of vegetation amidst contemporary architectural excellence that tourists and especially, couples looking to get lost in their surroundings and each other cannot miss.

There are also a number of quirky things to do in Singapore including going around the Gardens By The Bay, a nature park with an impressive suspended walkway hanging over it. The Marina Gardens is the place to see the spectacular artificial glowing trees. They look mystical and magical after sunset. This is a free attraction to see.

A galore of attractive sights are highlighted by the grove of Supertrees, sustainable and stunning, showcasing exotic blooms and native plants proving a perfectly lit pathway to take a romantic stroll with your loved one. This is absolute fantastic place to go and is especially great at night as they often have light shows with lots of colour.

3. Clarke Quay

A lovely, tranquil cruise on the Singapore River at sundown is just the kind of night fun that you want. You can admire the enchanting Singapore skyline along with the bridges and heritage buildings that pass by.

Board a cruise from Clarke Quay to float along the River that serves magnificent views of the amazing Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion spurting water in all its splendour and other equally incredible landmarks sure to impress. Arguably one of the most romantic things to do in Singapore with your partner is to enjoy the breeze while dining under sky-lit skies in a brilliant light show from the river.

Memorable and magical is the cruise guaranteeing a wonderful honeymoon for lovebirds. These two areas are perfect for a night out. Listen to some fabulous music while indulging in some local beers and cocktails. Clarke Quay has classy nightclubs and exciting restaurants. Be sure to check out Harry's Bar in Boat Quay, Singapore's jazz scene.

4. Changi Village

Singapore is very crowded, and sometimes, you are sick of queuing and the crowds and want some peace and quiet. The thing is, there are a lot of less crowded places in Singapore as well. These include the Japanese gardens and Chinese gardens, parks like Bishan Park, reservoirs, and Changi village. Changi village is good to explore, because it is home to good food, and ferry services to Pulau Ubin.

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is one of the largest monasteries in Singapore and hosts some very beautiful buildings. The grounds are well maintained, and is a nice place to get a glimpse of Chinese Buddhism. The best time to visit is actually on Vesak Day because all the festivities will be happening.

5. Pulau Ubin

Ok this is getting pretty popular among tourists these days. But it deserves a mention. It is an island located a few kilometres off the eastern coast of Singapore. You can get the ferry from Changi Point Jetty. It costs only $3 per adult, one way and is a 10 minute boat ride. Pulau means Island in Malay and Ubin means squared stone. It means granite island.

Pulau Ubin is an island, less than 30 mins from Singapore, and is one place to go for great seafood and get away from the crowd. It is a great place for fishing and crabbing and you can rent a bicycle and fishing gear nearby. Pulau Ubin is like a time capsule. You get a glimpse of how Singapore might have looked before the 1960s.

Walk around the island and get a glimpse of Singapore’s last Kampong or village. It also has one of Singapore’s last Chinese Opera theaters! Apart from a quaint village, Ubin Island also has amazing biodiversity. Spend a day walking on the boardwalk or the beaches. See if you can spot a saltwater crocodile or starfishes or the elusive hornbill.

While you’re there, chek out one of Singapore’s hottest biodiversity spots- Chek Jawa. This unique spot has 7 different ecosystems in one area! Find rare plants, migratory birds, sea anemones, and seahorses in this cool spot.

6. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the best place to trek and reach Bukit Timah. You will trek through the rainforest to reach its peak, which is 163-m above the mean sea level. This height makes them accessible by all age groups visiting this nature reserve.

7. Marina Bay

You can view the iconic and landmark towers of Singapore the Marina Bay Sands from Marina Bay. It boasts many other structures, which is based on neo-futurism architecture. This shows how Singapore is developing as one of the most happening places for tourism in Asia. It will be awesome to look it's skylines in the evening with glittering lights. You can also watch the free light show from the top of Marina Bay Sands.

8. Asian Civilisations Museum

Enjoy centuries of Pan-Asian cultural objects at this museum.

9. National Museum of Singapore

This is the old museum in the city. If you want to learn about Singapore via living displays, interactive experiences and theatrical performances, visit this museum.

10. Jurong Bird Park

If you want to see birds for free (instead of spending your money at Jurong Birdpark or Singapore Zoo), try visiting the Sungei Buloh nature reserve, where you can see the wildlife of Singapore without paying huge fees. There are monkeys, monitor lizards, an assortment of wetland birds, and crocodiles. Just be prepared to run if a monitor lizard or crocodile cross your path - it does happen, abet rarely.

Jurong is the biggest bird park in all of Asia housing 8,000 birds. The piece de resistance is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world, which roars down from a height of 30 meters.

11. Singapore Zoo

Topped only by San Diego (and disputed by many), Singapore's zoo is an utter joy to behold. The star of the show is its world-beating orangutan exhibit, where the endangered primates are free to explore a massive enclosure, but its supporting cast of thousands is worth an entire day. The breathtaking white tigers, geographically unique Malayan tapirs, and ever-popular Asian elephants are all highlights.

It's also the first zoo to offer night safaris, where visitors are given the unique chance to see some of the zoo's inhabitants in their nocturnal habitats.

Visitors can rest easy knowing that it's one of the most conservation-inclined zoos on the planet, and it's evident from the moment you arrive. You'll not see any animal performances here either.Enjoy admiring thousands of animals in their natural habitat. For kids, there are several educational programs and a petting zoo as well. Plus, they can enjoy breakfast with orangutans, which is a fun highlight at the zoo.

12. Orchard Road

One of the liveliest roads in the city, Orchard Road is one long shopping street filled with malls, departmental stores and retail outlets selling everything from electronic items, music, and fashion to souvenirs. Singapore’s streetscape is photogenic with modern curtain wall glass and aluminum cladding facades at the backdrop.

Every single building along Orchard Road keeps a setback distance from the road with the same and heights of its canopy are in the line. Orchard Road Promenade looks great, with the busker and all modernity on display, and with the people.

13. Night Safari

The Night Safari takes you into the natural habitats of 120 different species of wildlife. The nocturnal zoo is divided into six geographically varied themes, from the Himalayan foothills to the African Savannah. 30% of the animals in the nocturnal zoo are in the endangered list.

Journey from the Himalayan foothills to wild equatorial Africa, this tram ride offers live commentary. Get a chance to come up-close with lions, tigers, tapirs, deer and more! Set in a forest clearing, the Creatures of the Night Show a 20-minute animal presentation will introduce you to nocturnal animals, from the elusive owl to nimble binturongs to intuitive civets.

14. S.E.A. Aquarium

Enter and explore the marine realm of S.E.A. Aquarium, home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across into 49 different habitats, each one as fascinating as the next. It's an experience you won’t forget. If you want to see fishes without paying an exorbitant price at S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore has a lot of “fish farms” that you can enter for free.

Quan Hu Fish Farm is the biggest and most famous, but there are a lot of other smaller, but still well stock fish farms.

15. MacRitchie Reservoir

This is a great nature hike which circles around the MacRitchie reservoir and has a tree top trail with monkeys. Remember to take plenty of water and don’t feed the monkeys as they will come after you if give them food. Best way to get here is through bus and is a place less touristy and where the locals go to.

Once you reach MacRitchie Reservoir, you will be amazed to take a treetop walk trail. This is an 11-km stretch of hanging bridge with a small walkway path. You will feel like a cross-country hike on this bridge. You can see lush green vegetation and the reservoir. You will feel as if you are walking over the top of the trees. You can see colorful birds sitting on the trees.

16. Haw Par Villa

This is also steadily becoming touristy. It is a theme park located in the west of Singapore. But it is not your standard theme park with roller coasters and carousels. It’s a theme park of hell! This interesting place has carvings and scenes depicting Chinese Taoist and Buddhist folklore. It is a very colourful, eccentric, and fascinating.

17. Kranji

Kranji Wetlands and Kranji Marshes- The Kranji region, located in the north of Singapore is super ulu (malay word for a remote place). People only go to Kranji if they want to go Johor Bahru in Malaysia or if they are nature enthusiasts like me. There are also some farms in this area but I found them a bit underwhelming. So I suggest giving the farms a skip if you’re not curious. But check out the wetlands.

These marshy areas are part of a large biodiversity park. You can spot saltwater crocs if you are lucky, otters, migratory birds, different insect species, and even pitcher plants. This place is nice to just sit and listen to the sounds of nature, the rustling of leaves in the undergrowth, the call of a distant eagle…

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Spellbinding views coupled with an assortment of adventures makes Singapore as one of the best places for travelers to visit. Singapore honeymoon packages cover all the honeymoon favourite spots and travel agents help in optimizing the trip to your preference. Unwrap the world of Singapore and marvel at the metropolitan wonder of one of the most spectacular cities in the world.
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