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The first thought that landed in our mind was which country should we go. The unanimous answer of the family was Singapore as it holds excitement and fun for everyone. The Universal studio, Marina Bay, the monastery, the underwater world was able to capture all our attention and was calling us. It is highly possible that you fall in love with the place as soon as you land at Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore as in city or country is not gifted with natural beauty like many other South East Asian Countries, It doesn’t even have nice beaches! However people here are so smart that they turned this average piece of land into a marvelous, extremely beautiful and unimaginably clean city/country. But keep in mind all this beauty is man made and sculpted. Its not pleasing to some people as it is too precise and perfect.

The Singapore Cruises are one of the most comfortable and luxurious stays in the soul of the Pacific Ocean. I could not buy the thought until I experience it. And the day arrived. I was on the Dream Cruise and spend my best 7 days of life on the beautiful and massive voyage.

During our exploration, we rested our case with Singapore cruise. Cruising with kids was never on my bucket list as I feel lost when I see open sea. I have slight signs of aquaphobia. But my husband was so determined to spend this vacation on the cruise with kids that I have to accommodate my fear in our backpack and join the band.

The reason why we choose to plan our next vacation on the luxurious and illustrious boats sailing on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea was vivid to us. We look it through the magnifying glass of the budget, comfortability and value for money.

singapore cruise tour

Let me share you the reasons why we chose Singapore Cruise Tour package.

1. The illustrious lifestyle

I was spellbound as soon as I enter the massive yacht. The 18 deck cruise had all the amenities to keep you totally engaged for the next 8 days. There was the spa, swimming pool, library, cafe, restaurant, everything you can think of being there on the waves. I was mesmerised and blown away with the grandeur interiors and the architect of the cruise.

2. The Jovial and alert staff

The staff assisting us were from different culture and backgrounds, but the harmony they showed in their services, their acts, their presentation was what made it impressive. In the ship with more than 1000 people sailing together and 18 decks, there was no area where we could not find help. We could easily leave our kids in the surveillance of staff and have our own time.

3. It's just not about Sea

The cruise from Singapore does not confine only to one island or place. If you are able to extend your stay, you can also visit Phuket Island and Bali on your trip. The cruise halts its stay on the harbour of some amazing islands for a while where you can indulge in sightseeing and quick shopping.

4. A wide variety of Buffet

Being a foodie, I couldn't resist in peck biting of varied varieties of buffet served on 33 restaurants of a cruise. From Thai to Japanese to French cakes, the mouth-watering delicacies can be the reason to prolong a stay on the cruise.

5. The world-class amenities

The cruise had world-class amenities to enjoy. From the well-equipped gym, water lush pool, children play area, theatre, movie hall, engaged each one of us throughout the cruise. The stay on cruise was relaxing for every member of the family who enjoyed the vacation to the fullest.

6. Value for money

The best part about the Singapore cruise is, they are value for money. The class of luxury, service, food and amenities we get on the cruise is totally appropriate for the prices they charge. The team and staff of the cruise were excited and motivated to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable and they surely succeeded in rendering it.

7. The shows and formal dinner

The cruises of Singapore doesn't end without a formal dinner. It is followed by the gala parade of stunning acts and dances. Artists from all around the world present spectacular performances that easily blow away your mind and the exquisite dining leaves you awestruck for the rest of your life.

8. The last one is my personal reason'

It is a Fashionista ride'. As soon as you board on the cruise you enjoy the company of warm and affectionate fellow voyagers. You not only meet new people and make friends but can also gaze at the hot and trendy outfits worn by them. On the voyage, everybody feels happy and energetic and display the best of themselves making the cruise eye candy for everyone.

I almost forgot my weakness of aquaphobia while cruising through Singapore and had a great time with my family. The plan for vacation was to have open air, freedom, luxury and adventure and we had it all on the cruise on the sea.

Plan your vacation on Singapore cruise this year and live your dream. I will be waiting to know more about your dream and your stay on the cruise.
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  1. I have visited 2 times on the cruise ship. It was a wonderful time.

  2. I never thought about going on a cruise until my mom suggested we go as a family. Since then, I have gone on 3 cruises and have loved them all! If you have pictures of your cruise, I'm sure your readers would love to see them.

  3. Did you book the off shore excursions through the cruise line or separately? Any excursions which you particularly recommend ?

  4. Cruise vacation is not exactly my thing but the cruise sounds a lot of fun! Thanks for the introducing the glad that you had a great time in Singapore ~ @ knycx.journeying

  5. I did always wanted to try some kind of cruise and visit different places. I would have liked to some pictures though of how it looks inside the cruise ship - amenities and facilities and all.

  6. These are all really good reviews, I would love to travel.


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