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Are you planning to travel to Africa? Like the cities of Fez, Rabat and Meknes, Marrakech has the privilege of being a Makhzen city, that is, imperial, and the successive dynasties that have populated it have been enriching it. Marrakech is cataloged as one of the most important cultural centers in Morocco. The train and bus services offer regular routes that communicate this city of the interior with Casablanca and Rabat.

Marrakesh is a charming city in the western Morocco. You'll find a number of mosques here and art galleries. Marrakech is exploding as a awesome travel destination lately and yes it is perfect for your summer holidays. You can explore this awesome city by foot and see things that'll have your heart.

Marrakech also enjoys a special prestige that is to give its name to the whole country. It is also the tourist capital and the first destination during a trip to Morocco, as well as a very lively and famous city, among many other things for its markets and festivals.

The ancient imperial city of Marrakech has much to offer among its reddish walls. Bustling, cosmopolitan and open to life, offers the avid traveler experiences a vibrant city of deep-rooted traditions and bright flashes of modernity. Full of captivating World Heritage monuments by UNESCO, it offers a mix of sensations, aromas and corners with charm that would attract the very Alfred Hitchock.

It is absolutely a perfect idea of having the holidays in the magical city Marrakech which would have many convincing reasons I would mention in my blog. This also may include your choice of place to visit these winters. My friends asked me where I was heading, they were thinking about Europe or some Asian country but when I told them of Morocco, they didn't believe it to be an ideal destination from every aspect.

It is not so difficult to answer, why Morocco in winters? Why spend the winter holidays in Marrakech? If one thinks to spend luxury holidays in Morocco, he is thinking right.

things to do in Marrakesh in winter

For them, and of course for you, here are some reasons to travel to Marrakech this winters.

1. Djemaa el Fna Square

Get lost in the magical universe of DjemaĆ¢ el Fna, one of the busiest squares in the world, with its jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, water carriers, dancers, fortune tellers and henna tattoo artists. Look for the perfect memory in the fascinating Spice Market of the or the labyrinthine and fascinating souk with its rugs, slippers, skins, jewels. It runs unhurriedly through the picturesque streets and passages of the Medina.

Let yourself be carried away by the exclusive atmosphere of the modern city, of elegant Frenchified air crossed by large avenues and curds of design establishments, luxurious hotels and an exquisite leisure offer for golf lovers, thalassotherapy and the good life.

Those who have been to Marrakech, know it already that its home to the biggest souk and is also a cluster of older but smaller souks too. Technically a collection of souks is what makes Jemaa el-Fnaa the biggest of all and you may find it hard to find your way through the narrow streets. Each corner is adorned with a shop and vendors are always keen to attract a customer, especially if it's a tourist you need to pay close attention to everyone around you.

2. Souk Semmarine

The souk is all about cosmetics and organic health shops. The organic materials sold out are pure of quality making them slightly overpriced but comparatively (to other currencies) a bit cheaper. Anyone will love this place who are conscious about their skin. For me, it proved to be an argan mineral resource.

3. Souk des teinturiers

Like I mentioned above, Marrakech is home to a cluster of souks making it more accessible than the rest of the cities, there's another one here representing modern clothing. From the knitted beanies and Berber styled finished goods you can purchase from a variety of items.

With cute displays of hats, bags, and boots, you can grab a pair of each and add it to the list of things you want to buy. Let me remind you of a fact, this place is famous for its leather items, so you should be really looking forward to visiting it at least once. And don't forget to take a light snack with you all that shopping is bound to make you hungry.

4. Koutoubia

The minaret of Koutoubia Mosque, the Arab baths of the Medina, the Jewish quarter or mellah, the wonderful gardens of Majorelle and Menara will make you feel with the One Thousand and One Nights.

5. El Badii Palace

Badi palace is located a few meters from the famous Jemaa el Fna square. At the moment it is practically in ruins being only visitable a large esplanade full of oranges and the walls of the building from which you can obtain beautiful views of the city and its surroundings.

6. Saadien's Tombs

Saadian Tombs is one of the most visited monuments and are located in the neighborhood of the Kasbah. Ben Youssef Madrasa is located next to a mosque that bears the same name and is one of the most remarkable and beautiful monuments, also essential in any list on what to see in Marrakech. The most remarkable thing is its interior patio and the decoration and recreation of the rooms, which will make you feel as if you have traveled in time.

7. Dar Si Said

Dar Si Said is located near the Bahia Palace and was also built in the mid-nineteenth century by order of the vizier Ahmed Ben Moussar and the craftsmen of the Bahia Palace. Today it is the seat of the Museum of Moroccan Arts. Your visit is a real introduction to Moroccan handicrafts because in addition to being able to appreciate its beautiful architecture and decoration you can also enjoy masterpieces of Moroccan art such as carpets, pieces of wood, jewelry, textiles and many other pieces.
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