Guide to Travel in Cuba

Are you dreaming about visiting Cuba? Are you absolutely in love with travel, culture, and community? Every time you travel, do you feel like you set your soul on fire? How about transforming and traveling at the same time?There are several ways to transform and travel. With travel, you have ways to transform, travel and teach yourself and others about life. It's amazing how much one travel experience may transform us.

Fall in love with this gorgeous Caribbean nation as you meet its friendly people, explore its lively cities, and venture into its lush wilderness.

Maybe you love solo travel? Perhaps you love to make travel a family affair? Do you love retreats? Maybe, you are like me. I love to do all types of travel experiences. Choose what's best for you now. Each and every time you travel, challenge yourself to experience not only a new city or country, but a new type of travel experience too!

Did your eyes light up with the title of this post and the mention of Cuba? I don't blame you. I spent almost a month in Cuba with both solo travel and creating and hosting retreats. It's one of the easiest and cheapest flights from the USA. I flew from Atlanta via Florida. It was easy to get my visa at the airport too.

Cuba offers something for everyone. You may experience culture and adventure to start. It's time to transform and travel to Cuba. Get your journal out to make a plan. It's great to have a vision for your life. Something magical happens when you put pen to paper. You want to transform and travel to Cuba, but you don't want to break the bank doing it?

It's time to live your dream. Cuba is everything you see on photos and more. There is so much to explore. It's easy to see why so many people visit, or want to visit Cuba. The country combines culture and experiences in a magical way. It's worth it to visit Cuba whether you go for a day, a week, or a month. It's an incredible country to visit on your own, and in a group.

After you read my experiences in Cuba, you will have more ideas than you know what to do with to transform and travel in Cuba. I want to share some of my story. I am sure there are some travelers, adventures, and bloggers here (or those that want to be). I believe it's important to relate so you know that I understand a variety of perspectives and experiences.

I was born traveling. My experiences include snorkeling and scuba diving adventures in Cuba, and hot air ballooning in Spain. I love to give back everywhere I go. We did this recently on our retreat in Cuba with a photography school. I love to transform and travel and help you create it too! You will get insight to transform and travel with:

  • A Day to a Week (or more) in Cuba
  • Content Creation around the City
  • Solo, Family, and Lifestyle Transformation Retreats
  • Ideas on hosting events with influencers and entrepreneurs
  • Whatever you choose to create next, think of all the ways to transform and travel in Cuba

Each and every time you are feeling you may need to have a new experience in Cuba, come back and visit this post!

1. Plan Like a Boss and Play Like a Tourist

I loved visiting Cuba. I definitely plan on going back. It's one of the easiest and most direct flights from the US. I love the chance to practice my Spanish all the time. What’s not to love from the culture, language, food and so much more? Did you know Cuba has over 250 beaches to explore, over 90% of Cubans have homes under their ownership, and voting is mandatory?

I got to visit Cuba for almost a month. I started my first few days with our first retreat with bloggers and entrepreneurs including adventure, community service and workshops. In between, I stayed in different areas of Cuba on my own. The culture, adventure, and food are incredible. As soon as it became easier to travel to Cuba, I wanted to go. I hope to go again next year.

I got to stay at four different Airbnbs in Cuba. The first few days we had workshops, welcome dinner with authentic Cuban food, and community service. Everywhere I travel I love to give back. Cuba is an incredible country to give back. We hosted workshops and donated scholarship to a private photography school. I recommend adopting the spirit of giving and social entrepreneurship when you travel. It will open your heart, mind and eyes in many ways.

One of my dreams (and one of yours is probably too!) included experiencing a convertible tour. I got to experience the tours twice during each of our retreats. I went to two different beaches with our groups in Cuba. Santa Maria Beach is incredible. We went to Bay of Pigs snorkeling and scuba diving too. You can see why I can’t wait to go back.

Set up an itinerary for highlights you want to see in Havana, Cuba or in general. This will get you excited before you go. A great idea would be to start off with 5 Must Sees in Cuba.

Even if you are traveling to another country, you may want to fly though Cuba on your way. It's fun to have adventure along the way. Who wants to sit in an airport anyway? For adventurers, snorkeling, photography and Vinales are incredible in Cuba. For the moms, you could play tourist with your kids around Cuba too!

I am a big believer that there is more than enough time to make the best of the time you have. Whether, you get to visit Cuba for a day, a week or a month, you will enjoy yourself.

PS: for a lot of my photos I use iPhoneX. I upgraded to a Canon EOSM100. I highly recommend it with the flip screen especially for photos and video when you are traveling alone.

A day in Cuba could include a tour in Old Havana, a visit to the fruit market, and a convertible ride on the Malecon.

2. Stay at an Airbnb

Some of you may be avid hotel lovers and some of you may have stayed already at an Airbnb. I have now stayed in over 40 Airbnbs across the globe. For years, I was the typical hotel stayer including reaching Platinum with Hilton Hotels years ago when I used to travel over 70% as a Corporate Exec.

So, I completely relate why you may want to stay in hotels. I stay in them sometimes now and collaborate with them as well. However, the reason I started choosing Airbnbs is I wanted to have unique experiences. I wanted to create community as well.

The stays have included entire homes, guest houses, and private rooms too. I've stayed in Airbnbs in the United States, across the globe including hosting our masterminds and retreats like our retreats in Cuba.

Staying at villas for our retreats helps us keep the food healthy. It is easier with having a chef in Cuba onsite (its cheaper than you think). In between our retreats, I stayed at smaller Airbnbs by myself.

When you choose to stay at a hotel or Airbnb, my advice is the same. Look at the pictures, and the reviews. If you have any questions at all, message your hosts.

For Cuba specifically, my list of requirements for the Airbnb included:

  • Amazing host
  • Unique views
  • Great reviews
  • Outdoor garden and/or pool
  • In Cuba center or nearby

Each and every Airbnb had its own charm and purpose. The first Airbnb in Cuba we stayed in was a Casa Particular. Angel the owner, host and cook is incredible. The entire family has a heart of gold.The food and juices he provided all drool worthy.

The second Airbnb I stayed in was a small one for me in between group retreats. I picked one near the Malecon, or street by the sea. The owners were incredible. Gustavo and his wife are awesome. Their daughter, Yesel (I may be misspelling her name) even took our group on a tour in Old Havana.

The third AirbnbI stayed in during my trip, and for our second retreat, is a beautiful villa with gorgeous outdoor space. I don’t know about you, but I love lots of outdoor space. The pictures don’t do it justice. I wish I could combine the first owner, Angel with this home because of the pool and garden.

I picked the last Airbnb based on the owner reviews and the water views. Maria, the owner is incredible. Her mom would make me Cuban breakfast daily. The entire family is awesome. I loved having the jacuzzi tub as well. I almost cried after seeing it out of gratitude after two retreats. It is within walking distance of Fusterlandia, designed by Jose Fuster. Fusterlandia is worth the visit.

3. Content Creation

Are you a traveler, photographer, or blogger or want to be? Do you love photography and/or videography? How about social media and influencer marketing? Do you create content when traveling? All of these skills will transform you from the inside out. Cuba is an incredible country to start content creation if you aren’t doing it yet. Start brainstorming what content you would love to create.

Top sights? Top tours? A unique experience in Cuba? For Cuba, I will give you highlights of content creation.

My Content Plan for Cuba

  • Cuba Highlights
  • Practice Videography
  • Instagram Posts & Stories
  • Photoshoots
  • Blog Recap of Each Retreat
  • Cuba Video with Videographers

Post the Trip:

  • Travel Posts
  • Campaigns
  • Guides
  • Mastermind Posts and more!

So, what content plan could you create for Havana, Cuba or even in your own city? You may love some of our lifestyle transformation freebies that may help you.

4. Explore a New Experience

Do you regularly travel on your own? Maybe you want to go with a group next time? Perhaps you always go with retreats? How about a trip with family? The point is to explore a new experience traveling. It's important for our personal growth to try new experiences. Think about what experience you want to have in Havana, Cuba or in Cuba. Perhaps, you want what some solo time and some group time just like my experience. This is what I love to do best.

I don’t know about you but I’m what they call an ambivert. This means we are naturally introverted, and love to be around people with great energy. I love being around people and I love reflecting on my own. Think about what’s best for you. Last time, I didn’t get to visit Trinidad, Vinales, and Cien Fuego. These are all on my list the next time I visit Cuba.

5. Events and Retreats in Cuba

Are you thinking about attending events and retreats in Cuba? Or, maybe you want to create your own retreats too?

There are many ways to travel in Cuba. Decide how long you want to visit Cuba. Think about what type of experience you want to have. Choose to embrace transforming and traveling no matter what. Outline your travels and stay flexible life. Make a plan to transform and travel to Cuba. Share this article with a friend you would love to go to Cuba with.
Kalyan Panja