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It is that time of year when you can start planning your summer vacation. This is not an easy decision to make. From domestic to international, there are so many tempting places and offers. In case you are looking for a vacation spot within the United States, you might want to consider Sunny Isles Beach. With its perfect location in Florida, this place has a lot to offer to everybody. There are some real hidden gems in Sunny Isles Beach that you shouldn't miss.

What is the best thing about Sunny Isles Beach?

Let's put it out there from the jump, if you have little kids, this destination will probably not be your number one choice. However, if you are looking for a good time and shopping, this is the place to be. Also, since it is close to Miami, you can enjoy what both cities have to offer. In addition, this astonishing destination is sandwiched between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

If what you want out of your traveling experience are clear blue water and beautiful sandy beaches, you have found your vacation spot. Here are the 5 best hidden gems in Sunny Isles beach that you must experience.

Lying on the beach all day long or next to a pool in the hotel can be a bit boring. Therefore, if your ultimate mission isn't to get a serious tan, here are some great places that you can enjoy. After all, most people that travel to Sunny Isles Beach travel with an open mind and they are up for an adventure.

Sunny Isles Beach florida things to do

1. The Everglades

Absolutely no visit to Florida is complete without visiting the Everglades. It is the perfect way to connect with nature. To be more specific, you want to visit Everglades National Park. This park is best known for being home to many endangered species. Also, you would be entering the home of the well-known American crocodile.

You must be warned that this natural wonder is very large. Therefore, don't treat this visit like going to any other park. This park has three different entrances that are not connected. Make sure to plan your visit ahead. There are many cool things to see, so don't wait and start planning which parts of the park would you like to see. In case you are really into nature, you might want to visit Oleta River State Park as well.

Sunny Isles Beach florida things to do

2. Adrienne Arsht Center

Hopefully, we didn’t mislead you in the beggining. This beautiful and exotic location is not only suitable for shoppers and partiers. It also has an amazing art scene. It gives you a big variety of art related things that you can enjoy. One of them being Adrienne Arsht Center, where you can experience all different kinds of performing arts. Therefore, if you are a fan, don’t waste time and buy an online ticket as soon as you can.

3. Aquariums

When being so close to the ocean, it is only natural that you want to connect to the water and the creatures that live in it. Surely, you might not want to come across these creatures in the open waters, but you can do it in the Miami Seaquarium. This is a great place to visit, especially if you decide to visit Sunny Isles Beach with your entire family.

This aquarium gives you much more than regular aquariums where you can only look at the different residents of the ocean through a thick glass. It gives you options such as swimming with dolphins, water slides, learning about rescued sea life, etc. It really is a unique experience.

Sunny Isles Beach florida things to do

4. Yoga, beach and the sunset

Yoga is relaxing and great, but let us take it to the next level. Usually, most yoga classes are in an overcrowded fitness studio, with not so good lighting and no natural air. Now imagine doing yoga on a sandy beach, with the wind blowing through your hair and the gentle sun touching your face. If you visit Sunny Isles Beach, this can be a reality for you. Do not miss this rare opportunity to enjoy all of these wonderful things at once.

5. Feel the art and the glamour

If you want to see what dream homes used to look like, visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. This place is a perfect combination of European and American styles wrapped up in one architectural wonder. It is a beautiful villa, located in the heart of Miami. With an impressive art collection and European styled landscape, it is easy to see why people are so drawn to this art site. Thus, it is truly a hidden gem that you need to see when vacationing in Sunny Isles Beach.

Moving to Sunny Isles Beach

Certainly, Sunny Isles Beach and Miami are places where visitors come to experience the unique party life and sandy beaches. However, many get so mesmerized with this place that they decide to move there. The warm weather and constant sunshine sound pretty good, so there is no surprise that people are moving to Florida. In case you need moving assistance in this region, visit

Also suitable for kids and families

We have already mentioned this, but it is important, so we will go over it one more time. Sunny Isles Beach and Miami are best-known as party cities and shopping centers. However, many people successfully raise families in these cities as well. In case you decide you are up for the move, consider hiring moving experts in Sunny Isles Beach.

All in all, whatever the reason may be for visiting this great city, go and see these hidden gems in Sunny Isles Beach. Surely you will make some great memories. It will be time well spent.
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  1. Very informative article. I need to plan

  2. Your photos are EVERYTHING! Yoga at sunset with those views...worth the trip!-kristian

  3. Sunny Isles Beach looks stunning, and there's so much to do! Doing yoga on the beach sounds incredible, I'd definitely love to do that!

  4. I am going to have to put this on my travel list it looks beautiful

  5. I've been to the Everglades! It was such a great experience!

  6. Oh wow, this place looks incredible. Doing yoga on the beach is something I still have yet to try out, but I think I'd feel right at home here!

  7. Yoga on the beach is always a bonus. We love doing it whenever we can as a family.

  8. Your photos are gorgeous and show a part of Florida that I was unaware of. I would like to visit Sunny Isles Beach, it looks so serene and peaceful.

  9. It's a must visit for me. I love national park , museums and of course beaches. Doing yoga there in the evening must be such a relaxing experience..

  10. Wow, this place looks stunning! I would LOVE to relax and do yoga here. What a dream!

  11. What a beautiful place. The pics are awesome.


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