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La Guajira is the most northern peninsular area or Colombia. It is a vast and remote home for the Wayuu people. La Guajira has different kind of ecosystem and lovely landscapes which have popped out Colombians and tourists from around the world for vacation and relaxation.

Interestingly, Colombia recently hit the rise in the tourist attraction from different parts of the world and one of the attracted regions is La Guajira. Yea La Guajira is one of the biggest and driest areas in Colombia with less number of populations. Planning a holiday in La Guajira would be an excellent experience for every traveler and tourists through their remote locations such as beaches, vast desert etc. La Guajira is the place to visit.

Places to visit in La Guajira colombia

If you are a traveler or tourist, who has a plan to travel to Colombia, either for a vacation or business here are a few places you can spend your time in La Guajira.

1. Riohacha

Riohacha is known for glamour like music, culture and local gastronomy. It is a centre of entertainment because the travelers feel entertained in La Guajira among other locations in La Guajira. If you love seeing and meeting different people from around the world, you will enjoy La Costa culture with their local and delicious meals.

If you think about how transport is like in La Guajira, a lot of options are available to convey you to different exciting places. The kind of transportation you will use depends solely on the region you are heading to, like Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela collectively you can rent 4x4 vans in Riohacha.

However, if you decide to take a stroll in Riohacha, Avenida Primera will be perfect for you: you will see colorful Wayuu handicrafts and artwork displayed on the way such as Wayuu bags, make sure you buy them. Vallenato musicians playing their music with you sipping a bottle of beer 'Aguila' or 'Poker' at the Riohacha main beach with a rented folding chair is another way to enjoy there.

A visit to the Main Dock also, it was built to help the shipping of coal from El Cerrejon. An abandoned area and it has turned into a tourist attraction for the people.

Plaza Padilla Park was named after Generals Padilla army foundation to encourage their centenary. The Park is one of the oldest plazas in Riohacha.

2. Mayapo Beaches

If you are a water sports person, Mayapo Beaches are idle for kitesurfing, windsurfing and other nautical activities. Taking the time to enjoy these games will be great for you. You can rent as many of the sports equipment along the beach.

3. Cabo de La Vela

From Riohacha down to Cabo de La Vela will take a 3 hour of 4x4 van ride, riding that distance worth it if you genuinely enjoy windy beaches and vast deserts. Cabo is known for its vast desert and powerful waves nothing else than that.

Some of the moments you can enjoy are Cabin Renting, if only you feel okay with spending your night in huts (created with bahareque and yotojoro). Staring at the beautiful stars scattered to the sky without like no illumination at all. Cabins renting always include stargazing tours with the initial fee

There are a lot of locations where you can spend your vacation or relax in La Guajira, feeling like you are in heaven on earth. Never forget to buy Wayuu bags whenever you’re in La Guajira to remind you of the fun and experience you had in La Guajira, Colombia.

Other Places to Visit in Colombia

Bogotá is located on a plateau at the foot of the Eastern Cordillera, a branch of the colossal Andes, and is the heart of Colombia. In the postcards of Bogota there is a pleasant visual contrast. Bogota boasts its centennial history through extraordinary examples of the resplendent viceregal architecture, such as the Teatro Colón, with its proud neoclassical style, Bolívar Square, surrounded by important buildings such as the Palace of Justice, the National Capitol, where the congress is, and the Cathedral of Bogotá, among others.

Among other things, it has the airport with the highest air traffic, the tallest skyscraper in Colombia, the oldest universities in Colombia and the largest concentration of museums in Colombia, as well as the esteemed emeralds, the legendary El Dorado myth, the literary work of García Márquez and the unique artistic expressions of Fernando Botero.

Here you can listen to the songs of the typical vallenato and the well-known cumbia, which is proudly Colombian. You can also eat the rich Sancocho and the Ajiaco, or drink a little brandy and of course, the vaunted Colombian coffee, which are just some of the succulent delicacies offered by traditional Colombian cuisine.

Cali may not be the first city that comes to mind before planning a trip to Colombia. Because no, it does not have the undisputed charm of Cartagena, or that no-one-what Medellin has, or the beaches of the Caribbean, or anything of all that goes in compact in any tourist brochure. Cali does not impact at first sight, and maybe that is its own attraction. To love it you have to discover it.

Cali is the third most important city in Colombia and it is a paradise for lovers of good rumba, where the Salsa runs through your veins and invites you to the endless party in Menga. You can always cool off with a lula while touring the city. Here you cannot miss the Monument to Christ the King, the Pance River, the Acuaparque de la Caña and the Church of the Hermitage.

Cartagena: Cartagena definitely has the older architecture. Cartagena’s old walled city exists almost entirely for tourism. Cartagena is never cold, and it’s usually sunny. But the heat will make you not want to leave your hotel. Cartagena is in a flat coastal plain. And while yes, it is on the Caribbean, Cartagena’s beaches are nothing special.

Gabriel García Márquez lived in Cartagena and had a house in the walled city, but you can’t tour it.

Also, if you want to capture the best images of the city, you should definitely go to the Mirador de Belalcázar. In Colombia, the Amazon is part of one of the natural regions comprising of Amazonas, Caquetá, Putumayo, Guainía, Putumayo and Vaupés. Located on the banks of the Amazon River, Leticia offers Colombian restaurants of typical and international food and modern hotels that have the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

Very close to Leticia are lakes of great beauty such as those of the Yahuarcacas region, and in the vicinity of Puerto Nariño, are the lakes of Tarapoto, in the channel of the canyon of the same name. You can also visit the lakes of Zaraiva, Terezinha, Laguiño and Laguna Grande, in Brazilian territory, and the Moroyoa lake in Peru.

In the calm waters of the lakes the serene Victoria Regia blooms, the largest lotus flower in the world that supports the weight of a baby and is characteristic of the Amazon. One of the characteristics that makes this world reserve so attractive is precisely its indigenous population, which coexists with nature and is made up of groups belonging to the primitive linguistic families Arawak, Tucano and Huitoto.

But more admirable still is to see the technique of the three stones for roasting and boiling food. Casabe is a kind of large arepa made with flour of yucca brava. You cannot miss wheat bread and exotic fruits such as arazá, copoazú and amazonian anón. Something more conventional, are the pyrarucú balls, and continuing the exotic journey, the caimarón or llanera grape is offered in clusters.

Also the bittersweet champagne, which looks like the breva or cacay, similar to cocoa, is consumed after drying and roasting in the sun. Three hours from Leticia is the Amacayacu National Park, a reserve made of trees such as mahogany, rubber, balsa and red and white cedars.

Medellin city in Colombia with a violent past has transformed lately and is looking forward to a brighter future. Enjoy a stroll in the centre of Medellin to admire the statues of world-famous Botero, visit Comuna 13, Comuna 1 and Arvi Park.
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Raul De freitas Buchi said...

Colombia is a wonderful country!!!

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Wow, Cabo de La Vela looks amazing! I love walking in the sand dunes and I would love to go for a van ride out there!

Daniel said...

Those places look fantastic. I have been to South America only once I was in Peru last March and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to see how Columbia compares.

Adriana Lately said...

WOW so beautiful. This is totally on my bucket list of places to visit so I will be adding a few of your recommendations on here.

Dan said...

Very nice post. I have been to Peru but not yet to Columbia.

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Wow - the Riohacha looks stunning - I think it is my new addition to the MUST SEE list

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Colombia looks like a very pretty place to visit. I would personally love to visit the ocean, but the dessert would be a unique experience too.

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Wow I never knew Colombia is this beautiful. It would be really nice to visit there. Colombia on my bucket list.

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The Cabo de La Vela looks really interesting to me since I have never been to dessert. It would be a nice experience for sure.

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Definitely keeping this in mind if I ever go to colombia! :)

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Beautiful beach! Love that there are many water activities, and they have sports equipment for rent. :)

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Columbia looks like a nice place to visit and for me Mayapo Beaches is the best place to go most especially if you are a sports and adventurous person.

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Great photos. I have always wanted to visit South America, it has some amazing places and Columbia is one of them!

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Looks like a great place to go to. I love new cultures and different locations and terrain. I am used to hills but none with sand. Would love to see them for myself.

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This is very informative for those planning to visit Colombia.

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This place looks stunning. What a great place to relax and just walk in the sand dunes. Would love to visit this place one day. Thanks for sharing :)

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I love water sports and Mayapo beaches seem like the place I would like to visit!

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Wow, this was full of surprises. I never considered this area, but it honestly sounds like the perfect place for me and my family. It’s so beautiful

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my friend lives in Colombia and i've seen Mayapo Beache in his posts.. it is indeed beautiful

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