Best Places to Visit in La Guajira, Colombia

La Guajira is the most northern peninsular area or Colombia. It is a vast and remote home for the Wayuu people. La Guajira has different kind of ecosystem and lovely landscapes which have popped out Colombians and tourists from around the world for vacation and relaxation.

Interestingly, Colombia recently hit the rise in the tourist attraction from different parts of the world and one of the attracted regions is La Guajira. Yea La Guajira is one of the biggest and driest areas in Colombia with less number of populations. Planning a holiday in La Guajira would be an excellent experience for every traveler and tourists through their remote locations such as beaches, vast desert etc. La Guajira is the place to visit.

Colombia is perhaps one of the most exotic of all the countries in biodiversity, landscapes, people, and dance. Landscapes range from cool high altitude (not as high as Peru or Ecuador) mountains in the Sierra Nevadas to baking coastlines in Santa Marta (which are very colonial). Tayrona National Park is an incredible Jurassic park type area where jungle meets beach and the secluded nature of it all is enough to whisk you away from reality for a few days.

The people of Colombia were some of the sketchiest, kindest, friendliest, chillest people you'll meet who love to Salsa and dance. Yes, it's as romantic as you think. Lush landscapes filled with fruit and plant life surround the rural areas of Colombia and make you feel like your in the Garden of Eden (if it was humid). Medellin is not a city to be missed. So much to see, do, eat, and learn.

If you are a traveler or tourist, who has a plan to travel to Colombia, either for a vacation or business here are a few places you can spend your time in La Guajira.

1. Riohacha

Riohacha is known for glamour like music, culture and local gastronomy. It is a centre of entertainment because the travelers feel entertained in La Guajira among other locations in La Guajira. If you love seeing and meeting different people from around the world, you will enjoy La Costa culture with their local and delicious meals.

If you think about how transport is like in La Guajira, a lot of options are available to convey you to different exciting places. The kind of transportation you will use depends solely on the region you are heading to, like Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela collectively you can rent 4x4 vans in Riohacha.

However, if you decide to take a stroll in Riohacha, Avenida Primera will be perfect for you: you will see colorful Wayuu handicrafts and artwork displayed on the way such as Wayuu bags, make sure you buy them. Vallenato musicians playing their music with you sipping a bottle of beer 'Aguila' or 'Poker' at the Riohacha main beach with a rented folding chair is another way to enjoy there.

A visit to the Main Dock also, it was built to help the shipping of coal from El Cerrejon. An abandoned area and it has turned into a tourist attraction for the people.

Plaza Padilla Park was named after Generals Padilla army foundation to encourage their centenary. The Park is one of the oldest plazas in Riohacha.

2. Mayapo Beaches

If you are a water sports person, Mayapo Beaches are idle for kitesurfing, windsurfing and other nautical activities. Taking the time to enjoy these games will be great for you. You can rent as many of the sports equipment along the beach.

3. Cabo de La Vela

From Riohacha down to Cabo de La Vela will take a 3 hour of 4x4 van ride, riding that distance worth it if you genuinely enjoy windy beaches and vast deserts. Cabo is known for its vast desert and powerful waves nothing else than that.

Some of the moments you can enjoy are Cabin Renting, if only you feel okay with spending your night in huts (created with bahareque and yotojoro). Staring at the beautiful stars scattered to the sky without like no illumination at all. Cabins renting always include stargazing tours with the initial fee

There are a lot of locations where you can spend your vacation or relax in La Guajira, feeling like you are in heaven on earth. Never forget to buy Wayuu bags whenever you’re in La Guajira to remind you of the fun and experience you had in La Guajira, Colombia.
Kalyan Panja