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Known for The East Side Gallery, the nightlife, techno music, and overall eccentric atmosphere, Berlin in Germany attracts tourists from all over the Globe. If you've ever visited Berlin you'll notice an eclectic atmosphere of the city, from the people to the food. The Berlin food scene changed drastically during the last decade and it became a very exciting European destination for foodies from all over the world.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy eateries, Berlin has diverse flavors for all its visitors' tastes. Some best restaurants at Berlin and cafes that remain unknown to the public are the most interesting and offer a fun experience. I'll present a couple of my favourite hidden food spots of Berlin based on the venues, the service and staff, and the food, of course.

Going to Berlin

Getting to Bering was not as straightforward as I thought. In the beginning of May of this year my friend and I decided to adventure off into the vibrant city of Berlin. My friend ran into a problem when he realized he wasn’t able to attend the trip with me. He knew his roundtrip flight with EasyJet was non-refundable and so was his hotel reservation.

So he couldn’t get his money back - what a bummer! Then we found a site called SpareFare. It lets you sell your own reservations to other travellers. We never knew that we could transfer tickets over to another person. Apparently over sixty airlines allow passenger name changes from EasyJet to AirCanada. Even hotels allow name changes on a non-refundable reservation, and it's not limited, all hotels allow it.

This allowed my friend, who had a non-refundable flights and a hotel reservation, to sell his unused trip over to an American girl on a European trip. It was a win-win situation, my friend made back a majority of his money spent on the round-trip flight and hotel reservation, and the American girl received a great holiday at a bargain price!

I really wanted to go, even on my own and bask in the unique food culture. And so I did. At first I was a little worried about being lonely, but I had so much fun and met a lot of nice, chatty people while I ate. If you have ever wondered whether you should travel alone, I would definitely recommend it. If you are looking for suggestions for places to visit, here are 3 of the coolest places to eat and one of my favourite bars in Berlin!

best places to eat in berlin

1. Books and Bagels

Who doesn't love a good Bagel? It's hard to come across them unless you're in New York City. However, Books & Bagels in Berlin may be of interest to those interested in a carb-y breakfast, lunch or dinner. Located in Friedrichshain, East Berlin, Books and Bagels incorporates the atmosphere of a bookshop while serving Bagels.

The large selection of bagels and the spreads offered make the possibilities endless! From cinnamon raisin bagels to egg bagels, from cream cheese to hummus, Books and Bagels' variety may make it hard on you to decide. The menu is in solely in English, making it a popular attraction to visit (if you find it).

However, many complaints have been raised by locals stating that the menu should not only be in English, but also German, to attract more customers. The staff is very friendly and fluent in English so there's no need for a translating app during this visit. Once you've ordered you're asked to choose an available table at which your food will be served, based on a table number given at the till.

Do not underestimate the size of the bagel, you will definitely leave with a full stomach. At the end of your meal you are welcome to browse the shelves of the shop for a new or vintage book, German of English. Make sure to get a picture inside the aesthetically pleasing cafe to post on Instagram!

best places to eat in berlin

2. Burgermeister

Whether you're a fan of Shake Shack versus Five Guys, or vice versa, everyone will agree that Burgermeister is exceptionally good. There are four locations in Berlin, three around Kreuzberg and a brand new location by the Berlin Zoo. The story begins with the joint's first ever location; an old public toilet turned burger shack.

Not a day goes by that you will pass this location without seeing a kilometer-long queue. In fact, I myself have waited in that queue for about forty minutes. While waiting in the lengthy queue, you start to make friends around you, everyone is very friendly. Once you've placed your order at the till, you're given a number for your order with which you wait another fifteen minutes until the food is ready.

When you receive the food you notice its freshness and the flavor it holds. There was no conventional seating area outside of the old public toilet. However, what the burger joint did is unique. They incorporated the previous surroundings into their layout. The unused bike racks were turned into a seating area by wrapping cushions onto the metal.

Permanent tables were introduced between the seating. Yet, you still have to be lucky to get a spot in the seating area, otherwise most people move to the park across the road or sit on the curb of the road in order to enjoy their meals. I will say, after all the waiting, it was definitely worth the experience and the great flavor.

best places to eat in berlin

3. NENI Berlin & Monkey Bar

Situated on the top floor of 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is the restaurant NENI Berlin and the Monkey Bar. The hotel is referred to as an Urban Jungle with its modern decor surrounded by greenery. When you get to the hotel you’re asked to take an elevator separate from the hotel elevator, that serves as a one-stop route between the top floor where you will find the restaurant and bar, and the ground floor-lobby.

Arriving at the top floor you have the option to go down the hall to your left for the exquisite food of the NENI Berlin, or to your right for quirky cocktails and a live DJ at the Monkey Bar.

The NENI Berlin is a culinary mosaic of Persian, Russian, Arabic, Moroccan, Israeli, Turkish, Spanish, German and Austrian influences. The dishes offered range from Falafel to Korean fried chicken salad, the diversity is endless. In addition, the restaurant makes it easier to try many dishes by offering them in a tapas-style serving size. You can enjoy the cultural food amid the panoramic view of Berlin.

The Monkey Bar overlooks the Berlin Zoo, specifically the monkey sector of the zoo. The design of the Monkey Bar was very unique in that the seating surrounding the bar was made to be as monkey steps overlooking the zoo. This allows for groups of people to gather together without the restriction of a small rounded table.

The bar also featured lounge-type seating as well as outdoor seating. The drink prices were quite average at 5 Euros for a pint of beer and an average of 11 Euros for a cocktail. I would recommend the best time to go would be on a summer evening around sunset time. The glistening golden hour combined with deep house lounge music played by the DJ makes the experience truly unforgettable.
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  1. The last time I was in Berlin was 1989, about 8 months before the wall fell. I'd love to go back!

  2. This is awesome! I did not know you could sell your reservations to another person, that's so helpful. You look like you had a great trip.

  3. I've never heard of SpareFare, but that sounds like such a useful website! All 3 of these places sound fantastic. Those burgers must be delicious if you'd wait nearly an hour in line and to get your food.

  4. I haven't been to any of listed! Curious! I like Berlin and travel there often will definitely try

  5. I've never been to Berlin but I am definitely considering going there. Thanks a lot for the recos.

  6. Books and Bagels definitely sounds like my kind of place. I've always wanted to visit Berlin so it's nice to know of good eateries.

  7. I had no idea about Sparefare, sounds so good! My friends are visiting Berlin this October, will share this post with them ☺

  8. The Monkey Bar sounds fantastic! I would love to go to Berlin and try all of these places.

  9. I really want to go to Berlin. Mainly because a lot of the tv shows or movie i watch takes place in Berlin! Haha, sounds so fun.

  10. Mama Maggie's KitchenJune 6, 2019 at 2:41 PM

    Wow! All these restaurants sound soo amazing. Can't wait to visit them.

  11. It’s a been 2 years since I was back in Berlin, so some of these escape me. Will be sure to try them the next time!

  12. never been to berlin. now i'd go just for these places!

  13. Books & Bagels sounds awesome! These would all be nice to check out some time. I love visiting new places to eat.

  14. Wish I had known about Books & Bagels when we were in Berlin, they are two of my favourite things. We enjoyed Burgermeister but didnt know about the Monkey Bar, that sounds quite fun. Next time!


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