5 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Within gastronomic tourism, there are many travelers who are looking directly for a specific product and this article is dedicated to some of them, specifically to chocolate lovers. If you are one of those who, before starting to eat, are already thinking about dessert, if before traveling to a country you have already looked for their typical sweets, we are sure that you will want to visit the places that we are going to show you now.

The chocolate has always been known to be the best and our most favorite sweet of all time. The chocolates have a special place in our lives and we can eat them at any time of the day. The chocolates are also being used for the purpose of gifts. The custom chocolate packaging containing your favorite chocolate is the best gift you can give to someone.

Talking about perfect places for chocolate lovers and not starting in Switzerland is crazy. Chocolate is great alone, but if it is part of other elaborations it is also really delicious. A test is found in the delicious Sacher cake, one of the best known in the world. Nowadays imitations are sold all over the world, but if you want to taste the real one and enjoy the power of your chocolate, visit Vienna.

The chocolates are loved by everyone and we can never resist the delicious chocolates whenever we find them. The delicious chocolates that we buy from the market have different prices. The price of the chocolate is usually considered to be a standard for the good quality chocolate. The price varies according to the brand and the ingredients used for the manufacture of chocolate.

Although we always relate chocolate to Switzerland, the region in the world that knows the most about cocoa is Tabasco, in Mexico. Italy has some of the most prestigious, and some of the best chocolate also. That is not to say that you can necessarily visit their factories, but you can while your time away in Tuscany eating chocolate with a palate cleanser of gelato. If you travel there you can know from its cultivation to the elaboration of the rich tablets, in addition to trying the purest product you will find. There is everything dedicated to chocolate!

The chocolate boxes also plays a role in elevating the image of a chocolate brand. The packaging is one of the factors that can make a bar of chocolate famous with the help of the packaging. The prices may differ from chocolate to chocolate and each one is packed inside the unique printed chocolate packaging.

Some of the most expensive chocolates that you can find in the market are following.

1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle

This Chocopologie made by Fritz Knipschildt is the most expensive chocolate of all time. The price of this chocolate is so high that you can't enjoy it often. This chocolate has a price of $2,600 and there is no other chocolate as expensive as this one. The ingredients of this special chocolate include dark chocolate along with the flavor of vanilla.

The sugar and cream added to the delicious mixture can give it an extra creamy taste that you can never resist. The taste along with the chocolate boxes makes it different from the rest. The packaging of this chocolate is what makes it special. Once you buy this chocolate, it will take you a little time before you finish such yummy chocolate.

2. Wispa Gold Chocolate

This is the second most expensive chocolate in the world and it is made by the famous chocolate company Cadbury. The chocolates made by Cadbury have an exceptional taste which is unmatched till date. The special thing about this chocolate is that it is packed inside an edible gold leaf.

The extraordinary taste along with the special chocolate packaging printing is what makes it the most famous chocolate in the whole world. The price of this chocolate $1600 that is not affordable for most of us. This chocolate is so delicious that you can never stop yourself from eating it once you have tasted it.

3. Le Grand Louis XVI

The chocolate that comes on third in the list of most expensive chocolates is the Le Grand Louis XVI. The price of this chocolate is around $900 which makes it quite expensive than a bar of average chocolate. The recipe of this chocolate consists of 99% cocoa which makes it the best dark chocolate in the chocolate business.

Another special thing about this chocolate is their chocolate boxes that make it the most attractive chocolate in the whole market. The beautifully designed packaging of these chocolates makes it the best choice of chocolate for gift purposes. The box of these chocolates has small compartments that separate different small chocolate pieces and gives it an arranged look.

4. Chocolates with Edible Gold

The idea of eating gold is quite unusual for us but the chocolates made by DeLafee have made it possible. The main ingredient of this chocolate is the special cocoa beans which makes them one of the most delicious chocolates in the world. This yummy chocolate is then decorated with the eatable gold flakes which make it the most unique chocolate.

The custom chocolate boxes of these chocolates are also elegantly designed to impress the customers. The elegance of the packaging box with the chocolate bars inside can provide a very beautiful view. You can never control yourself from having this chocolate once you have tasted it for the first time.

The price of this tempting chocolate packed in beautifully designed printed chocolate boxes is $508. The high price of this chocolate is the main reason why it is enlisted in the world’s most expensive chocolates.

5. Amedei Toscano Black Truffles

This mouthwatering and famous chocolate comes on the fifth position in the list of most expensive chocolates. The taste of this chocolate is so special that no one has ever tasted such a bar of tasty chocolate. The recipe involves the mixture of truffles with the champagne and the addition of gold makes it even more special.

This delicious chocolate is packed inside the best chocolate boxes provided by one of the famous chocolate box suppliers in the world. The special appearance of the packaging box of this chocolate makes it irresistible for us. You can buy a box full of this chocolate in $300 making it an expensive choice of chocolate.
Kalyan Panja