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Being one of the world's largest cities and leading metropolises for art, food, fashion and entertainment, New York should be on everyone's travel bucket list. Whether you come to spend a weekend or a lifetime in NYC, with so many options, you can never run out of things to see and do.

In addition to the world-famous NYC landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge, there are many hidden gems around every corner. Basically, there is something amazing for every age (and budget), which makes the Big Apple one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.

A common mistake visitors make when coming to NYC is staying in Manhattan the whole time. Although Manhattan is the heart of NYC, the other four boroughs offer incredible sights and activities you should not miss out on.

Apart from the iconic attractions we mentioned earlier, tourists love the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx, the amazing ethnic restaurants in Queens, the burgeoning Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Red Hook, and the Staten Island Museum in Snug Harbor, just to name a few. I believe I've given you enough reasons to start packing your bags. Now, lets see how to do it right.

Packing for NYC requires a good strategy. There is a reason why people hire professional packers. It is so easy to make mistakes while packing, and the reality is you won't even know you made them until it's too late. Whether you are relocating or going away on a trip, packing your possessions requires devotion and patience. The best way to help you learn how to pack is to analyze common packing mistakes.

I know that some of you might think that packing is always simple and easy. However, for some, it is their own version of hell. With that in mind, I will cover the essentials of packing, and also talk about different types of common packing mistakes you can expect when traveling to New York City. Going online and looking for perfect travel destinations is one thing. However, don't let sloppy packing ruin everything for you.

new york city packing list

Let's see what kinds of common packing mistakes you can expect when preparing for a trip to the Big Apple.

1. Being late

The first on our list of common packing mistakes to avoid doesn't have much to do with actual packing. However, it is one of the most common mistakes people make. They don't start packing on time! Being behind schedule is never good, and it creates a lot of stress. You start asking yourself if you will finish everything on time, and then you make a mess by packing in a hurry. Next thing you know, you forgot to pack something.

The best way to tackle this issue is to determine how many things you have to pack. This information will help you determine the approximate time you'll need to pack. Furthermore, think about everything you have to do after packing. If you have a detailed plan, you can allocate enough time to finish everything. Always plan packing in advance, and you will save time instead of losing it!

2. Not having enough packing material

Ah, the wonderful feeling of finding out you don't have enough bags and other packing material (in case you are moving to NYC or planning a longer stay). Now you have to run to the store and buy more. But since you are trying to pack in a hurry, you won't stop to think about what to buy. You will buy anything as long as it serves the purpose.

That is the perfect recipe for spending money on purchasing overpriced luggage. Furthermore, you want to make sure you don't run out of bags, suitcases or boxes again. So, now you buy more than you need. If that isn't a foolproof plan for spending your hard-earned money, I don't know what is!

This is a packing pitfall you don't need. Carefully think about your belongings. Again, time plays an important part in this process. If you don't buy enough packing material on time, you will start rushing things, and that's not good.

3. Packing what you don't need

Here is where you lose the most money and time on packing for a trip or relocation. If you are staying in NYC for just one week, you won't need ten pairs of shoes, right? Besides, someone has to carry all that luggage. The more stuff you bring, the harder it will be to maneuver the suitcases through the busy streets of NYC.

When it comes to relocating to New York, you should be even more careful with packing. We all have plenty of things we don't use any longer. However, we still keep them because of sentimental reasons. Sometimes, not even because of that, but we simply want to have something. That's called hoarding, the biggest enemy of all packers.

Get rid of things you don't need when packing and the entire process will be much simpler and quicker. Once you eliminate everything you don't need, you'll see how easy packing actually is.

First, you have fewer things to pack, which means you need less packing material. Second, fewer things to pack mean you will finish packing sooner than planned. Third, unpacking will be so easy once you keep only what you need.

VoilĂ ! By making the decision not to bring the stuff you don't need, you have saved space, time and money. Now that's a packing continuum I'd like to be a part of!

4. Weather in New York is an experience

Those humid summers, those bitter cold winters, and the beautiful fall and spring are all you get to see in New York.

When packing, it is crucial you understand in which order to pack things. For example, if you are moving to Perth in Australia, you know that the weather is hot. While you don't have to throw away your sweaters and winter clothes, you can place them on the bottom. The same goes for NYC. Take the time of the year into consideration when deciding in which order to pack.

Also, your essentials box will have different content depending on the weather. Remember that NYC has hot summers and snowy winters. And the rain is also quite common. If you're expecting to sweat a lot, have a change of clothes within arm's reach at all times. In the same manner, if you are traveling or moving during the winter season, pack warmer clothes last so they are on top, and always have a warm jacket near you.

Of course, your passport, drivers' license, medications and other important items should always be easy to reach. When crossing borders, you might be asked to show a specific item to the border officers. If that happens, you have to find it and take it out of the bag. Imagine having to take everything out until you locate that item. Just no!

5. Not securing fragile items

Packing electronics and other sensitive items requires the most concentration and planning. Be sure to wrap everything tightly, and use packing foam for added protection. Also, do not forget to label fragile boxes when moving to NYC. If you packed yourself, but you hired a shipping service, they won't know what is inside the box unless you specify it.

6. Not making a list of all packed items

One of the most common packing mistakes is that people forget to make a list of all the packed items. You have to know the location of everything you packed. This makes unpacking a lot easier and faster. Furthermore, if you need a specific item, you can locate it in no time.

7. Not asking for help

New York is a mixture of old, and new architecture. During the 1900s it showed the whole world what the human being can build. New York is ‘thundering’. Those buildings make you feel like a little ant. It is what people in the past dreamed about what a city in the future would look like. New York is a place where nobody belongs to, but at the same time everyone does.

It’s hard to explain. The Statue of Liberty, Little Italy and Chinatown are proof that New York is a city. You can walk in Manhattan around 3:00 am on a Monday, and you would think is 8:00 pm. This city is 24 hours. New York offers SO MUCH. There are restaurants from all over the world, many parks, events all the time in Central Park, Bryant Park not even to mention Broadway. New York is totally more vivid.

Walking the streets of New York, who wouldn’t recognize those streets where Spiderman, Batman, the Avengers, and all these superheroes used to show us?

Do not think you can pack everything on your own. While in most cases that can be true, having a helping hand is always useful. It can save you a lot of time. Just make sure to make a plan and divide belongings for easier packing. If you follow these simple suggestions, you will avoid common packing mistakes, and the entire process will be a piece of cake!
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  1. I never thought of number 6. I just pack but don't make a note of whats inside. You make a good point though.

  2. I am probably guilty of a few of these, I will def be asking for help and following a list next time. Packing is so stressful though aargh

  3. Great advise! Starting early and asking for help are very important considerations. It's very time consuming to make sure everything is properly packed.

  4. I'd love to visit New York one day. I bet it has a very unique energy to it with all the people! Thanks for sharing these tips for when I go!

  5. I love all of these useful tips. My favorite is the not being late. I think that is a real important one.

  6. I miss the place! I will be publishing my NYC post after a few days. anyways, hopefully many can read this post to help them esp. when going to NYC. Though when I went there it was for business so we have to be ready with everything lol

  7. I plan to visit NYC and this packing list is definitely helpful. thanks for sharing

  8. These are some great tips not only for New York but for every trip or long stay you are going to. Great post.

  9. I'm the worse when it comes to packing. I aways end up packing things I don't need. Thank you for these good tips x


  10. I always pack way too much because I like to be super prepared! This is a great list of necessities for NYC

  11. These are great tips for packing to anywhere, not just NYC. It's funny how difficult people make it on themselves by not using common sense when packing.

  12. This is soooo awesome!!! I love all the tips and you're right, you need to be well prepared for NYC!!!

  13. This post hits me so hard. I can relate cause I'm not an organize person when it cmes to packaging I guess I need to try your trip for my second visit in NYC!

  14. You do have to prepare for all kinds of weather when you are going to New York. But much will depend on the length of stay when you get there. These are great tips for packing when going.

  15. Such a great and very detailed post. This could be very useful guide when traveling to New York.

  16. I must confess I don't enjoy packing, so this is a great list and reminder

  17. Very good points. Most people focus on what you SHOULD do instead of what you SHOULD NOT do. But it's always good to have these reminders so that you double check!

  18. These are all great tips! I lived in New York state for 6 years and never once visited NYC. I would love to go one day.

  19. Such a great post. I always find packing difficult and end up messing . I am going to bookmark this. Thank you .

  20. These tips are really helpful and I think can be used for anyone who is about to travel.

  21. All of these were really good especially the tips about allowing time to pack and the advice for not over packing. I know I have failed at both in the past.

  22. List's are my thing! I will definitely start making one before I travel next time

  23. Packing late is such a big mistake that so many make! That's why I start my prep a week in advance. And since I over-pack,I've been packing then have all in a half. That has really come in handy.


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