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Traveling abroad is a great way to witness new and breathtaking sights and scenery. It gives you the liberty to try out new things and experience and explore different cultures. While many of us are fond of traveling but are often short of money, it is time to save some bucks and go out on a trip of a lifetime.

Since there are more than a million apps on both iOS and Android, but sorting the good and bad is a hectic job. This article only lists the best traveling apps that will improve your vacation experience and will amplify the entertainment. Here are best 5 apps to travel comfortably anywhere.

best international travel planning apps

1. Tripit

Tripit is a popular travel app for all the good reasons. This app makes tracking and itineraries so simple without having to type in hotel, car rentals, and flights details manually. In case the booking is made online then you just have to forward the confirmation email, and Tripit will automatically update and recognize your itinerary. Once done, start the app, and it will download your updates, and then you can access the itinerary without a proper internet connection.

2. Google Maps

It is a must-have application no matter where you wish to go or where you live. Google Maps makes it so easy to locate and search for the desired location. It uses internet connection to work actively, however you can save the locations and the map to access them while being offline.

3. Snapseed

It requires a little practice but believes me when you are good at it oh dear it can snap wonders. This app is the best mobile photo editing application out there. Coming out of its trusted forefather Google, Snapseed is a lot more than just a photo editing application. Relive your moments and edit them to perfection with Snapseed.

4. Pocket

Although there are a lot of offline reading apps that are available, Pocket is one of its kind. You can save a bunch of articles that can be a good read while you travel. It can be super beneficial if you download write-ups that are relevant to the place you intend to travel. Web pages can also be saved from tablets, computers, and phone and can be synced in automatically on mobile devices.

5. Travel VPN

Since you will be traveling, you have to stay protected online no matter which device you use. A Virtual Private Network is helpful when you are traveling since it can yield you a ton of benefits;

· Bypass firewalls set by the government
· Prevent websites from tracking you
· Connect to a remote datacenter
· Browser anonymously
· Protect all traffic from prying eyes

Since traveling is fun, it can be dangerous as well. Being at an unfamiliar place can be daunting and may incur problems with unknown and unprotected internet surfing. You should protect yourself and the entire internet enabled devices with VPN services like ExpressVPN.

I hope the above tips are enough to help you way down the journey. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the journey of a lifetime. Traveling is the best way to escape from your daily routine. Experts suggest that traveling more often leads to a fresher mind and a healthy lifestyle.

I hope this article gave you the information you needed and would be of any help in your travel plan. Remember us while you travel and get back to read more about traveling and tours. Enjoy your trip.
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  1. Google Maps is my everything I could not go anywhere and travel without using it!

  2. We do travel abroad every once in a while. I can see having these apps at our disposal for the next time we go overseas. Great suggestions!

  3. I travel often so having a good travel app is so important for me, thank you for the share

  4. THANKS for this sharing, LOVE it as I love to travel. Gonna check out this app :D Cheers, SIENNYLOVESDRAWING

  5. What a great list! I use Google Maps a lot, it's essential and Google's Snapseed is amazing for photo editing! I'll have to check out the others you mentioned!

  6. I’ve been already using a few of them and would love to dig out more about Tripit!

  7. We're mad about Google Maps and use it so much when planning destinations to visit, even for days out! We will check out the other suggestions too!

  8. Google Maps has been a life saver for me! I don't know what I did without it.


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