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Morbi is one of the fastest growing industrial cities in Gujarat. It is widely known as the Paris of Saurashtra. Once it was a princely state before the Indian Independence. It was ruled by the Jadeja rulers. The city is a popular industrial hub, known for vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and related industries worldwide. In recent decades, Morbi achieved a mile stone in rapid industrialization.

Places to visit in morbi gujarat

Places to Visit in Morbi

There are so many beautiful tourist places in Morbi. You can easily arrange 1 or 2 days trip with your family or friends. These are the popular places to visit in Morbi.

1. Hanging Bridge: The bridge constructed on the river Machhu is widely known as Julto Pul, a suspension bridge located in the center of the city.

2. Mani Mandir: The royal palace which was built in the memory of king's concubine 'Mani' is a popular place to see beautiful and historical architecture of the palace. In 2001 Earthquake, it was badly damaged but was again repaired by the royal family. It is one of the best places to visit in Morbi.

3. Nehru Gate: It is one of the oldest gates of the city. In the past, it was the main gate of the city. It is one of the most historical places in Morbi. A good number of shops are located near this gate. Nehru Gate is one of the centres of the city.

4. Green Tower: The Green Tower was constructed in 1888 from inspiration of Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower is totally green, that's why it is also known as Green Tower. It is one of the best places to visit in Morbi. It is a good place to see historical architecture. A good number of shopping places are located near the Green Tower.

5. Macchu Dam 2: The largest dam of Morbi is located near the village Jodhpar. A few resorts and hotels are located near this dam. It’s a weekend getaway for the local people during rainy season to see marvelous view of the site. It is quite popular among the nearby town people.

6. Morbi Railway Station: Morbi Railway Junction was constructed with European style architecture. It is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Gujarat. It is one of the oldest railway stations in Gujarat.

Places to Visit near Morbi

1. Kutch

The district of Kutch is often known as the Far East of India. A unique destination in India, Kutch is the largest natural salt desert in the world situated in the state of Gujarat in India. The month of February is the best time to visit this unique landscape, as the popular Rann Utsav takes place around this time of the year. It is ideal for camping in the wild under a tent or entering a white horizon that offers some of the best sunsets in India.

An arid and nomadic place whose main attraction is known as Rann of Kutch, a clayey and salty desert located between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River. A curious scenario that during the monsoon season is flooded to form different marshes that attract species of flamingos (inhabitants of the Great Rann of Kutch) and even donkeys (the Wild Ass Sanctuary of the Little Rann of Kutch).

2. Rani Ki Vav Complex

Following the current of the Sabarmati River, you can enter the largest step well of India in the town of Patan. An architectural jewel erected in honor of King Bhima I by his own widow in the eleventh century which consists of 7 levels where some 500 sculptures of motifs that will suppose a delight for lovers of history. Despite being abandoned and being invaded by the waters of the nearby river years later, Rani Ki Vav was rescued from oblivion in the 80s.

3. Modhera Sun Temple

In India, there are staggered wells such as the famous Chand Baori, Rani Ki Vav or, especially, the Sun Temple located 2 kilometers from the Modhera town. Built in the 11th century by the Solanki dynasty in honor of Surya, the sun god, the Modhera Sun Temple is characterized by an indoor pool surrounded by various staircases and a temple that attracts hundreds of pilgrims each year.

Eat in Morbi

Morbi is also having so many hotels, restaurants and a food street. A number of local street food outlets are available near Nagar Darwaja.

How to Reach Morbi

Morbi is well connected by road through the National Highway No. 8A. Morbi is also well connected indirectly by the railway network.

By Road: Morbi is one of the busiest business centers of the region. You can easily reach here through the National Highway No. 8A, which connects Ahmedabad City - Kandala Port. The condition of the national highway is superb.

By Bus: You can find various private bus operators in the city of Morbi. The city is also well connected with the major cities of the state such as Rajkot, Baroda (Vadodara), Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Gondal, Gandhidham, Bhuj and others. Krishna Travels, KK Patel Travels and others. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC Contact Numbers) is the Government corporation, which provide the most of destination buses.

Morbi Bus Stand offers connectivity to various popular destinations in Gujarat, including Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bhuj, Gandhidham, Jamnagar, Diu, Surendranagar, and many other cities.

By Train: Morbi Railway Station is not connected directly through the major cities of India by the railway network. You just need to reach Wankaner first and then take a train from Wankaner to Morbi. From Wankaner Railway Station, you can find number of express and super fast trains.

By Air: Rajkot Airport is the nearest domestic airport from the city of Morbi. It is very easy to reach Morbi from Rajkot.

Hotels in Morbi

You can easily find lowest prices hotels to mid-level hotels in the city. Shiv Ajanta Hotel, and Mahesh Hotel are considered nearly luxury hotels. Aadarsh Hotel, Avadh Hotel and Dariyalal Hotel and Resort are budget hotels located in the heart of the destination. There are others like Thakar Guest House, and Hotel Gurukrupa.

Banks in Morbi

There are a large number of banks available in the city of Morbi including private and nationalized banks. Most of the banks have ATMs located in the respective branches. In Ravapar Road, there is ATM of HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank. Some of the others are of State Bank of India at Para Bazar, Bank of India at Jail Road, Union Bank of India opposite Gandhi Baug, Subhash Road, Axis Bank at Dr. Takhatsinghji Main Road, near Old Mahajan Chowk, Indusind Bank at Sanala Road and Indian Overseas Bank at Bhatia Mahajan Wadi, Sardar Road
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