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Goa never fails to make an impression in your mind. Goa does seem a popular destination for all the teenagers in the country, however, it has a lot more to offer than shacks, cheap alcohol and bikini babes. Are you searching for a holiday villa in Goa? There are a number of options available for tourists all-round the year. With so many options to choose from, making the final decision may be tough.

Goa is very popular among the vacationers for its terrific scenic beauty, beaches and mouth-watering seafood items. Goa is also exceptionally well known for its delightful fish things and numerous vacationers and travelers getting enticed by those delicious seafood recipes. Apart from this, Goa is additionally considered as one of the mainstream shooting spots.

Goa is the hub of entertainment and parties in India for the youth and party-animals with the easy availability of ecstasy and alcohol. The smallest state has the most to offer to tourists when they engulf their tour in this fantastic land of fantasy. The tagline of Goa tourism reads, A 365 Day Holiday, and they are right. Goa is never boring as this state has it all from historic monuments to fancy beaches.

Booking a Luxury Villa in Goa

Here are few useful tips on how to make a decent reservation for your next vacation to the beach paradise:

1. Check Reviews

This is really important. It will help you know how the company has fared among its past customers. With access to the world of internet, it has become easier to find out testimonials and reviews in TripAdvisor. Many accommodation providers in Goa allow placing of reviews on their website. Make sure you check these out carefully. Look for customer satisfaction rate.

2. Experience in the Industry

The villa should hold experience of decent number of years of experience.

3. Sleeping Arrangements

It is very helpful to check clear pictures of rooms and know the number of beds available. You can book the villa once you go through the property.

4. Policy for Reservation at the Villa

Before booking a villa, you should check carefully all of the reservation policies. Make sure you are fully aware of the cancellation policy. Get information on the requirement of refundable deposit, check in and check out policy, and everything that comes to your mind.

5. Exact Location

You vacation may get spoiled if the distance of villa is very far from major landmarks and beach. Make sure you are aware of the exact location of the villa before booking. Also check out nearby amenities. Famous beaches like Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Candolim are all located in North Goa.

South Goa is one the most popular destinations for weddings in India with the majority of 5-star hotels situated along the coastline with their private beaches. The beautiful serene gives a picture-perfect site for any bride’s dream wedding.

6. Discounts

Look for seasonal and other discounts before booking cheap villas in Goa. The rent should not exceed your budget. Checking this out will help you plan out the trip in a better way.

7. Ask Questions from Staff

You must always call or email to the villa representative prior to making payment. Make sure all details are in writing for your future reference. Use the official number listed on the website to make call. Check with the staff if what you need in the villa is available.

Ask about any additional charges, what is included in the price, the distance of villa from the beach, restaurants and supermarket. Whether the villa has a family-friendly, couple friendly, animal friendly, baby friendly environment. Whether the villa has a private pool, security of villa, facilities for cooking, availability of chef? What is the distance from airport or station, pickup options, internet access, parking space, and drinking water access.

8. Making Payments

There are a number of ways you can pay to book luxury villas in Goa. Many agents may ask for a non-refundable deposit. It is around 25% in most cases. The balance can be paid later or even directly on entry into the villa. For others, you can book a holiday home without giving an advance payment. For such deals, you can check by phone and confirm reservation.

There are some companies that ask for payments to be made directly to the bank account, card, PayPal, or Western Union. Since there are charges for paying directly to the bank from another nation, hence it is wise to use a debit or credit card. PayPal payment is also safe, fast and quick.

The payment should traceable. You must always insist on payment confirmation. Do not go ahead with a deal if you are asked to do instant money transfer through Western Union or Cash. Payments done as instant money transfer cannot be traced in a fraud. You may also go for websites offering info on holiday rental websites.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you to book the best villa for Goa holidays.

Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa on Bike

Day 1: Bombay to Guhagar

Bombay was the starting point of the Costal Ride, named after the proximity of the route to the sea. My motorbike, a Royal Enfield Classic is perfectly arranged along with the other motor journalists, influencers and bloggers with Bullet, Continental GT and more Classic. The trip starts very early, with a jet lag and fatigue for my day and a half of flight that I forget as soon as I can do a few kilometers.

Before leaving, a little anecdote. When they give me the keys to the Classic model, they ask me to take a tour of the hotel parking lot.

This is your motorcycle, do you mind taking a tour around here before leaving? Sure, of course, do you want to see that you drive well?

This I said, but I kept thinking. The worst of all, is that for me, the most complicated are always the maneuvers, so they were not very convinced of my ability on wheels.

The Classic is very comfortable despite the tremendous traffic, roads full of holes and obstacles I encounter on the road. Soon our route begins to forget the big city and the pace is much more pleasant.

Each rider is watching his rearview mirror, so my fear of getting lost by traveling without GPS disappears in a short time. The route takes us to cross a chain of small mountains, with great curves and a good rhythm. We stop to take something in the middle of the road near Diveagar beach which has water sports such as banana boat, trip shock, speedboat and activities on the beach, such as horseback riding, camel rides and bike rides.

We then continue our route to the south. This time we arrived almost at night. For me the day is over, neither dinner nor beach. I'm tired and I need to rest.

Day 2: Guhagar to Ambolgad

Very early, my suitcase is next to the bike, clean my helmet and I go with my clothes on. I realize that I'm going too fast and that in this tranquility enjoying every minute of what surrounds us is essential. Again I change the chip in my head and leave it in travel mode. The assistance car is responsible for loading our heavy suitcase every morning, preparing and reviewing the bikes every evening. It's all perfect.

The route is magnificent. From the mountains we descend towards the coast. It will be a day of great beauty and although of few kilometers, we arrive at the evening. We have crossed two rivers. We have stopped to drink something, to eat and the prize is to be able to roll by one of the most beautiful beaches of this part of India.

Deserted, just for us. It is something that cannot be done anywhere, so the feeling of freedom that gives, is incredible. Tonight I'm aiming at anything. I am again strong and well rested, the pace of driving due to road conditions does not allow us to exceed 80 km/h on average so the trip is perfect.

The night falls on us and looking at the sea, with a box of beers and snacks, we join our lives, laugh and review the anecdotes and photos of the day.

Day 3: Ambolgad to Malvan

The third day gives us one of the best views of the trip. We take a break to try to get to the bikes to the edge of a cliff, although it is impossible on wheels. We use our own propulsion to get closer to enjoy the views of a virgin beach of more than seven kilometers. Those minutes of looking at the sea is priceless.

The trip continues very close to the coast. We have to take two ferries that arrive loaded with cars and small vans. We have not yet found anyone who goes down the same paths as us, which makes us feel even more authentic. It is incredible the beauty of the landscape, with immense rivers that join the sea, wooden boats that fish and fish in its bed, the palm trees that reach the edge of the earth.

We arrived at one of the best places we have been, the Malvan beach. The prize this time is a table full of spicy food and a few hours under the starlight with their feet in the sand. The exchange of photographs and anecdotes brings us even closer to the mythical Royal Enfield.

Day 4: Malvan to Vagator

We wake up with the spirit through the clouds, today we reach our destination, the Vagator beach, in one of the most well-known and beautiful parts of India, Goa. On the way we shoot ahead of each other, watching our rear-view mirrors. We are a large group of different people united by the passion of balance. I feel like one more, there is no problem.

We stop to take pictures happen, as we have all day ahead and in reality, none of us want it to end, although we want to reach our destination. This time the crossing of one of the rivers is shared with other riders who come from different parts of India in their Royal Enfield, all excited to reach the goal. We laugh and enjoy even more these last hours, the last kilometers together.

Sometime later than noon we reached the parking lot. Hugs, pats and some tears of emotion on my part. We have arrived, but the best thing of all is that we will never forget these days in which we have known each other. We finish our journey with a walk through Old Goa, an old Portuguese city full of spectacular churches and a gastronomy. Colorful houses and the smell of cities like Porto take me to another continent.

The goal, the great annual party that brings together riders and their Royal Enfield is a great show full of good music, lights, LED screens and a lot of activities from beer drinking contests to off road competitions. An unforgettable weekend in a frame, that of Goa, unrepeatable.

Driving a Royal Enfield in India has been an experience that I will never forget, but meeting riders from different cultures and knowing that in the end, unites us the same, is something that I carry in my heart. Jet Skiing in Goa is popular as much as the Adventure water sports like parasailing, water scooter, scuba diving, etc in several beaches.

But nothing can be more fun and excitement than the Banana Boat Rides in Goa. Roughly six members wearing life jackets are taken on an inflated banana shaped speed boat. Don't worry if you get flung into the surf. Just go back and restart the boat ride.

Weekend Trip to Goa from Bangalore

Well, 'nough said about Goa and it's cultural beauty. Let’s get on with the weekend plan.

Saturday: Reach Goa in the morning by 8 AM. Being a tourists' destination there are numerous restaurants and local joints near the railway station, airport and bus depot for a healthy breakfast. Once, the most important meal is down the throat, get yourself to the accommodation (Pre-Booking is recommended).

Once you are fresh. Get out of the apartment, rent a bike and explore the serene nature and beaches under the hot sun and a cold beer to neutralize the heat.

Once, you have your lunch at any of the local restaurants, hop on your bike and visit some famous tourist places like Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus etc. Just make sure that you plan your trip in a linear route that ends at Panaji in the late evening.

Goa is known for its vivid nightlife and parties. Ranging from drugs to alcohol, Bollywood to rave, karaoke nights to the orchestra; Goa has everything to offer for all the age groups. Pick out any club and party like a crazy animal. Although, in this article, we aren’t going to a party.

Goa is the only place in India that offers legal casinos for entertainment. A healthy environment that offers alcohol, live entertainment, food and a beautiful view of the land from the waters. The attractive casinos in Goa are majorly built off-shore on the coast of Panaji which makes them centre-eye attraction for tourists from different parts of the world.

The casinos are always full of people enjoying themselves with gambling, food, drinks or entertainment. Some of them enjoy everything. An apt place to spend a Saturday and make a few buddies amongst like-minded gamblers.

Sunday: Spend the early morning at the casino and come out all tired with the sun. Have a good breakfast at a fine breakfast joint and head to the accommodation. Rest for a couple of hours, check out from the room, have some good food and explore the beauty of South Goa.

Why South Goa? Well, Dabolim Airport and Madgaon Station are in South Goa. So, it is convenient to reach the respective place at the time to leave for home. Monday morning you are at home and in a couple of hours, you are all fresh sitting on your desk at the office.

The streets have a culture unlike any other in India. The entire state was once colonized by Portuguese for trade. After 400 years of colonization, the state finally got its independence in 1961. Since then the main source of income of the state government has been tourism. For decades, Goa has been a party spot as this state offers more than any other.

As mentioned, most of the tourism is in the north. South Goa has some other specialties. Locals reside in the south, making it the financial capital of the state.

To improve your vacation experience in Goa, it is advisable to go beyond the borders, as there are some good offbeat places to explore. You will have many options when it comes to day trips from Goa.


Located at the crossroads of the Arabian Sea and the Kali River, Karwar is a small town full of pristine beaches and perfect images. Dolphin watching, banana boat rides, scuba diving and kayaking are favorite activities in the area. And the most important thing to experience in Karwar is its delicious cuisine, whose main ingredients are fish, rice and coconut.

Distance from Goa to Karwar: 85 kilometers


With the Arabian Sea to the west and Sahyadri Hills to the east, Sawantwadi is a lovely but unconventional day trip option from Goa. The unique feature of this place is the old card game called Ganjifa and the art of making wooden toys. In fact, wooden items are the best purchases here. Other features that make the two-hour trip from Goa to Sawantwadi worthwhile include the tranquil atmosphere, the majestic Lake Moti Talao, quintessential Konkani food and the Sawantwadi Palace.

Distance from Goa to Sawantwadi: 100 kilometers


Located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Vengurla is a charming city known for its temples, white and clear sand beaches, Vengurla rocks, mango and cashew plantations, and its folk art called Dashavatra. The famous temples here are Shri Vithoba Temple, Sageshwar Shiva Temple, Mauli Devi Temple and Sateri Devi Temple. The popular beaches are Shiroda Beach, Nivati ​​Beach, Vayangani Beach, Mochemad Beach and Sagareshwar Beach. A variety of water sports is also available, along with delicious Konkan delights and seafood.

Distance from Goa to Vengurla: 110 kilometers

Chorla Ghat

Located at the tri-junction of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, Chorla Ghat is a quiet vacation spot for those traveling India as a couple. Apart from its lush carpeted hills with the dark stem of the plant loaded with large buds that, what makes this place even more interesting is its unique blend of bio-diversity.

The Vajra waterfalls and Lasni Temb peak are two popular attractions in this region. Tourist can participate in jungle trekking, hiking and trekking. Couples can also go at night to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in the Swapnagandha Valley of Goa.
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