6 Exotic Wedding Destinations in India

If India is the destination choice for your wedding, you will be fascinated. A private beach, a magical town or a place in the middle of nature can be authentic paradises to put an engagement ring in their lives. But also the setting of a special wedding. In the photo albums of destination weddings couples with happy faces always appear when they hear their thoughts of love, promised with their modern wedding dresses and guests having a great time.

Destination weddings are fashionable for being an extraordinary and very pleasant experience for lovers and their loved ones. They are framed in places with wonderful scenery, become intimate celebrations and translate into an unforgettable holiday in which everyone will celebrate the love of a couple.

In addition, for the couple it can be a two in one, since they can take advantage of the displacement to not make another trip and have their honeymoon there. If this is the case, do not forget to pack, along with the dress and the wedding dress, a cocktail dress, a swimsuit or camping boots, according to your destination. Here are some offbeat and unique destination wedding venues and resorts.

Want a dreamy wedding among the clouds or on a sandy beach but do not live near either? Well, you can always have it with a destination wedding! In India, the land of diversity (be it in scenic locations, cuisine, language or culture), you can choose any location to your advantage. And your guests won't ever forget how you blew their minds away in the exotic Indian weddings.

We have included some extra tips to keep your epicurean guests happy. So taking it from the top, we start our list of exotic wedding locations with the crown jewel of the country.

1. Srinagar, Kashmir

When you are in Kashmir, you realise how rightly it is called the heaven on earth. And hosting a wedding here gives you the opportunity to let its scenic beauty add to your own beautiful Indian destination wedding.

Planning a wedding in Kashmir:

It is the little things that matter, from the Shikaras in Dal Lake to the famous Pashminas. Add these flavours with local wedding vendors - be it getting fresh flowers from the flowers markets on Nageen Lake or having a pre-wedding photoshoot with background of Gulmarg. Make sure you include the mouth-watering mutton delicacies like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Kabargah, Rista and Gostaba.

We can vouch for the fact that your guests would not be able to forget the essence of your destination wedding for years to come.

2. Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Imagine having a luxe wedding but right in the middle of the jungle. Sounds fun and adventurous? Then the Jim Corbett National Park may be the destination for you.

Planning a wedding in Jim Corbett National Park:

Book a luxurious wildlife resort and add the local Pahadi elements and Kumaoni wedding rituals to your wedding. Even a rustic wedding at the national park gets a whole new meaning. You never know, you might even get the wild animals to attend your late night events. And the cuisine? Get your resort to serve a customised Pahadi menu with Gahat ki Dal and Sisunak Saag while including sides like Kumaoni Raita and Bhang ki Chutney.

3. Udaipur, Rajasthan

If a palace wedding is your dream wedding, then host one at https://www.travtasy.com/2019/06/places-to-visit-in-udaipur-things-to-do.html. The majestic palaces which overlook lakes, will bring a regal charm to your wedding.

Planning a wedding in Udaipur:

Plan a royal wedding, even with Rajwadi tones. If you feel up to it, you can even have the bridal entry in a palanquin and feel like the queen of the world. There is more to this land than its majestic gems. Host your reception under the starry night and prepare for the gastronomical ride that is authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Do not believe us? Find it for yourself.

Even Gordon Ramsay could not resist the charm of the Rajasthani goat curry and Laal Maas. Include as many vegetarian and non-vegetarian gourmet options as you can. Trust us, your guests will thank you for it.

4. Goa

If you love the tropical sun and live to party like there’s no tomorrow, then Goa is the right place for you. If you want your wedding to be a mini-vacation then Goa is the absolute right choice for you. If you want to get married regally in a fort by the sea, then Goa it is. So if you want a perfect beach wedding in Goa, here are the things you need to keep in mind.

Lets make it easy for you, hire a wedding planner and ask them to plan a phenomenal beach wedding in Goa. Trust us, you will be amazed at what all a Goa wedding can encapsulate.

Planning a wedding in Goa:

This place offers it all - from the fun, lively shacks and markets of North Goa for a bachelorette party to the serene churches of South Goa for the holy ceremony. For your bachelorette (or Bachelors party), opt for bar hopping or beach hopping. Include the local cashew-based drink Feni in your wedding reception menu. And you cannot miss Konkani must-haves like Vindaloo with Poee bread or Goan prawn curry.

5. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

As you start to walk down the aisle on a secluded isle, you realise how perfect those few moments are! This magic will shine through your beach wedding in Havelock Island, if you choose the Andaman & Nicobar islands as your wedding destination.

Planning a wedding in the islands:

As the islands are sparse in population, it is perfect for an intimate wedding. You can get all the arrangements done at your beach resort. Host pre-wedding parties for your guests to relax before the big blast at the main ceremony. Surprise the food palette of your guests with Andamans steamed garlic prawns, grilled lobsters and other seafood variety specific to the islands.

6. Munnar, Kerala

Surrounded by scintillating tea plantations, Munnar can be the perfect, exotic location for your destination wedding in God's own country (away from the conventional backwaters).

Planning a wedding in Munnar:

Your wedding can reflect the local culture in the attire, decor, food and more. You can have the music of traditional Chenda to sanctify the ceremony, have Kathakali dancers entertain your guests and have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in white silk sarees and Mundu respectively. You can also arrange for a tea tasting spree for your guests at the local tea estates or drive up and down the winding picturesque roads.

Get local chefs to introduce you to flavours and aromas of the Western Ghats with recipes like duck curry, beef fry and fish masala with breads like appam and malabar paratha for the reception ceremony.

Now that you know how to make sure your foodie guests are always elated, it is time to plan everything according to a set budget. What better way to get the best prices than take the help of the locals! Hire a local wedding planner or have a local friend help you out with the entire process. Hope that your destination wedding becomes a night to remember!
Kalyan Panja