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India is considered as one of the most intact and safe countries for traveling solo by women. As of the given impression, the country is also known for its immense population, excessively scorching heat and disturbing noise that can be slightly annoying. So for our fellow female readers, the following are the top 10 tips to travel solo for women travelers in India.

Travelling to new places is the best thing that rejuvenates your senses and gives you a positive and fresh energy to catch up your routine when you are back. Going to new places can be fun when it is with your friends and can be adventurous when you are on your own. Of course, you do have to be a bit more careful if you’re a female traveling solo, but it’s not an impossible feat.

Solo trips require a lot of extra work which you must keep in mind to have a safe and healthy trip whether you are going to a trek or are planning to hit the ocean it is always best to be safe rather than healing. If you are planning to take on the journey as a solo traveler then these tips will be really helpful in planning as well as enjoying your trip.

Tips for Women Travellers in India

There are some things you can do to keep yourself safe – and I’ve got top tips for solo female travelers right here!

1. Follow-up a well-through research

Once you have made up your mind about the destination you would like to visit, the first thing you must do is to read about the place in detail. You must know about the climatic conditions, places to stay, places to visit. This research will make you feel more confident and will also help you in preparing your bag and baggage accordingly.

When you are on-the-go amidst a completely foreign place, you must be thorough with the prominent whereabouts and significant tourist spots. This helps prevent loss of direction and an easy stay. Besides, when you are traveling in places like Delhi, unlike places like Bangkok, European countries, and Greece it is excessively ancient and traditional.

Since there is an extreme diversity of cultures and people around, it could get slightly inappropriate if you receive special attention due to your clothing or lifestyle choices at public places. Not to hop your judgment caps on but on wearing shorts and mini-length attire, the revelation can cause unnecessary chaos. You can also search for a solo female travel group.

2. Stay Confident

Even if you have a polite nature when you are traveling across a country like India, you must be aware that you need to put out a rather confident and affirmative front so as to save yourself from being catfished. The basic aim is to avoid portraying a feeble self as in order to avoid being attacked. If you feel that you are being harassed in any absolute form, feel free to push through and shout for safety as you walk away.

3. Utilize various Public Transport Strategies

Do not avoid trains because of preconceived notions. At times you would be travelling in the opposite direction (against the crowd) and your travel would be very comfortable. Would save you money as well as time if you are travelling long distance.

In India, public transport is a treasure-like facility but only when used smartly. Vehicle-drivers like that of auto-rickshaws and cabs can often tend to deceive as in order to retrieve more money than allotted as travel fare. To prevent such a situation, ensure that you remain active and observant at all times.

Even while traveling in the dark, note down the vehicle number you use and make it obvious to the driver that someone you know is aware of your travel details simultaneously. Staying connected to your friends and associates is always a good idea, to avoid bad encounters.

Top 10 Tips for Women Travellers’ in India

4. Carry a Battery-backup with your mobile phones

It is important that your mobile phone is switched on and reachable at all times. This is because it helps you stay connected to your loved ones and makes your travel pretty convenient. When on travel, you can purchase a cheap-rated SIM card for daily use. There are many offers on calling and internet facilities. You must also keep along with you a battery back-up to ensure that your phone doesn’t drain its battery as you go around the place.

5. Adapt to the customs of India

As partially mentioned before, unlike any other country touring within India requires of you to be extremely respectful and aware. The society here follows stringent rules that apply to all its visitors and residents equally. From modest clothing to cautious moving around and interaction at all times, India can be distinct than other places you might have visited.

6. Carry your Medicines & Hygiene-related Amenities

Ensure that you are traveling with all your prescribed medicines, even if they are available in the latter country. There is no harm in being prepared for the worse. Also, do not forget to carry wipes or wet-napkins for on-the-go use in the country. This helps you to protect yourself from germs and bacteria that are prone to affecting or harming your health in any possible way.

7. Track and Be sure of your Bookings

Ticket booking is an essential move for any and every trip. To avoid a last-minute chaos, ensure that you have booked for each and every amenity that you are bound to require when you are in India. These also help save time & get great and feasible deals. Check for positive reviews before booking anywhere.

One of the most important things to do while travelling solo is to let your family and friends be aware of your itinerary. Maintain a list of hotels or inns where you will be landing, your entire journey with local phone numbers of your accommodation where you will be saying so that they can get in touch with you or if they lose touch then they will have a place to call and know about your safety.

Booking an inn, home stay or a lodge will be the best idea rather than landing up in a hotel room as it will be in your budget and will also provide a homely feel. There are a lot of inns and homestays that offer home cooked food too which will add up to your trip and will leave you with yummy memories of the local food and hospitality. Travelers can easily book their accommodation.

8. Download and track your travel through Google Maps

Don’t use taxis. Use local buses instead. Even if you are traveling in a well-equipped vehicle, it is vital that you track down the route your driver takes so as to be mindful and be on-the-beam about the route from your location to the designated destination. This also helps you track the general fare and put up a knowledgeable comparison when required.

Depending on what time of year you travel, it might get dark early which means you do not want to be outside exploring as long as you might on a summer evening. If you're going to be spending a lot of time at your hotel, make sure to stay somewhere with free wi-fi which will also help you cut short on those extra expenses. You can use this time for Skype your family and friends back home to recount your adventures for the day.

Good walking shoes will also be a massive asset to you. You can do hikes in them AND walk around cities.

9. Learn to Get Help

There can be stressful moments when you are completely unaware of your whereabouts. At such times, language barriers too can make things worse. Here, you must locate the absolute nearest PCR (Police Control Room) for help and assistance. Avoid losing your calm in public and try to be as clear and concise about your details to the authorities as possible.

Always travel with your phone unlocked and keep a list of emergency phone numbers somewhere easily accessible. Keep a diary where you must mention your name, blood group, your address, phone numbers of your parents or friends and you must also mention some quick details about your insurance policy. These things are very helpful if you and up in any kind of medical emergency.

10. Make sure you wear Indian clothes too

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Right? Must you aim for the same in India? Absolutely! Indian clothes are one of the most alluring and heart-warmingly beautiful attires you will ever come across. Make it a point to try each and every traditional attire according to the state you are on the visit at. Pack clothes you don’t mind getting destroyed.

11. Travel with additional locking device

Lock your hotel room door and pull on it, push on it HARD. Twist the handle this way and that. Do this every time you enter or leave. I travel with an additional locking device that adds extra security. You can find various versions at several price points on the web.

When leaving any items in the safe, leave an item such as the shoe you will wear when you leave. When you go to leave the room and have only one shoe, you’ll be reminded that your other is in the safe along with valuables. So many people forget to empty the safe when they leave. Be aware that even an in room safe has an override feature so it’s not totally secure.

Consider leaving the TV on at an audible volume when you go out. People will be less likely to target your room if they think someone is inside. When you hang the do not disturb sign on your door handle quite often these have a side in English and a side in the local language. Hang yours with the local language DND facing out. Robbers are more inclined to steal from tourists. Same goes for TV above. You may wish to leave it on a local channel.

Use your deadbolt and spy hole, always. Consider keeping something in front of your door which can alert you to a night time intruder. Just a bag which can make a noise or fall over when the door is opened. You can also buy special door alarm clamps specifically for this purpose.

Use the emergency exit map inside your room and consider doing a practice run of where the fire escape routes are located in the hotel, and remember if there is a fire, do not use the lifts. If you are trapped in your room due to a severe fire, immediately put the plug into the bathtub and sink and begin to flood your room, take towels, sheets, pillows and drench them.

Place them along the door sill and try to seal up gaps so smoke doesn’t easily enter your room, you can use your wastebin or ice bucket to bale water from your bathtub to drench the carpets and door areas.

12. Carry packets of 2 minute noodles

If you are vegetarian, don’t assume that you would get vegetarian options everywhere you go. This is a life saver - carry cups of 2 minute noodles and other options of your choice. This also helps reduce time early in the morning when you just want to get quick breakfast and move.

13. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle

If you have your vehicle or a rental vehicle park under the parking lot lights. NEVER leave anything of value in your vehicle either in plain sight, hidden under the seat or in the trunk. These criminals are savvy about which vehicles to break into.

14. Not planning your outing properly

Yes, impromptu plans rock but don't underestimate the population of India. If you're planning for nice dinner/drinks at popular places, don't forget to book in advance or be there before 8 on Friday/Saturday evenings. If you are happy sitting at the bar, choice is yours.

15. Make sure you try Indian food

Eating the cultural delicacies like that of Punjab or Rajasthan for instance, will make you experience the life of an Indian and rejoice each moment.

After a long and tiring day dinner is the most difficult part especially when you are travelling alone. Make sure that you visit the same place to have your dinner, this way you will meet the same people again and can socialize with them. Try to eat at the bar or in a restaurant with communal tables and you could be mixing with the locals in no time.

Travelling solo is a complete adventure in itself and one must do it once in their lifetime. It not only gives you time to explore things according to your lookout but also makes you independent and confident. All you need to do is to keep some small things in mind and be extra cautious as your security and safety is in your hands. Go on and start planning your trip and make sure you choose a good trip advisor to guide you with places well within your budget.

Henceforth, you must not circumvent your trip according to what you hear about India for it is a lot more than the toxic myths that you come across. Each moment is worth cherishing to travel away!
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  1. Some great tips here for solo travel, for anyone male or female. But especially fo us females :)


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