What to Do in Bangkok for 3 Days

Are you wondering of what to see in Bangkok in 3 days? Is it safe to travel solo to Bangkok? There is not one dull moment in Bangkok city. Any visitor of Thailand would not want to miss the dizzying vigor and charms of the capital city. While it is stocked with a plethora of activities to enjoy, you will in no time realize that you may need to overlook your budget for a Thai travel.

Nevertheless, if you are a budget traveler, no need to worry, as Bangkok has many hotspots that require nominal or no charge at all for visits. There are a handful of other things to do in the city. You can go to the floating or weekend markets, go to the major shopping malls, or go to the Bridge over the River Kwai. There is also Khao San, the backpackers clubbing/party road and Patpong, the red light district.

Bangkok is a city full of culture and fascination. From the temples and shrines to the never-ending nightlife and delicious food, there's always something to do in this amazing city. One of the best ways to experience Bangkok is by wandering through the streets and alleyways, taking in all the sights and sounds around you.

There's always something new to see, whether it's a street market or a breathtaking temple. Be sure to sample some of the delicious Thai food while you're here - you won't be disappointed! And if you're looking for some nightlife action, Bangkok has plenty of that too. There's something for everyone in this exciting city.

What to do in Bangkok

Here is a sample Bangkok itinerary including few things to do in Bangkok that you can enjoy on very minimal budget on a 3 day tour.

1. Khlong Saen Saep Tour

Little do tourists know how fantastic the Khlong Saen Saep boat trips can provide. It’s exhilarating and awesome to get to your destination on time and to enjoy the aroma of Bangkok’s Khong. This is to remind you of once, Bangkok was named Venice of the East. It routes from the hip town of Thong lor, a fashionable Chidlom, a great Pratunam and the world-renowned Khao San Road (to continue for a short walk from the pier).

A boat ride through Bangkok's backwaters or klongs is a great way to view the city from a unique perspective. Start your second day in Bangkok with a breezy cruise on a long-tailed boat on Chao Phraya River which gradually takes you through winding canals of Bangkok. The experience lets you view the stunning Bangkok city skyline on Chao Phraya River and then takes you to the traditional local life of Bangkok.

Now, here comes one more fantastic thing to do in Bangkok, that is boating. Yes, at Chao Phraya river you can enjoy boating. On one side, you will witness high fancy hotels whereas on the other side see children playing. You might have heard that Bangkok is also called Venice of the East, the reason behind the name is this river.

You get to venture deep into simple, quiet life of Thai people living in wooden houses built on stilts along the narrow canals of Bangkok. The tour would cost around 1000 Thai Bahts.

hire a boat to take you to Koh Kret. It is a small island in the river that is famous for its pottery and its special type of ginger that grows nowhere else in the world. Before you get in a boat, however, you should buy some bread. The boat driver will know where to stop so you can feed the fish. This is a remarkable event. So many fish will go after the bread that they will lift each other out of the water.

It is also worth taking a night canal tour or even one of the many dinner cruises. The city completely changes at night and the lights are something to see, like the view of Wat Arun.

2. Check out Srinagarindra Train Night Market

If you are wondering what to see in Bangkok during your leisure time, spend the rest of your day sauntering at Bangkok's brilliant collection of night markets. Check out Pratunam market or Chatuchak Market if you are visiting Bangkok on a weekend. Wander through alleys lined with countless shops showcasing colorful artifacts, handicrafts, and merchandise at really cheap prices.

While you are here, don’t forget to sample some lip-smacking local and international cuisines. Street meals is everywhere though quite spicy. The night time markets tend to be an excellent place to visit - it really is both touristy and regional. It can get a bit tempting to splurge here on a shopping spree, hence the budget estimate is totally in your hands.

Nevertheless, even if you don't intend to buy anything, a visit to these markets is in itself a wonderful sensory experience. Pratunam Market is set at the junction of Ratchaprop and Petchburi roads and stays open from 10 am until 11 pm. Chatuchak Market is a weekend market that opens from 9 am till 6.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

3. Puppet Show at The Artist's House

Before you call it a day in Bangkok, get a dose of traditional Thai entertainment with a puppet show at Baan Silapin. One of Thailand’s hidden gems – Baan Silapin or the Artist’s House is a restored traditional Thai wooden house originally built centuries back. Presently, it has been transformed into a place to showcase Thailand’s traditional puppet art and shows.

Watch how graciously the puppeteers in black masks and attire tell stories of Thai folklore through intricately made puppets. You can catch a show free of cost every day at 2.00 pm except on Wednesday. Later, wander around to view an exquisite collection of paintings, artifacts, masks, and puppets.

4. Ping Pong Show in Patpong

Bangkok, is the Amsterdam of Asia. What the hell is the Ping Pong Show? Have you been to a show of Ping Pong in Thailand? Is it safe to go? What do you see in the Ping Pong Show? Apparently, if you come to Thailand, a must is to go through this famous show on the famous street of Soi Cowboy, where many places abound for Ping Pong Show.

The show is like any strip tease show in the world. Ping Pong Show is no more that the girl bangs Ping Pong balls from her private part and gives the spectators some rackets to hit the ball when they throw them. If you are going to the Ping Pong Show, make sure you know what they are going to charge you from the beginning and avoid being seen as tourist.

There are a couple of Zoos between Bangkok and Pattaya, less than two hours from the city. These zoos are both fascinating, though neither treats the animals very well and the safety standards are a bit lacking. One zoo is Khao Keow Open Zoo with lots of different types of animals. It is modelled after the stellar Singapore Zoo and is designed in such a way as to provide somewhat natural settings for the animals instead of cages.

It has one show that runs every couple of hours. It would be a stretch to call the show educational, but you do get to see amazing animals doing amazing things. The other zoo is the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. This zoo has tigers everywhere including a tiger show. You can take a picture of yourself or your friends feeding a tiger cub (the ethics of this one alone are reason enough to not support this place, but you can make your own decision). There are also shows involving other animals.

Bangkok has amazing luxury tours and experiences. But its authentic way of life is reflected only when you deflect from the gleaming city into the narrow alleys and canals of Bangkok. So next time you get your Thailand tourist visa done and plan for cheap things to do in Bangkok in 3 days, give these places a chance. You will certainly find yourself having a great time in Bangkok at prices that are easy on your pocket.
Kalyan Panja