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The mehndi night is a very busy night. Some families don't cut out on any ritual so that sangeet night also needs to be clubbed. And none of it can be too long, or else the wedding muhurat will be gone. So, how to pull off a good mehndi party with so much going on? I will try helping you with some mehndi party ideas that are both, fun and simple. Let's not go for anything too elaborate here, but it must be fun. Apart from googling wedding venues near me, catering services, entertaining ideas make sure you have planned well for your mehndi night as well to make it a rocking and memorable one.

Mehndi Party Ideas

Use shortcuts

Some of these shortcuts may not be allowed in your family if they are very strict about the rituals. But for those who will welcome these smart ideas, here they are:

  • Get the actual henna for your hands and feet done a day before. Leave some portion out to fill in during the ceremony. Your hands and back get tired sitting so long to get the mehndi on. You deserve to be less stressed on the day of your wedding. Now you suddenly realize so many brides-to-be have mehndi on their hands in their haldi photographs!
  • Go for a very private affair. A mehndi ceremony is a private affair anyway. It is not traditional to involve a huge crowd. If you can get just the important people for your mehndi night, things will get wrapped up well in time.
  • Club the sangeet ceremony to save time. It might seem like a little too much to deal with, but the sangeet ceremony performances will serve as the henna night ideas and you will have to shot two birds with one stone.
  • Wear your hair down if you don't think you can carry that hairstyle long enough to last the wedding. Don't style your hair too much, leave it the way it is so that it is ready to be styled before the wedding. Just put some flower pins in your hair to make it look good.

The most important of all these tips is the first one. Mehndi takes time to dry, your arms will ache sitting like a statue for so long. It is best if you get it done a day before and then do not wash your hands too much.

If any elderly is too worried about bad omens, remind them that it isn't washing your hands a bit that brings bad luck, but washing mehndi off that does it. Of course, neither of it brings bad luck. Mehndi is to make your hands look good. The fate of the marriage depends on the two people and their families involved.

Anyway, let's move on to some party ideas for the night. Though there is hardly any time, there should be something.

Short and Sweet Mehndi Party Ideas

Make sure that the mehndi party is taking place in a different room. If you are short on rooms you can use the haldi ceremony room but do not go to the exact wedding venue.


Once this is settled, you can implement the latest ideas for Mehendi night and decorate the room with some cool decor items. Avoid balloons because they make the room stuffy. Get some drapes and lampshades instead. Get lots of lights but put them in the shade of colorful chiffon drapes. This will brighten up the place and make it look complete.

Get the mattress ready for the bride and some comfortable cushions with silk covers for her to rest on, while she sits still to get the mehndi done.


Refreshments need to be everywhere. You don't need to do anything elaborate. You don't need to arrange for a full meal because the wedding night is there to take care of it. But you need to keep the stalls filled with various options for soft drinks. Soda, lemonade, fruit juice, colas, everything should be available. It would be great if you can hire a mocktail maker.

Get some finger foods that the sister of the bride can sneak in to feed her starving sister, well at least, that is the plan. Get enough vegetarian options for the time being so that everybody is ready to munch on the tandoori chicken later. Maybe some paneer sticks, or exotic vegetable salads. Keep it simple but make sure there is food.

Party Ideas

Pep it up within the short time with some Bollywood song and dancing. Club the mehndi party ideas with the sangeet so that all the dancing and singing makes sense at the mehndi.

Get a projector screen for a karaoke night. Make everybody sing. Anybody who wants to get some mehndi on their hands needs to earn it by singing karaoke. This way you get to keep it fun, and you get to decide who is getting the mehndi first, of course after the bride's mehndi is all done.

Play some classic games like antaakshari and dumb charades. This is not just to make sure some guests enjoy. These games and fun sessions are important to let the bride know that even if she is getting married, nothing changes. Her childhood remains intact.

Make it All About the Bride

Mehndi Party Ideas

The bride can't do much. Her hands are in shackles of the wet mehndi and she might be feeling a storm of emotions. There are worries about how the wedding preparations going. There is the fear of the absolutely new life, how she will handle it. And there is the sadness of leaving her own home.

Even if none of this holds true in the case, if she is a woman who already stays away from home and getting married changes nothing that she has already changed in her early twenties, it is still her day. She deserves to hear only the music she likes. She deserves to play the indoor games she always liked as a child.

This time is all about the bride and henna night ideas need to be planned according to her choice.

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