How Travelling Makes You More Open-Minded

I want to begin with asking you a question, and that is why do you labour around for 5 days a week and 8 to 10 hours a day? Some say it is to earn a livelihood, and that is the right answer. However, the answer has a lot more aspects than that. Livelihood would mean that you are earning to meet your basic needs of life, like food and shelter. But that can’t be the sole reason.

Travelling has become a necessity to escape the harsh realities of life and regroup. However, our planet has so many sublime places to offer, that the decision of choosing one becomes too much to take on. Here is an answer for you.

A minimum wage can also quickly fulfill that requirement and make life much more accessible than your corporate job would ever allow it to be. Millions of people want to earn much more than what will meet their necessary expenses, but why? If I had to answer this question, I would say that I work dedicatedly every weekday because I want to enjoy my weekends.

For that, I will endure the grueling hours of work starting from Monday morning to Friday evening. And it’s not just about being enjoying the weekends, I along with the majority of my fellow workers throughout the world work so that they can enjoy the fruits of their as they see fit. One significant way of enjoyment is travelling.

I love to travel. I work hard for two months dedicatedly, and then I take a trip that will help me recuperate from the everyday hassle of life and get enough momentum to endure the next few. The last trip I made was one of the best of my life. It was a country that made me wish I was born there. It was a country that awed me to the point that I wanted to leave my life in Liverpool and move there permanently to enjoy its marvelous beauty.

There are many places on earth that have significant importance for traveling. There are the many reasons behind the popularity of these countries. In this article, you will see some main countries that are famous for traveling. If you decide to travel this spring then this article will help you.

Traveling needs some planning before the time of departure. Planning is necessary to get rid of all of the worries and the problems that can be take place in the execution of the trip. If you are bored from your present routine then plan a good and breathtaking trip to some good and famous places.

There are different things that you have to plan before the departure like the flights, hotels, currency exchange rates, transportation. Travel is not just a way to visit and see new places but you will also get a chance to learn about different cultures and about the different places.

Traveling With an Open Mind

Start solo travelling ~ because 👇

1. Solo travelling lets you be free

When you embarked upon your journey all alone, you choose your own destinations, you mark the roads you've to measure, and you stop at the desitations you most resonate with.

Everything is in your hands. Travelling solo instills the sense of internal freedom inside you. Traveling is an eye-opener as you get to explore and experience a different culture, people, and places. We generally live in our small world of dreams, work, problems but as we get a glimpse of this grand, beautiful, strange world our perception toward life changes and we realize how small our petty problems are.

Travel expands our experience and changes our perception toward life. It brings community and people close by building understanding toward different cultures and people.

My first trip abroad alone dates back to a holiday in Europe. It was the turning point between the family vacations of the 90s and the first trips alone. I do not have pictures of that period because I was photographing only in analog. So negatives and albums remained somewhere in my parents' house. One day I will open the Pandora's box and I will have material to write a vintage post for the rest of the life on this blog.

2. Opportunity of introspection

When we travel alone to a new place, we do find ample time to sit , relax and to reflect on the things which really work out for our highest good. There is no chaos and influences that obstruct us to think clearly and realise what we really want. We clearly see our good and bad. We learn to accept and appreciate ourselves.

I often reminisce about my travel inspiration and the first time I was wondering how to tell parents I'm going on a solo trip. Every day I wake up to the memories of the special, mostly unplanned and unexpected encounters on the way back to my life. Those encounters that were full of human warmth and helpfulness. It often brings a smile around my face as I feel a deep joy inside me.

Travelling teaches you acceptance, for people all over the world, irrespective of their caste and creed. It unites them with respect to their mutual love for nature. It helps you give yourself a break and live for a moment. And then it helps you get mental peace by just reminiscing the good times you had whenever you’re troubled.

Travelling, does open up new avenues. It brings you mental peace, a sense of joy, acts as a sort of getaway from the daily dose of life, helps you observe things from a different perspective. Most importantly, it teaches you to let go. That sometimes, it's important that you close your eyes for a moment, take in a deep breath, let the wind blow through your face, and do nothing.

Trapped in our daily schedule, how much time does each of us have to actually calm down and breathe easy, even if it's for a second. During my last travel, I was at a beach. We had spent the day basking in the sun and at sunset, had come in to have a good view. Between all the photographs being clicked, I actually forgot to take in the view.

So I came early at dawn and sat on the lone swing. The waves came and went. I saw the sun rise. The birds starting their day. And the quiet. And to this day, whenever I feel too troubled by the loads of studying, I close my eyes and take myself back to the day. I think it's true even for nature. You might forget what someone's saying but you never forget the feel. It stays till the end of time.

Travel is something which gives you a break from your usual life and at the same time provides you with an opportunity to explore your passion and put back that missing brick in your life at the right place. Travel can make you meet many people, know about their whereabouts, what they are doing in life and why are they there.

Trust me, this might sound a bit like something impossible, but this can clearly impact your life in a strong manner as it has that power and the ability to change your thought process about life and how to see the positives in your life rather than just getting down or depressed with all the negatives.

3. Meeting new people

You get to meet various people from different walks of life. You get introduced to cultures, languages, customes, and rituals, and other region specific insights. Therefore, you gain multiple perspectives and that makes you more flexible, more receptive.

The first time I traveled solo, I chose to stay in a mixed hostel so as to meet new people from different locations and initiating a conversation with them. Travel other than being usual fun and exploring can prove to be a great platform to network and make life long friends.

4. Way to become minimalist

When I say 'minimalist’, it means travelling solo teaches you to travel slow, light and minimize our needs. In our day-to-day life we often tend to collect unnessessary stuffs which either we never use or we don't bother spending money on them.

Solo travelling makes us more diligent how we manage our budget and finances during trips. Because, collecting deeper and strong memories, and earning precious travelsome moments are more worthy than spending money on things, which are no longer needed. Travelling on public transport, staying at homestays, and carrying one bag- it's like a wonderful package full of lots of learning.

Believe me when I say ~ you'll fall in love with your travel bag one day. Traveling is a platform for exploring more of myself. It changed my mentality and now made me a person who can survive anywhere with minimum resources.

When I travel I return with photographs, with memories, but above all, I return with an open mind. I am always confronted with unknown situations, cultures, customs and languages. I realize that we are different, but we also begin to understand each other. We become more respectful and tolerant. I realize that we have more in common with other people than I had imagined.

And in a world that increasingly scares me, it is worth remembering. It is one thing to be a tourist and another is to be a traveler. A tourist is one who is governed by his brochures, his little practicality and his little flexibility in enriching himself of new cultures over his. A traveler on the other hand is one who takes his travels to his heart.

When I travel, I leave my comfort zone. It does not matter that it is the umpteenth trip that I undertake. Every time the nerves and the expectation invade in the body. There is a tingling in the stomach. There is one night almost without sleep. There is a half suitcase lying. There is an open travel guide on the table. These are signs that the next exploration is around the corner.

We all live our lives, but it's upon us how we want to remember our days going on. Sometimes you have to lose yourself in the mountain, to find yourself, to find your inner peace. The mountains have the power of stripping your layers and making you nobody from somebody. Suddenly your ego of achievement pales into insignificance all you are bothered is about your next step.

Our life is the same, it's like riding the waves up and down, after every crest, there is a trough. To enjoy we have to move out from our monotonous life and live life like a King or Queen size. Your children won't be interested in your office stories, but they will love to go through your mountain diaries. So who you're waiting for ??? Just dive your travelholic soul into the realm of solo travelling, and be ready to not only exploring places, but also to exploring yourself. World, and people out there are waiting for you!
Kalyan Panja