How to Live a Healthy Way of Life

My day starts with a fruit salad made from at least 10 fruit varieties. I always try to eat fruits of the season. The external beauty of the fruits is not important to me. I usually buy almost the crooked unformed fruit. Of course, this is much more fun to buy from the weekly market in my place. As a child, I always climbed the fruit trees.

I always buy the fruit from a particular fruit seller, who is the age of my grandfather. He is very nice to me, always hugs me and is happy when I show up. I like him very much. He calls me my child. I always get a few extra fruits from him. When I am asked what gift I always wish for, I answer fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I cannot miss ginger, cinnamon, and red chili. I also consume other natural surprises which I always find here and there.

Every day I have my fruit salad in a different way. It looks like a work of art. Friends and relatives, who visit me, sometimes wait in anticipation of my breakfast. As a supplement for the first food of the day, a cup of tea is always must for me. I prefer a variety that I have drunk in Darjeeling for the first time. With regular tea, I now mix various other ingredients of my own. It has succeeded in reaching the same taste.

Tea is a master and helps me to overcome the winters with a special kind of warmth. A cup of tea also arouses the good humor in me. It gives me strength and positive energy. And in the warm days, it is hard to believe. The tea is refreshing, even in the heat, like a positive and successful energetic bomb.

In my everyday life during the daytime, I try to always have a home diet with green and leafy vegetables. Sometimes there is also freshwater fish on the menu.

Once I went to Nagpur in a very well-known wine region. My friends home have been waiting for me to bring good wines from there. But to their horror, I decided to get oranges and grapes for them.

Sometimes, I experience a kind of jealousness against people who live in a healthy way. I hate the ones who do all the unhealthy things in the world.

It is all the same to me. Whenever I am invited, I take part everywhere. It can even be a BBQ party. There I eat the eggplant that gets grilled, pineapple or it's what's on the griddle, but no meat.

The driving force of exercises has, of course, always been an inseparable element in my life. I do not want to be a preacher and say, "This is good or better, or not." I only claim what is good for me. I do not teach and I do not say what the others had to do.

It is not my job to discriminate against others who are not as healthy as I am. But when I am asked for my diet or conviction, I am ready to express my opinion. I get happy when I see that someone adopted my nutritional advice and that the result is positive.

My spontaneous recipe for food and life is sometimes spread and conveyed as "You Are What You Eat". The fact is that everyone needs to know what is better for themselves.

My concerns are not selfish. I have a tendency to cultivate the environment where I am. I move with countless plastic bags in the pockets to clear any litter by the sea and rather on the beach edge. Many times garbage men and women thank me for my concern for preserving a clean environment. I use and enjoy nature very much, but for me, it is very important to maintain it.

For years I've been riding the bicycle rather than the motorbike. Sometimes I drive up to 20 kilometers in bicycle every day. On the saddle, I get free to change my way and to enjoy the diversity of the surroundings. I can also in a way make my contribution to a healthy environment.

To be peaceful in the family and with friends is a great joy for me. My life gets enriched by being present not only in the good times but also in the bad times of others. I donate many times without any expectation.

I manage to observe the tiny, small things of life, like the ways of the ants. It pleases me and makes me happy to see the daily sunrise and sunset. Well, this is my way of living healthy.
Kalyan Panja