11 Best Hotels in the USA

Setting out on a journey across the United States, one crucial aspect of your travel plan is selecting the right hotel. It isn't just about having a comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of the day. It's about the experience that the hotel offers – the ambiance, the service, the culinary delights, and even the story it tells. These elements can significantly enhance your overall travel experience, making it memorable.

So, let's embark on a journey to discover the best hotels in the USA, where luxury meets comfort, and location becomes an integral part of your adventure. We'll explore various corners of the country, showcasing accommodations that transform a stay into an unforgettable experience. Since you'll be out exploring for most of your day, it’s easy to forget why you should put significant thought into your choice of hotel.

A good hotel is far more than just a place to sleep. It serves as your temporary home base, a space to retreat and recharge, reflect on your adventures, and plan for the ones yet to come. The right hotel will mirror the spirit of the city or region, adding depth to your overall travel experience. Picture coming back after a long day of exploring to a room that offers plush comfort, service that makes you feel pampered, and perhaps, a splendid view of the city or landscape right from your window.

You might wonder how we discern the best hotels in the USA from an ocean of good ones. Our selection criteria are carefully designed to ensure you get the very best. Each contender is assessed based on several key factors:

Luxury – This is a given; these hotels offer an unrivaled level of opulence.

Location – Finding a well-positioned hotel is also crucial; you want to be close to the key attractions without sacrificing tranquility.

High-quality customer service – Good service is a must for a memorable stay.

Guest reviews and ratings – The best way to gauge the quality of a hotel is to see what previous patrons have to say about it.

Unique experiences the hotel offers – Each one on our list provides a distinctive charm, ensuring every stay offers something uniquely memorable.

When looking for a hotel room, there's a lot to consider: Is the decor stylish? Is there room service and a gym on the premises? Something new you might want to add to your calculations is what the hotel bar has to offer. There is a slew of hotels around the United States that have opened sophisticated, playful, modern takes on the cocktail bar. These trendy spots allow guests to lounge in an atmosphere that calls to mind polished elegance, but the drinks are first class too. In-house creations as well as twists on classic drinks make the bars at these hotels worth stopping in for a drink and an overnight stay.

Best Hotels in the USA

If you're looking for a hotel that provides not just comfortable beds but exceptional ambience and expertly crafted cocktails, we've got you covered:

1. The Langham, New York

First, we whisk you away from the heart of Manhattan to The Langham. Housed in a towering skyscraper, this hotel epitomizes luxury in the city that never sleeps. The Langham is renowned for its spacious, sophisticated rooms and suites that provide breathtaking cityscape views. The hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, Ai Fiori, is a gastronomic delight, enhancing your NYC experience.

Moreover, the Chuan Body + Soul spa offers a serene retreat amidst the city's hustle. The hotel's proximity to key attractions like Times Square and Central Park further cements its place among the best hotels in the USA. Make sure to properly prepare for a trip to NYC when you visit this hotel.

2. The Pendry West Hollywood, California

Next on our list, in the heart of California, is the Pendry West Hollywood. This hotel is a blend of modern style and old Hollywood charm, offering unrivaled luxury in one of the most coveted locations in LA. Its rooftop pool provides a stunning view of the city's skyline. What sets it apart as one of the best hotels in the country is its unique offerings. With a private club, bowling alley, and music venue, every guest has a distinctive experience. Plus, the rooms are elegantly furnished, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows and curated art pieces. As if this wasn't enough, Pendry West Hollywood's service is renowned, guaranteeing every visitor an impeccable, unforgettable stay.

The Pendry West Hollywood also offers you a unique chance to experience the height of life in sunny California. Visiting the state on a shorter trip is the perfect way to get ready to start a life here. After you make some connections and get to know the area, all that’s left is finding the right California interstate movers and scheduling a move here.

3. Acqualina Resort & Residences, Florida

The Sunshine State of Florida brings us to our third highlight – the Acqualina Resort & Residences. A jewel on the coastline of Sunny Isles Beach, this hotel seamlessly fuses Miami's vibrancy with the tranquil luxury of a beach resort. This Mediterranean-inspired property features spacious rooms and suites that offer stunning ocean views. The hotel boasts four oceanfront dining areas, each promising a unique culinary journey. Acqualina's spa offers invigorating treatments, while its beachfront location provides many water activities.

Additionally, its location in Sunny Isles Beach guarantees many activities to fill your days with. But what makes Acqualina one of the best hotels in the USA is its commitment to personalized service and creating memorable guest experiences. Its luxury, location, and unique offerings make it a Floridian gem.

4. The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas

Next, we journey to the city of lights, Las Vegas. The Venetian Resort epitomizes the extravagance and excitement that Vegas is renowned for, making it a standout among hotels in the USA. This all-suite hotel is a spectacle of grandeur, with luxurious accommodations that boast sunken living rooms and marble bathrooms. The Venetian offers many dining options, from casual eateries to gourmet restaurants. Its on-site entertainment, including gondola rides and world-class shows, captures the unique spirit of Vegas. The Canyon Ranch spa club provides a tranquil escape amidst the city's buzz. In essence, The Venetian Resort brings the Las Vegas experience right to your suite, making it an unforgettable place to stay.

5. Cantilever, Minnesota

Which is the best hotel in Minnesota? That would have to be the Cantilever in the small border town of Ranier, Minnesota. A boutique hotel located in a little town where Rainy Lake becomes Rainy River, the hotel, just a few nautical miles from Minnesota‘s only national park ((Voyageurs) is also home to a high tech distillery producing its own branded gin and other spirits.

It is locally owned and a brand new construction so the rooms are fitted out with all of the luxuries but at a price that most couples or families can afford. And it is as close to Canada as you can get without a passport.

6. Louisville Mariott, Louisville

Some of the better hotels in Louisville are usually downtown and there’s a couple over on the far east end at the Hurstbourne area and over into Jeffersontown. One is the Louisville Mariott East near Hurstbourne Parkway about 10 miles out of downtown Louisville. Another is the Hilton Garden Inn over off of Blankenbaker Parkway about 12 miles east of downtown Louisville.

Of course, in the downtown Louisville Central Business District you have the renovated several times Galt House which are actually two twin towers that have hundreds of rooms between them. Another would be the 21c Museum Hotel at 7th and Main by the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory about one block away. Then a couple of Courtyard By Marriot hotels on 2nd Street as well as the Omni at 2nd and Liberty. Another fine hotel is the Brown Hotel down on Broadway and there are several of them downtown that are very nice hotels.

7. Capital Plaza, Frankfort

Considering Frankfort is the State Capitol of Kentucky, it is bereft of unique, upscale lodging. It has several national chains but one Hotel has 24 hour services. The Capital Plaza. It has a nice pub, and is very comfortable at relatively cheap prices.

Frankfort's only full service hotel is located in the heart of downtown next to the Kentucky River. Experience Bluegrass hospitality at it's finest! We are located just minutes from historical sites such as the State Capitol, KY History Center, Buffalo Trace, Rebecca Ruth Candies, Kentucky State University, Daniel Boone's grave and much more.

At Capital Plaza Hotel you can be sure to find spacious guest rooms which feature a flat-screen TV, Free Wi-FI, in-room coffee and a complimentary hot breakfast buffet with plenty of amenities to make you feel at home. Whether you are here for business or pleasure you can enjoy indoor pool, fitness center, business center, guest laundry room, onsite lounge with dinner served nightly, onsite ATM and covered parking.

8. Marriott Waterside Hotel, Tampa

The most luxurious hotels in Tampa/St Pete? On the Tampa side of the bay, you'll find the Marriott Waterside Hotel at (I think 700 Florida avenue) is one. And just a quick jog away (about a block) you'll find the Embassy Suites Hotel. A little to the southwest—(about 25 miles), if you're looking for upscale lodging nearer to the gulf beaches, the Vinoy Hotel downtown St Petersburg and the Don Cezar on St Pete Beach would be the flagship of choices.

9. Hotel Indigo, El Paso

What are the top hotels in El Paso? Hotel Indigo is rather newish and downtown. Double Tree is very nice. There are some cool historic hotels like the Plaza, the Paso Del Norte, The Gardener, The Stanton House, Aloft Hotel Downtown. El Paso’s downtown is a combo of very old western town buildings and Trost & Trost architectural gems. The Plaza was Conrad Hilton’s first Hotel!

The hotels by the airport are nice as well. Luxury here is not the same as in huge well-moneyed cities. Most of our visitors are not going to be staying inside the hotel but for to sleep and maybe dine once a day if that.

10. John Rutledge House Inn, Charleston

It’s hard to imagine staying somewhere that screams Charleston more than the John Rutledge House Inn. The bed and breakfast is set in a stunning townhouse built in 1763 that was once owned by Rutledge himself, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Several drafts of the declaration were even written in the second-floor drawing-room.

Nowadays, it's the epitome of southern hospitality. Elegant bedrooms transport guests to a bygone era while all visitors laud the service. Breakfast can be enjoyed every morning before heading to nearby King Street. When the bustle gets too much, retreat to the inn for afternoon tea and a complimentary brandy.

Husk may only be just over a decade old, but it's already firmly established as a culinary powerhouse. Epitomizing modern southern dining and utilizing a larder stocked with nothing but locally sourced ingredients, a visit to Husk is something special.

Co-founded by James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock (who has since moved on), the menu varies depending on the day’s produce. But rest assured that whatever finds its way onto your plate will be a highlight of your Charleston trip. If you hit no other restaurant in Charleston, make it this one.

11. Amangiri, Utah

Our journey ends with the serene landscapes of Utah, introducing the unique Amangiri. Tucked away amidst the rugged terrain and stark beauty of Canyon Point, this resort is a tranquil oasis, making it one of the best hotels in the USA. The design of Amangiri blends seamlessly with its surrounding nature, offering stunning views of the desert landscapes from its minimalist suites.

The hotel's key feature is its commitment to tranquility and wellness, with a comprehensive spa offering treatments inspired by healing traditions. Whether hiking through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument or enjoying the stillness of the desert from the temperature-controlled pool, the Amangiri offers a unique blend of luxury and natural immersion that is hard to beat.

Getting the most out of your stay is about more than just the basics – embracing the unique offerings that make each hotel special. Take full advantage of the facilities, whether rejuvenating spa treatments, gourmet in-house dining, or recreational activities tailored to the location. Bask in the luxury of your room, savor the local cuisine, and don't miss out on the unique experiences each hotel offers.

If you're planning an extended trip, experts from bravo-moving.com advise you to consider renting a storage unit near the hotels. This can be an ideal solution for bringing larger amounts of travel supplies without cluttering up your gorgeous room. Remember, the goal is not just to stay but to make each moment count, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Concluding our Luxury Adventure

Choosing the right hotel is a vital part of your travel journey. It's not just about finding a place to rest—it's about the experience, the ambiance, the personalized service, and how the hotel becomes an integral part of your overall adventure. As we've seen, the best hotels in the USA go beyond offering basic amenities. They encapsulate the essence of their location and provide a unique taste of the local culture and vibe. Whatever you seek on your trip, the perfect hotel is waiting to transform your travel experience. So, start planning and budgeting for your trip, dream big, and embark on an unforgettable journey across the United States.

Kalyan Panja