10 Best Beaches in Malta

The beaches in Malta will seem like heaven to those who want a tropical getaway. Malta's varied coasts are stunning, and the weather is perfect for a day at the beach almost every day of the year. The Maltese Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, are known for their year-round warmth and abundant sunlight, which averages over 300 days.

The beaches in Malta are rocky, small, and unattractive, especially in the areas around the cities of Valletta and the popular resorts of Sliema and St. Julian's. Especially on the northwest coast, you may find some of Malta's most stunning sandy beaches. Crowds continue to visit these beaches, though, since the region is a popular place to visit throughout the summer.

Best Beaches in Malta

Here are some of the best beaches in Malta:

1. Golden Bay

The beautiful, family-friendly Golden bay beach has the best of both worlds, with the modern conveniences expected of a popular tourist spot and the untouched beauty of a remote wilderness area. The magnificent, golden sands of Golden Inlet stretch for miles along a tiny bay on the hilly northwest coast of Malta Island. Tourists may stretch out in the sun without feeling crowded.

The beach is protected from the wind by a ring of cliffs and slopes covered in dense vegetation. The rural setting adds to the sense of seclusion. In addition to being hidden from view from the coast, the closest road also lacks the distracting noise of automobiles, allowing the soothing sound of waves to wash over you unimpeded.

The blue waves of Golden Bay Beach are a major draw for visitors. Regular swimming and snorkeling conditions prevail. During the busy season, lifeguards patrol the beach and flags alert any potential dangers.

2. Ramla Beach

Ir-Ramla il-Hamra in Gozo is unlike any other beach because of its picturesque rural location. Among rolling hills, the broad beach is nestled within a valley where farmlands thrive. Neither hotels nor restaurants have been built in the area.

Hikers coming from Nadur, a medieval hilltop hamlet with breathtaking sea views, or Ix-Xaghra, a settlement close to the UNESCO-listed Ggantija Temples, will get spectacular views of the coast and the beach as they make their way down to the shore. From Nadur or Ix-Xaghra, the journey to the beach at Ir-Ramla il-Hamra only takes around 45 minutes on foot.

Ramla Bay, or Ir-Ramla il-Hamra, is the biggest beach on the island of Gozo. The beach is extensive, with fine, reddish sand and scattered rocks along the water's edge.

3. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

You'll find this exquisite stretch of coastline just two kilometers from Golden Bay. The beach seems to be in an unspoiled natural setting because of the surrounding cliffs and hills. The fact that you have to go down a stairway of 200 steps to get to the beach adds to the sense of isolation.

In order to accommodate its guests, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay provides facilities like public bathrooms, a snack bar, and rental lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. During the warmer summer months, lifeguards are on duty. This beach is your best option if you are looking for something serene and quiet to relax in. Most of the time, you may go swimming without any worries. However, there are occasions when the beach has dangerous currents (indicated by a red flag warning).

4. G─žadira Bay

The smooth sand and mild waves make this an ideal beach for families. The coastline with shallow water is rather long. Children may safely play in the water and splash about since the depth is less than a meter offshore. Mellieha Bay, also known as Ghadira Bay, is the most extensive beach on the island of Malta and a popular tourist destination. The beach is large enough that you won't feel squished even on the busiest summer weekends.

Mellieha Bay is one of the best places to go windsurfing, water skiing, or kayaking. Blue Flag status is awarded to beaches that meet stringent criteria for water quality, environmental responsibility, and visitor services.

5. Gnejna Bay

Seven kilometers farther into the countryside from Ghajn Tuffieha Bay lies Gnejna Bay, close to the little town of Mgarr. Gnejna Bay, like Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, is secluded since high cliffs surround it. Restrooms, concessions, and lounge chairs and umbrella rentals are all available.

Visitors to Gnejna Bay must descend a winding stairway cut into the hillside before reaching the beach below. The vast stretch of beautiful golden sand and the crystal clear seas are a sight for anybody who loves nature. The calm waters of Gnejna Bay are perfect for a day of sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. There aren't any lifeguards, however.

6. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Comino is heaven off-season. Turquoise seas and moderate waves surround small white-sand beaches. In summer, expect crowds. Morning sunbathers occupy covered lounge chairs. Afterward, tourists may only sunbathe on the rocky slope above the beach. The Blue Lagoon's popularity is obvious. The quiet, clean lagoon resembles a large pool.

Riding sweltering summer days, youngsters on inflatable tubes make the lagoon seem like a gigantic playground. Blue Lagoon has bathrooms and food bars. On popular days, beach chairs and umbrellas rent out before midday. Blue Lagoon is lifeguard-free. Tourists may board a ferry from Mgarr on Gozo Island, Marfa, Mellieha Bay, or Cirkewwa on Malta.

7. Pretty Bay

Developers developed Pretty Bay on the sandy beach of Birzebbuga, but it doesn't diminish its attractiveness. It's one of the few sandy beaches on Malta's southern coast; hence residents love it. The Pretty Bay shoreline is lined with restaurants, cafés, snack bars, and ice cream stores during the summer. Pretty Bay has facilities and concessions.

8. Armier Bay

This family-friendly beach on Malta's northern shore is a good alternative to Mellieha Bay, three kilometers distant. Armier Bay's rural, off-the-road position gives it a peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful blue seas lap Armier Bay's sandy beach. The water is clear and calm.

The beach on Malta's northernmost edge offers views of Gozo and Comino. Visitors may discover a few snack bars, refreshment booths, and restaurants. Rent water sports equipment, lounge chairs, and beach umbrellas. Armier Bay is exposed to the open sea, causing severe undercurrents. Before swimming, ask locals about safety.

9. St. Peter's Pool

Tourists love this natural pool. Delimara Point lies on Malta's southwest coast. Marsaxlokk is 6 km distant. In a secluded cove, smooth rocks surround peaceful, transparent water. Sunlight on the water reveals turquoise and blue tones. The place has no amenities or lifeguards, just staircases to the water. Bring your beach gear, food, and drinks, and swim carefully.

10. St. George's Bay

St. George's Bay is a new hotspot in the hip St. Julian's vacation zone. Even though St. Julian's is a popular summer destination among college students and twenty-somethings, the town didn't have a good sandy beach until recently. The sand for the beach at St. George's Bay was brought in from elsewhere. The outcome is an attractive beach section ideal for the numerous bathers that come during the peak season.

St. George's Bay is an excellent swimming spot throughout the summer. During the warmer months, lifeguards patrol the beaches to keep everyone safe. There are plenty of places to eat and stay in the area immediately around St. George's Bay. A scuba diving facility, a surf store, and a beach club are all easily accessible to locals and vacationers alike.

Final Thoughts:

The Maltese islands are home to numerous distinct beaches, making them an ideal destination for vacationers of all stripes. Check out our list of the top beaches in Malta to choose one that suits your needs, whether you're looking for activities suitable for the whole family or a vibrant scene by the water.

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