8 Best Places to Eat in Delaware

From traditional home-style cooking to American fast food, Delaware has it all. Known as the First State, you can find the best of all worlds in the area. No matter what your choice of favorite cuisine is, you can look around and find the most highly-rated restaurants near your location. The versatility of the food can take you around the world as you can also find classic Italian, Greek, and French restaurants as well. And if you are a little bit adventurous you might as well try an Indian curry.

When it comes to restaurants, the more options you have, the more confused you will be. You don't want to end up wasting an hour before dinner just roaming around. It can be easier to decide on a good place to eat after reading some online reviews.

Best Places to Eat in Delaware

Here are a few of the most popular and some underrated restaurants in Delaware.

1: Harry’s Savoy Grill

This restaurant is in the perfect spot for tourists roaming around the Pennsylvania and Delaware border. Located right in the middle, it attracts a lot of hungry customers who visit either of the two states. Harry’s Savoy Grill also has a stellar rating and rave reviews on Zagat and you can get the bang for your buck here.

If you happen to pass by the side streets of Naaman road, you should stop by this award-winning eatery. They serve a classic array of fine dining dishes and also have subsidiary restaurants Harry’s Seafood Grill and Harry’s Savoy Ballroom.

2: The Crooked Hammock Brewery

If you want to enjoy a nice quiet meal on a Sunday evening, then The Crooked Hammock is the place to be. The laid-back restaurant is a part of the La Vida Hospitality Group and is one of the best places to enjoy craft brews. The menu on the side is also worth it and the short ribs and kebabs are one of the best in town. You can also enjoy community meet-ups and events to socialize with the locals.

3: The Charcoal Pit

The Charcoal Pit is an iconic burger and shakes restaurant that even Barack Obama likes to chow down. The Delaware locals are in for a treat because The Charcoal Pit has some of the juiciest burgers you will ever have. The shakes also bring comfort and all the calories are worth it here. The Charcoal Pit serves everything good there is in American cuisine. You will enjoy the casual atmosphere, hustle and bustle, and it is a place to take your friends with you.

4: Amato’s Woodfired Pizza

Americans cannot live without ordering pizza and Amato’s fits the bill like no other. It is located on Sandusky Street in Delaware and offers a range of authentic Italian pizzas. The Anti-Pasto platter and the specialty Five Cheese pizza are hands-down the best things on the menu. They also offer a range of pastas, subs, salads, and desserts.

You can even make your own pizza with your favorite toppings. You can’t have Italian food without wine and the restaurant has a wonderful collection of fine wines and beer.

5: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds is perfect if you are looking for a fine dining experience, with a modern ambiance, and affordable pricing. It is perfect for first dates, family dinners, and even regular date nights. The prime ribs on the menu are the most popular and the restaurant is slowly becoming a local favorite. They have a few different locations in Delaware and you can enjoy great food at any one of them.

6: Hamburger Inn Diner

The casual American diner experience is well and truly lit at Hamburger Inn. It serves some of the most iconic diner classics and has a great breakfast menu. They also have vegetarian options on the menu and everything is made the old-school way from scratch. The locals love grabbing a quick bite here and you are likely to get stellar service with great food.

The burgers and milkshakes are to write home about and you are guaranteed to get the classic American experience here.

7: Mi Cerrito

Mi Cerrito is one of the top-rated Mexican restaurants in Delaware with impeccable food and great service. The staff at Mi Cerrito will make you feel like home and the food will just blow you away. They put their money where their mouth is and bring out some truly unique and authentic Mexican flavors. You are sure to love the vibe of the place and the rice bowls, chips, tacos, and the cheese dip will make you want to come here again and again.

8: Salt Air

Right on the shore of Rehoboth Beach, Salt Air is the perfect place for having a farm-to-table experience. They have a seasonal menu as they only serve local food and the season’s freshest produce. Therefore, you are likely to see constant menu changes according to whatever is available. It is usually busy so you may need to make a reservation in advance. Their USP is farm-fresh ingredients, a trend that is getting big in Delaware.

Kalyan Panja