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American cuisine is famous worldwide. When we think of American classics, a number of items come into our mind like hot dogs, chocolate chips cookies and fried chicken, etc. America also has great seafood, great hamburgers, great pastries, and great pizza. But all of these foods can be found internationally and are not exclusive to the US.

Over the years, American food has established its marks by developing its taste and flavors. By introducing creativity in every food item, American cuisine has won the hearts of millions of citizens. Its taste has crossed the boundaries. People love to travel long distances to get experience with American dishes. The United States is famous for having lots of cheap junk food.

Food portions are massive. And delicious. And usually not very expensive. However, Americans often put quantity over quality when making recommendations.

It does - but it also has almost endless amounts of cheap, healthy food, sadly often out of fashion these days. The use of fascinating food boxes adds to their attractiveness. They protect the food items from spoilage and contamination. Moreover, the food boxes are designed in a way to retain the flavor and make them last longer.

most popular food in america restaurants

Below are some of the most popular foods in USA to experience:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the best example of a balanced diet and is one of the most popular foods in America. Thanks to Ruth Wakefield who came up with an idea of introducing chocolate to butter cookies. The concept became popular in the 1930s. If you are crazy about the flavor of cookies, bake a batch of crunchy cookies and sprinkle your dose of chocolate on it.

This will take your nutrition to the next level. It keeps you healthy and active all day long. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most common food items in the USA. You can find it in a number of bakeries and American cuisines. They are presented in colorful cookie boxes to make them appealing for everyone. Cookie boxes protect the delicate creations from spoilage and mishandling.

2. Cronut

Cronut is a combination of a croissant and a doughnut. The craze of the foodies about cronuts has made it a world-famous snack. It is made with laminated dough, which is first proofed and fried at a controlled temperature. For frying, grapeseed oil is used. The fried pastry is then filled and glazed with sugar. Cronuts were the first creation of a French chef named Dominique Ansel.

The taste of the delight traveled across the borders and became a loved food item of Americans. Cronuts combine the crispiness of croissants and the goodness of donuts for getting a perfect taste. As their shape is similar to a doughnut, so they are served in attractive donut boxes to make them more tempting? Donut boxes usually come up with a window to facilitate the customers in viewing the delight.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the favorite breakfast items of Americans. Pancakes are thin flat cakes with a round shape. They come in abundant variations. The main ingredient used in starch-based butter. Pancakes are cooked on a hot surface. They are topped with a variety of condiments like bacon, egg, chocolate sauce, fruits, maple syrup or whatever you like.

People love to prepare them according to their favorite toppings. Pancakes are delicate food items. They require special care for handling and serving. For this purpose, specially designed cake boxes are used according to the size of the pancake. Most of them come up with inserts to keep the pancakes at their place. Cake boxes prevent the toppings from spreading all around as the customer carries the food item.

4. Hot Dogs

Among most popular American meals, nothing is more delightful than a basic American hot dog, sandwiched between two slices of the bun. Hot dogs are usually topped with ketchup, mustard paste or a combination of both. Hot dogs are linked to the creation of sausages in the late 1600s. They were first created by a butcher in Germany, John Geoghehner.

Chicago dog is the best hot dog in America. It uses a beef frankfurter, poppy seed bun, mustard, diced onions and pickle relish, sliced tomatoes, sport peppers, and no ketchup.

They popularized in Chicago by 1893. Everyone's favorite hot dogs are basically sausages which are grilled or steamed in the places to eat in Chicago. They are garnished with ketchup, mustard, cheese, relish, chilies, onions, and mayonnaise. Hot dogs are packed in a paper wrapper or custom food boxes to be used as take away food item for eating in Chicago.

5. Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is one of the popular food item found throughout a number of restaurants in the USA. It has a Chinese origin, being similar to Tso's chicken. Its taste is sweet rather than spicy which make it similar to Chinese food. Sesame chicken is the fried chunks of chicken. They are coated in a sweet sauce with sesame seeds.

People can get them topped with other favorite toppings as well. Most of the American cuisines have started serving it with peppercorn and toasted chili and sesame. It gives crunch like that of American-Chinese cuisine with a little more flavors. Sesame chicken has become one of the favorite choices of foodies.

Therefore they are packed in Chinese takeout boxes for taking away. Chinese takeout boxes can be easily converted to a plate. This facilitates the consumers to eat the meal anywhere anytime.

6. Hamburger

Every single American will have a unique idea from where to find a perfect hamburger in the country. Hamburger is one of the most popular American foods. There are a number of options starting from fast food chains to fine dine-in restaurants. You will never miss it in an American's menu. However, the Library of Congress in New Haven, U.S. state of Connecticut was the birthplace of hamburgers.

Louis Lunch established it in the 1900s. Today five of his grandsons serve the hamburgers made from a blend of five types of meat. The meat is cooked in the century-old casted iron grill to give it a remarkable taste. The foodies can customize it with various toppings along with caramelized onions, mayonnaise, mustard paste, and relish.

Americans often combine it with two bread slices and a steak of grounded beef to make a hamburger sandwich. The hamburger is served in custom food boxes as a takeaway item.

7. Poke

Over the past half-decade or so, fast-casual poke restaurants have sprung up across the contiguous United States. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the bowls generally have the same contents: a bed of grains (or zucchini noodles), marinated raw fish of some kind, and big ice cream scoops of other ingredients like edamame and imitation crab.

This is not how poke is traditionally served in Hawaii, but mainland influences are creeping into the poke culture of the Aloha State.

8. Fried chicken

In the US, especially in the Southeastern states, you can find fried chicken with perfectly crispy skin outside and tender, juicy chicken inside. In many countries you’ll only find KFC, an American-based franchise that serves one of our worst examples of American fried chicken. Sadly, this will be the only fried chicken that many foreigners ever eat.

Real American fried chicken is unable to be duplicated. The closest thing I’ve tasted to American fried chicken was a wonderful parsley chicken in Budapest, Hungary. But if you want to eat what you see below, you’ll have to come to Tennessee.

9. Cheesecake

There is nothing in other countries that can match the cheesecakes made at the finest American bakeries. No question, France has the best baked sweets on the planet. But no other country can replicate that rich, creamy New York style cheesecake with the graham cracker or ginger snap crust. Believe me, I’ve searched.

10. Buffalo Wings

Only the US can make those succulent, tender chicken wings with a crispy exterior in the perfect buffalo sauce. It’s especially good in Upstate New York. If you’re visiting Europe, even if you eat at an American-based chain restaurant, the chicken wings will be prepared in some weird tomatoey marinara-like sauce that doesn’t even closely resemble buffalo sauce.

11. Pecan pie

The buttery, gooey interior with freshest pecans and the perfect, slightly sugary crust best served up in Georgia cannot be replicated in any other country.

12. Barbecue

The Australians and Argentinians can make some mean barbecue. But there is nothing that matches the slow-roasted brisket of Texas, or the pulled pork of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Barbecue is cooked slowly with indirect heat from a wood fire. There are different styles around the American South. In Georgia you’ll mostly find hickory-smoked pulled pork in a mild tomato-vinegar sauce. In Texas you’ll find more beef brisket. In the Carolinas you’ll find a mustard sauce. In Florida you can find goat and gator tail.

As you head northward you’ll find more ribs. Rule 1 is, don’t eat barbecue any place that you can’t smell half a mile away. If they cook it on premises, you’ll know!

13. Fried Catfish

There is nothing quite like the tender taste of freshly-caught catfish deep fried in the perfect cornmeal batter! When it’s fresh, it’s so flaky and delicious and almost falls apart amidst the crispy coating.

14. Collard

Soul food is the traditional Southern diet of agricultural people. It’s identified with African American culture, largely because black migrants took it north, but whites and blacks alike ate it.

Greens were and are a very important part of the Southern US and African-American diet. One favorite - actually very popular in Indiana, which has been called the northernmost Southern State and the southernmost Northern State is collard greens. Collards - known as acelgas in Spanish are a cabbage that grows very quickly in the heat, so it loves the tropics and sub-tropics.

Collards are TOUGH, and need a lot of cooking! In the old days, people - mostly ladies - would cook them all day long.

15. Corn

When you are trying to be low-carb - or lower carb - corn is your friend! It’s gluten-free, high in fiber, and one of the least glycemic grains. In the US, corn is always cheap, but it’s especially cheap in the summer. You can eat corn on the cob all you want, often getting three or five ears per dollar, and you can also eat popped corn. You can get these chips plain, and that’s the most nutritious.

In the South, you’ll also get salt-cured ham, and corn grits with red eye gravy (made from the pan drippings from the ham).

16. Cuban Sandwich

A glorious monument to all that is pork, it is constructed with three different kinds of pork like roast pork, boiled ham, Genoa salami, pickles, Swiss cheese, mustard and mayo. Lettuce and tomato are optional, but you should eat your veg Cuban bread, a peculiar bread that looks like a baguette, but made with lard. It’s tender inside, crunchy and flaky outside.

This one is served pressed, the outside lightly toasted, the cheese inside melting to minimize tectonic slide. It is utterly perfect, unimprovable, the best lunch you can have, and enough for a snack later.

17. Kalbi

Kalbi beef is another delicious Hawaiian breakfast food that you will not find anywhere else. It's tender beef in a sweet Hawaiian marinade.
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  1. You called it on all of these. I don't know one person who doesn't love all six of these, especially hamburgers.

  2. Great list! Mr husband loves hamburger, hotdogs and pancakes, so he would love trying these when in US for sure ☺

  3. I would have to agree with four of these...sesame chicken and the cronut I am not so sure about. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate chip cookies.

  4. I agree with all these! I love them all too lol fun list!

  5. I am a big fan of all of these - well, I still need to try a cronut but it definitely sounds like my sort of thing! My family loves hot dogs, pancakes and burgers and who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?

  6. I didn't expected the cronut to be in top 5. I did had it before and it wasn't very impressed. I would love to try an authentic hot dog!

  7. Cool article. Definitely knew a lot of the foods Americans liked.

  8. I'm not surprised sesame chicken made the list. Pancakes are one of our favorites as well.

  9. Yes! We made chocolates chip cookies last night and we are making crepes tonight (a variation of pancakes) We love this good old American food.

  10. cronuts! havent had one in forever but they are so good!

  11. I love hamburgers and chocolate chip cookies. Great list

  12. Love all of the tips and the shower is adorable! You have so many details and everything came together so cute. Thanks a lot for this article, I very interested with this published. Your post is incredibly fantastic with a lot of interesting information and impressive posting style.

  13. Fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing a very interesting post; I appreciate to blogger for an amazing post. Keep write amazing post and share with us!

  14. Chocolate chip cookies are at 1st number and I'm not surprised because I'm also a cookie lover. Wrapping them in custom food boxes is undoubtedly a great idea to make them more attractive.


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