10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Europe

If you are traveling to #Europe or plan to move there, you'll be happy to know this small continent is home to some of the most amazing places in the world. This fact is especially true for Europe's lake resorts, which are some of the most prominent ones in the world. This might be because the tranquility and picturesque environment are guaranteed. So, if you wish to know which resorts to visit first, you've come to the right place.

Our list of the top most beautiful lakes in Europe will be your guide. Lakes in Europe offer a wide variety of attractions and activities for those who want to relax and cool down in the summer, as well as stay away from crammed beach destinations. So, if you are an American wanting to move to Europe, our best piece of advice is to create a plan, find a reputable moving company to help you handle the entire thing, and start enjoying the European way of life!

Apart from numerous opportunities to build a new life in some of the beautiful countries here, you'll be surprised by the natural beauties you will see and experience along the way.

Most Beautiful Lakes in Europe

With that said, we present you with our collection of the best and most beautiful lakes Europe has to offer.

1. Lake Annecy, France

Lake Annecy in France as one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Amazing Annecy Lake is nestled in the very heart of the Frech Alps. It's the third-largest lake in the country, and it has earned a reputation as one of the cleanest lakes in Europe.

Apart from being fed by the mountain springs and having one of the cleanest waters out there, this resort has numerous advantages. For instance, the visitors will enjoy the idyllic mountain scenery, blue waters, and fresh alpine air while exploring many gorgeous villages.

2. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Not far from Annecy Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Europe - Geneva, spanning France and Switzerland. Geneva lake is just below the fantastic Alps range and is famous mainly for its icy blue waters and crescent shape. Additionally, there are many attractive castles, villages, and towns in the surroundings.

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is the most beautiful places in Slovenia and offers magical views of quiet waters from its bell tower. Known as one of the most picturesque places in Europe, lake Bled should definitely be on your must-visit list. It's located in the Julian Alps of Northwest Slovenia. The main attraction is the tiny island in the lake's center with the Bled Castle and Belltower.

Unfortunately, the lake often gets frozen in winter. However, the castle can be reached on a traditional boat during warmer months.

4. Lake Garda, Italy

Among the best places to visit around the Dolomites on your own, many people miss out on the beauty and charm of Lake Garda. Pay a visit and you won't be able to come back soon enough. Garda is the largest lake in Italy. It lies on the edge of the Dolomites, which makes it a perfect destination for hiking and exploring enthusiasts. Lake Garda is also known as one of the most romantic European destinations. This is mainly because of its mountain lake tranquility and the gorgeous villages around it.

5. Lake Como, Italy

The Como Lake resort in Northern Italy is arguably the most beautiful of all the Italian lakes. It's an A-list elegant resort that lies in the shadow of the Rhaetian Alps, with beautiful villages scattered along the shoreline. Interestingly, this is one of the deepest lakes in Europe (depth around 400m).

Because of its beauty and attractions, Lake Como has become home to many international and Hollywood stars. Also, it's absolute heaven for sports lovers. Diving, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing are just some of the popular sports you can try at Lake Como. Don't forget to visit Bellagio - an attractive traditional town.

6. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Visit the Plitvice Lakes and admire the beautiful color of its waters. A UNESCO World Heritage registered natural park, Plitvice is just breathtakingly beautiful. There are more than a dozen lakes and waterfalls scattered all across the park, each surpassing the other in terms of natural beauty. One can spend an entire week just roaming around in Plitvice, and that will still not be enough.

The bad thing is that you cannot bathe. If you want to take a dip, you should visit Krka National Park.

7. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

One of Europe's lake jewels also happens to be one of the oldest lakes here - Ohrid Lake in North Macedonia. It is also one of the most peaceful locations in the Balkans, with no air pollution. Its location is framed by majestic hills and mountains and overlooked by the incredible Saint John the Theologian Macedonian Orthodox church. The water of Lake Ohrid is perfectly clear with jade and emerald hues which makes it one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

8. Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Lake Zurich is one of the most stunning attractions in Zurich - the city in northern Switzerland. This place noticeably comes alive in summer with all the buzz on the lake. The city is a perfect mix of traditional and eccentric, making it a great way to experience Switzerland! For instance, you can take a swim in one of the lidos, go for a beer in the Old Town, hire a Cadillac to drive around the lake, and end your evening with cocktails near the lake.

Interestingly, we found out from the Transparent International crew that many of their American clients move to Switzerland or Germany. They reported the main reasons for their relocation are more tranquil surroundings, fantastic scenery, and high-paying jobs.

9. Lake Reschen, Italy

Lake Reschen is an artificial lake located in Italy. It is famous for a submerged 14th-century church steeple that protrudes from the water's surface. The steeple is the only remaining part of the Italian village of Curon that was intentionally flooded by the government in 1950 to create the artificial lake.

10. Lake Hintersee, Germany

Hintersee Lake has stunningly clear emerald green waters. Extensive forests and gigantic peaks are towering over it. Some of the best activities are hiking along the mountain path or renting a boat—the latter will help you immerse in the tranquility.


Europe has an abundance of natural beauty waiting for you to explore! Therefore, make sure you follow all the precautions to stay safe during the pandemic and start exploring some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe! We are confident you will enjoy some of the most pristine beauty to make your European traveling experience unforgettable.

Kalyan Panja