11 Best Waterfalls in Karnataka

Natural grandeur and beauty makes Karnataka one of the best places to visit in India. It is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes, including plains, mountains, hills, and mountainous terrain. Nature has endowed the land with spectacular woods, thriving waterfalls of the Western Ghats, coffee estates in Chikmagalur and Coorg, and luxuriant woodlands on the edges of the Kabini river.

Karnataka is thus, without a doubt, one of the many incredible destinations in the world to experience nature at its pristine state. The area is alive during monsoons with rivers and streams full to the brim, as well as the awe-inspiring waterfalls that leap out with all their power. These spectacular falls in Karnataka are a must-see for anybody visiting the state.

Watching the waterfalls in Karnataka is an awe-inspiring experience. July to November stretching up to April is the most fantastic time to see these stunning torrents.

best waterfalls in Karnataka

You'll be captivated by some of the most enchanting best waterfalls in Karnataka. Explore these magnificent rapids with us.

1. Jog Falls

Due to its height, Jog Falls is among Karnataka's best-known falls and the second-highest of its kind in the country. An 830-foot-tall waterfall cascades down a cliff face from an altitude of 253 meters. One of India's most picturesque waterfalls may be seen just outside Shimoga city limits. You may view four falls at the Jog Falls that emerge: Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer.

It's not far from Sagara City. The cascades of water pouring from the Sharavati River are a beautiful sight. India's second highest waterfalls, formed by Sharavathi river, plunges from a height of 253 meters. This magnificent waterfall is only active in peak monsoon season, starting from mid July till mid October. It's a breathtaking spectacle.

2. Shivanasamudra Falls

Many tourists visit the Kollegal area. The Malai Mahadeshwara Hills, and the waterfalls at Hogenakal near Male Mahadeshwara hills and the waterfalls of Gaganachukki and Bharachukki at Shivanasamudra are popular destinations. In Kollegal there is a small hill called Maradi Gudda which is located in the heart of the city along with a tibetan settlement. Gundal dam is just 15 km away from Kollegal.

Near the city are the waterfalls of Shivanasamudra also known as Siva Samudram, literally the sea of Shiva. The Kaveri River is divided here into two branches and each of the waterfalls has rocky areas. The waterfalls are known more like Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. These spectacular waterfalls are surrounded by the forests of the foothills of the Cauvery Nature Reserve.

Emerging from the life giving river Kaveri is one of the most incredible and awe inspiring waterfalls of India. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls are a combination of two falls called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Waterfalls. Together they gush through the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau making the waterfall look like a surreal reality.

Both the waterfalls are just 1 km away from each other which creates a great opportunity for photographers to capture its magnificent beauty. The roaring waterfalls will make for a great place to chill out after a day of sightseeing.

Shivanasamudra Falls is a sight to behold, thanks to its cascading waters and striking surroundings. It is one of the most eye-catching waterfalls in Karnataka that you may visit on the weekend away from the city of Bangalore. Although it is a hydroelectric plant, it is a famous tourist site because of the glorious waterfalls that can be seen here.

The falls create two streams that run in opposite directions. Other popular pastimes include fishing and hiking across mountainous terrain. However, you should avoid getting too near the waterfall due to the gorge's depth and the mighty torrent of water. It's also one of the best road excursions in the region to see the falls. Cabs are available to take you to the falls.

3. Abbi Falls

Nature's most magnificent bounty stands tall at 70 feet, in Coorg, Karnataka. A misty experience in Coorg is the mesmerizing Abbey Falls. Amidst coffee plantations, it has picturesque views sure to take your breath away. The falls is nestled between pristine valleys with the increasing aroma of coffee plantations. This exotic location with its chill breeze and lush greenery and rich fragrance is a delight for the senses.

Abbey Falls offers tourists and visitors an insider look at an enchanting paradise with its picturesque location and ever-blooming beauty. Surrounding these clear-watered falls are acres of green land, where coffee plantations run year-round. The roaring beauty is perfect for capturing memories with your near and dear ones.

You can either take a dip or enjoy the foggy spray from the water hitting the rocks forming calm pools. This thriving waterfall is bliss for the worn out mind and body - a perfect way to take a break from the city life. You can enjoy a much needed relaxation in the cascading waterfalls with your family and friends. The Abbey Falls has everything that demands a mandatory visit when you're in Coorg.

The smell of fresh coffee beans being cultivated intertwined with the pitter-patter of raindrops in the monsoon season adds to the eternal beauty of this hideaway. Just a short 10 kilometres from Madikeri, this getaway is easily accessible by road transport. Be it with family or friends; Abbey Falls will provide you with blissful quiet, easing your urban stresses away!

These falls, more commonly referred to as Jessy Falls, are a sought-after weekend destination in Coorg, Karnataka. It is about 7 kilometers from Madikeri, a significant holiday destination, and 90 kilometers from Mangalore. Abbey Falls is a unique waterfall with a combination of several streams. Watching the water fall from rocky and high cliffs with zeal and then gently turn into a little pond is a fantastic sight.

Coffee and spice plantations may be seen from the steep slopes where the waterfall flows. Inhaling coffee farms’ aromas, together with the calm wind and awe-inspiring sound of the falls, is a memorable experience for many. Thus, it is a favorite picnic location for locals and visitors and is frequented throughout the year. You may drive to the plantation's gate, but you'll have to trek to reach the waterfalls.

4. Hebbe Falls

Another tourist attraction here is Hebbe Falls which is gigantic and the roaring waters that fall from the high cliff makes it a magnificent site! Hebbe Falls in the state is a must-visit waterfall. Hebbe falls, located near Chikmagalur in the highlands of Kemmanugundi, provides tourists with a breathtaking panorama.

When it comes to the fall, there are these two distinct sections, known as the Chikka and the Dodda Hebbe, with the latter being the larger of the two. The boulders and plants at the foot of the falls make the water flow in a fascinating curving pattern that is a sight to behold.

This waterfall creates a pool as it hits the ground and is surrounded by lush vegetation. As the waters in this waterfall are supposed to have healing properties, bathing beneath it is permitted. Jeeps are only available to the falls' base. To get to the fall, you'll need to trek at least 2 kilometers. The most magnificent waterfall in Karnataka demands that you bring a camera with you on your journey.

5. Gokak Falls

Located in the district of Belgaum, the falls of Gokak are a six-mile drive from the town of Gokak. If you've ever wanted to see anything truly unique in the state or country, this waterfall is it. The Gokak valley looks like a horse, and a 210-meter-high hanging bridge spans the river. The bridge is restricted to a maximum of 30 passengers at a single go.

At this location, you'll be able to see the torrents in their entirety. Additionally, both sides of the bridge include historical landmarks.

6. Kalhatti Falls

A famous waterfall, Kalhatti Falls, is located 82 kilometers from Chikmagalur. The Hills of Chandra Drona and the Temple of Veerabhadreshwara provide a beautiful backdrop for this waterfall, plunging more than 400 feet. This fall is surrounded by a mountainous area full of wildlife, making it an excellent destination for nature-lovers to spend the weekend.

7. Sathodi Falls

Yellapur offers a completely different experience. Pure pure, natural fun. Yellapur is a perfect romantic image escape for the avid photographer and a devout worshiper of nature. An ultimate romantic destination, Yellapur is perfect for those seeking serenity at an altitude of 1774 feet!

Weekends in Yellapur tend to be less crowded, so if you are looking for privacy it is a perfect place to be. Take a visit to the waterfalls in the area such as Sathodi Falls and Magod Falls and Jenukallu Gudda.

Another gem in the lap of the Western Ghats is Sathodi Falls, situated approximately 32 km from Yellapur in Karnataka. Several unnamed streams conjoin at Kallaramane Ghat and dive down from an elevation of 15m to form the Sathodi Falls. It is also a unique and picturesque picnic spot.

You should consider Sathodi Falls in the region in your checklist of waterfalls in Karnataka. As mountainous terrains and deep trees surround Sathodi Falls, 32 kilometers away from Yellapur district, the falls look like something out of the Jungle Book. Sathodi falls plunge 15 meters to the Kodasalli dam's backwaters.

The Sathodi Falls, formed by several streams, cascades beautifully from 50 feet. The waterfall is located in Dandeli and is affectionately referred to by the locals as "Mini Niagara". You may take a dip in the waterfall-created lake. It is possible to reach the falls by taxis.

8. Unchalli Falls

Also known as Lushington Falls, Unchalli Falls is located 35 km away from Siddapur in Karnataka. The Aghanashini River gorges into a steep valley from a height of 381 ft to form a spectacular sight. To reach Unchalli Falls, take a bus to Heggarne (a hamlet) and trek 5 km through a dense forest. The trek is an exciting experience as you explore nature's bounty in rare flora and fauna through the walk.

The falls are also referred to as the Lushington falls since they were discovered in 1845 by J. D. Lushington. Sirsi is 25 kilometers away, and you'll need to travel for around 5 kilometers from Heggarne to get there. It's worth the hike to witness the falls tumble from an altitude of 170 m and take on a variety of shapes and formations to the enjoyment of observers.

9. Dabbe Falls

Dabbe Falls, tucked away in the Sharavati Wildlife Sanctuary in the Shimoga area of Karnataka, is a hidden treasure. Tourists flock to the site because of the pristine woodland and the cascading stream of water. Native speakers use the term 'dabbe,' which means 'steps,' to refer to the streambed of the falls.

A gushing wall of water descends from one step to the next while the waterfalls and ponds in each previous level fill up. As a result, Dabbe is one of the most visually appealing waterfalls in the area.

Because Dabbe Falls is hidden within impenetrable trees, it requires a long hike of 9 kilometers to get there, yet its mesmerizing splendor and stunning vista make an effort worthwhile. It's worth the time and effort to reach the falls because of the spectacular scenery that awaits you. You may enjoy not only Dabbe's crystal-clear water but also the abundant flora and animals in the surrounding forest.

10. Iruppu Falls

A mesmerizing tourist attraction in Coorg is the amazing Iruppu Falls. This charming falls is also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, frequented by avid adventurers and shutter bugs and is one of the best waterfall in Coorg. The fresh water cascade falling on the terrains amidst the lush greenery is captivating for the eyes, ideal for avid nature buffs.

The Brahmagiri Range of Kodagu houses the mystical Iruppu falls, which is said to hold power to erase ones sins. Due to its religious background, devotees flock to this beautiful sight to bathe in its freshwaters. However, Iruppu falls' gushing waters paired with the numerous temples surrounding it, is bound to make any visitor fall in love with its location.

These falls are locally referred to as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. It is believed that Lord Lakshaman had once shot an arrow towards the Brahmagiri Hills, thus producing the magnificent Iruppu falls. Whether one visits Iruppu falls for its extensive mythological history, or its picturesque view, they are bound to be shell-shocked by this natural beauty.

Legend has it that the Lakshmana Tirtha stream was formed when Lakshmana shot an arrow at the nearby hills to get drinking water for his brother Rama. The roaring waters are a perfect picnic spot to spend with your friends and family. You can stand at the bottom and play in the sizzling waters. It is believed that the waters are magical and can cleanse your sins.

It is a famous pilgrimage center with the renowned Shiva Temple. The place has everything, making it one of the top places to visit in Karnataka.

Iruppu Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in the Brahmagiri Hills amid Srimangala and Kutta in Karnataka's Coorg district, along with Kerala's Wayanad region. Locals call it Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. Surrounded by an incredible diversity of flora and animals due to its proximity to the Brahmagiri wildlife reserve, the Iruppu falls provide a one-of-a-kind spectacle with its rushing milky water.

Madikeri is around 50 kilometers away. It is during the rainy season that the Iruppu falls appear the most spectacular.

11. Magod Falls

The Bedti river flows with fearless force into Magod Falls, situated approximately 17 km from Yellapur in Karnataka. Surrounded by evergreen forests all around, Magod Falls plummet down in two tiers cascading through rocky ravines from a height of 650 feet. Take this opportunity and also visit Jenukallu Gudda. From here you can watch the mesmerizing sunset and Kavadi Kere, a beautiful lake, located around Magod Falls.

Karnataka's waterfalls are worth a visit in and of themselves. Simply being in the presence of rushing streams that burst into laughter and the cold misty surroundings is an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life. Lose yourself entirely amidst these breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls of Karnataka.

Kalyan Panja