9 BEST Places to Visit in Birmingham

Traveling around Europe is a dream come true for many. However, not everyone gets to experience it. The lucky ones usually visit some grandiose capital cities and don't like to stray away from them. Nevertheless, visiting the places that aren't an obvious choice on everyone's wish list is a great way to experience the culture and people you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to meet.

Birmingham, is one of the best places to visit in UK where there are many great things to do. Birmingham is located in the West Midlands, about 180 kilometres northwest of London. One of the best things about traveling around Europe is experiencing the different bits and pieces each culture has to offer. These are some fantastic places to see if you're looking for things to do in Birmingham.

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Places to Visit in Birmingham

In that spirit, let's take a look at the top things to do in Birmingham that'll make your trip to UK all the more special.

1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery situated in the city center in a beautiful Victorian building. Art Museum has the largest collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings and drawings in the world, some of them with more than 400,000 years of history.

2. National SEA LIFE Centre

There's a reason why the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham is one of the most visited places in this city. Be sure to check it out. National Sea Life Center Birmingham is one of the best aquariums you can see in Britain. Inside the aquarium is the Sensorama Cine 4D, a spectacular film about all marine species.

3. Victoria Square

Located in Victoria Square, Town hall looks entirely like a Greek or Roman temple. Beside it is the Symphony Hall, the most important theatre in Birmingham. It is one of the best concert halls that you can find in the United Kingdom. They are two of the most emblematic buildings of the city.

Do not forget about Jewelery Quarter, the neighborhood of jewelers, or Saint Paul Square.

4. Worcester and Birmingham Canal

Taking a Boat Trip through the Canal is one of the best things to do in Birmingham. If you wish to experience the city in its entirety in a shorter period of time, you should check out what the boat trip through the Canal has to offer. You'll get to take a look at the buildings that have been there over the last two centuries and experience a more posh side of the city.

And if you wish to stay longer in the city and get to see every nook and cranny it hides, you may need storage for your items. For example, if you still haven't found the accommodation to settle in but wish to experience these attractions anyway, know that sharing storage with friends during your travels is a great option. Before you find a more permanent place, this solution might be the best for your valuables and other belongings.

5. Bullring & Grand Central

There are many options for shopping here. The cheapest can be found in the Bullring Markets and the weekend markets of Digbeth and Custard Factory. You will also see clothes and food stores, almost all of them exotic. If you're in the mood for a shopping spree, the Bullring Shopping Centre is probably one of the best destinations for that.

It's one of the biggest malls in the UK, which makes it home to some great chain stores and some smaller hidden gems. In addition, they offer great restaurants and coffee shops where you can take a minute to cool down and regain your strength to carry on.

6. National Trust - Birmingham Back to Backs

There are many outstanding characteristics of the unique architecture in Birmingham. One of the most amazing things to do in Birmingham is visiting the Birmingham Back to Backs. You can find these buildings all over the city, and they're all equally charming and special. You will realize there will be a lot of exploring to do, and you will spend most of the time outside.

If you are not sure about leaving your belongings in your accommodation, you may be tempted to carry your valuables with you. But Birmingham is a big city, and this is ill-advised. Because of that, professionals at PortaBox Storage remind us of numerous advantages of renting storage while traveling.

Pay a visit to The Electric Cinema. Even though it might be unconventional, a movie night in a city you're visiting for the first time can be an extraordinary experience. The century-old Electric Cinema is a great option for this adventure since it has numerous showings of some great movies, both older and newer.

7. Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Another great family activity could be visiting the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park and seeing all the cute animals it has to offer. However, family or no family, you should make this place your stop even if you're all on your own. You won't regret it. The wildlife here is incredible, and there's a great chance that you'll get to see some animals you haven't seen before.

8. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you're in the mood for a fairytale, however, you cannot miss the wonders that Botanical Gardens have to offer. You'll truly feel as if you're going through the scenery from Alice in Wonderland gliding through this place. Great green gardens stretch all over the area, along with one-of-a-kind glasshouses. Every one of these glasshouses has a unique theme and atmosphere that you'll get to experience.

9. Cadbury World

Don't worry if you're traveling with family and are not in the mood for grown-up activities. There are still plenty of great opportunities to let loose and enjoy the childish side of this city. Cadbury World is one of the best spots for chocolate lovers in the whole country. Of course, if you still want to implement some learning alongside all the amazing and tasty chocolate, you can.

You can either join in on an already existing tour of the place or explore on your own. If you decide on the first option, you'll get to learn about how chocolate came to be as well as the great history of Cadbury. Cadbury World is one of the most visited places in the city. It is in the area of Bournville, and inside you will know everything related to this famous chocolate and its products.

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