5 Best Sites and Activities in Sweden

#Sweden is the birthplace of many elements of world culture ranging from #ABBA to #IKEA but this Scandinavian country offers much more including its unique museums, delicious food, and beautiful landscape. Once you look into what Sweden has to offer, you will begin to discover a beautiful and fascinating country with all kinds of things to offer.

There are adventurous hikes, stunning natural phenomena, urban breaks for a bit of relaxation, and even some beaches in Sweden that are surprisingly picturesque (given how far north Sweden really is). A solo backpacker who visits today is rewarded by stunning landscapes, charming towns and cities and welcoming people.

This is one of the best countries to visit in the world if you are looking for a calm and enriching adventure. Sweden is a nation that proudly boasts about its wonderful natural landscapes, white sand beaches and peaceful little towns with cobblestone streets.

Is it your dream to sail in the Stockholm archipelago? To build your own logging fleet and float on the Klarälven with family? Or just take it easy in a hotel on the Swedish Riviera? From the midnight sun's Luleå in the north to beautiful Malmö in the south. Choose and toss between everything from lovely sea baths and breathtaking nature experiences to beautiful archipelago and city-close locations.

Build your own log barge and glide on the mighty Klarälven River in Värmland. Choose if you want to stay 1, 2 or 4 days. You can live in tents and the place offers adventures and many nature experiences. Stay in exclusive tiny houses in Hjo, a hundred meters from the beach in Varberg or enjoy the outdoor feeling in Tylösand with Sweden's perhaps best sandy beach.

best places to visit in Sweden

Below we list some of the best sites and activities for those lucky enough to visit this Scandinavian gem:

1. Sälen

Located in south-central Sweden, Sälen is a skier’s dream. The area is actually six ski resorts in one making it the perfect family-friendly area with numerous activities to participate in. The four ski areas in Sälen include Lindvallen, Högfjället, Hundfjället and Tandådalen, which offer a combined 100 slopes.

Furthermore, there are 160 downhill runs, 9 connected green slopes, family skiing areas, 185 miles (300 kilometers) of cross-country skiing, and 3 snow parks. Skiing in Scandinavia is a rare experience that few tourists get to enjoy so it is definitely worth the trip to a ski resort area, even if it’s not Sälen.

The mountains, panoramic views, and crisp air are a treasured part of the experience for anyone who visits. Other great skiing areas include Stöten (the northernmost ski resort in the Sälen mountain range) and the Funäsfjällen ski area (360 miles (580 kilometers) northwest of Stockholm).

2. Karlskrona

Karlskrona in the middle of the archipelago is really the sunniest city in Sweden. There are endless things to do in Karlskrona. You can visit many of the places to visit on your own, although some must be visited with a guide. Take a walk through the streets and experience how the modern pulse of the city mixes with its historical spirit, a fantastic combination of past and present.

The flagship of the tourist attractions of Karlskrona is its Naval Museum. Many Baroque buildings remain intact, like those on the grandiose main square, Stortorget. After having protected the harbor for more than three centuries, the Kungsholm Fortress and the Drottningskär Citadel reveal a remarkable history.

At the fascinating Sea Museum, explore a Soviet submarine, inspect a minesweeper from World War II and observe an 18th century sunken ship through an underwater tunnel.

3. Kalmar

In Sweden there are many nice towns and places to discover. One of them is the East Coast's beautiful archipelago town Västervik! The 5000 islands make it a holiday paradise for the whole family. In today's guide we give you tips on what you should do here. Vastervik is perfect for an active holiday with canoeing, hiking or biking. But also for those who like cozy cafes or boat trips in the archipelago.

Treat yourself to a golf holiday in Tofta Manor, spa at Hooks Herrgård, or a piece of Japan at Yasuragi with hot springs and sushi school for children. There is a partially floating hotel, spa and restaurant with rooms and suites inspired by ABBA's music and history. Live off-grid in exclusive tiny-houses in the woods outside Hjo, on a quiet forest near the campsite at Happie Camp in Varmland, or in family homes in Halland Riviera.

4. Gotland

We won't spend too much space on beaches of Sweden, but if you are looking for further outdoor activity in Sweden that is a little more relaxing and less adventurous, the selection of pleasant coastal areas is surprisingly broad and impressive. Because Sweden is recognized as a Scandinavian country many forget all about the fact that much of it runs along the Baltic Sea, which is a famously beautiful resort area.

Among the famous beaches in Sweden are Ribersborg, Tanto Beach, Faro, Lysekil, and Norrfallsviken, and all are pretty and relaxing options.

Faro makes for perhaps the most complete beach getaway. It is its own island, well south of Stockholm and just off of the larger island of Gotland, smack in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It is a charming coastal area complete with restaurants and ice cream shops, beach walks, mini golf, and boating and was one of the locations of Game of Thrones.

5. Sarek National Park

Sweden is home to some of the world’s most cherished national parks with sky-scraping mountain tops, vibrant green fields, and beautiful bodies of water. One of the most famous is the Sarek National Park, which is located in Sweden’s Lapland. Sarek became a national park in 1909 making it the oldest in Europe.

It is clear to visitors why preserving this area of landscape was a top priority for Sweden as it is truly unmatched. Sarek holds six of Sweden's thirteen peaks that stand over 6,600 feet (2,000 meters), which includes the county’s second-highest mountain Sarektjåkkå. Moreover, the park is riddled with powerful mountain top views as there are approximately 200 peaks over 5,900 feet (1,800 meters) that are visible at every turn.

Popular hiking trails include Kvikkjokk - Årrenjarka (13 miles) and Akka – Saltoluokta (5 to 7 days).

Sweden is an underrated tourist destination as it offers such unique cultural elements, great food, and an unbeatable beautiful landscape that begs to be explored.

Kalyan Panja