Top 10 Tips For Caravanning With Dogs

Are you keen on going on an adventure on a well-equipped caravan? Are you preparing for the trip and navigating your journey to the beautiful and adventurous caravan parks and beaches. Aren't those who have pets in their family are very much passionate to travel along with them? Are you one of them?

So when thinking of travelling with your pet, what could be better than a caravan park. The world is home to multiple and diverse pet-friendly caravan parks. When it comes to travelling with pets, dog travellers are more than cats or any other pet. But there are certain rules and regulations of caravan parks that you need to look after. And ensure if your pet stays easy and comfortable anywhere else apart from home.

From road trips in Arizona to the Great Lakes or any other part of USA caravans provide the flexibility to manage your trip as per your choice.

Caravanning With DogsCaravanning With Dogs

Know the caravan park protocols for pets. There are some common points for every site regarding pets. We have listed some of them that would be helpful if you keep them in mind beforehand.

1. Cleaning up after your pet

Obviously, if you are the owner, you are expected to dispose of your pet's waste. Some of the parks may provide you with poop bags and dispensers, but you should be prepared with the essentials and make sure to throw them in appropriate bins at the park and maintain cleanliness.

2. Keep your pet on a leash

No caravan park permits your pet to trouble the guests or children anytime. So, do not risk it by putting your pet off-leash unless the fenced protective area surrounds them. Otherwise, keep them on the leash all the time.

3. Do not leave them alone

Authorities at many caravan parks restrict you to leave your pet alone, no matter where it is, in your caravan, your tent or anywhere else. Any mishappening can take place and result in serious complications.

Whether you want to visit a supermarket or restaurant, make sure you either search for pet-friendly places to visit or take along a caretaker for your pet.

4. Make your pet wear an ID tag

If you are visiting a pet-friendly caravan park, there must be few more visitors who may bring along their pets too. Putting an ID tag is the most sensible solution in which anyone can recognize the pet is yours if it gets lost. If your pet goes missing, it will be easy to contact you immediately for whoever picks them up.

5. Washing your pet on a Caravan site

Often it is not allowed to wash your pet on the campsite. Many campsites prohibit this, whereas some of them do provide facilities for it. Make sure to check accordingly.

6. Check areas where your pet can enter

Before selecting the park, check the areas where your pet will be allowed to enter. Campsites do not allow them to enter public areas, kitchen and sometimes even in the playgrounds.

7. Vaccinations

Your pet should be free from fleas, worms and must be healthy when you are planning the trip. Caravan parks require pets to be vaccinated and be in a fit condition before entering.

8. Number and Size of Pets

There may be restrictions on the number and size of pets as well. Some caravan parks might allow one or more pets along with you, whereas some might not. It will also depend on the size as few sites allow only small pets, but not necessarily.

9. Excessive disturbance

Pets, especially dogs, may bark continuously and create a nuisance in the new place, leading to disturbing everyone around you. It is advisable to make your pet friendly with the people on regular days instead of left alone at home so that they easily familiarise themselves with everyone at the site.

10. Tips for you

Other than these, some things you need to check things at your end include:

  • Consider offering your pet some warm shady place for eating, drinking and resting. You can include this option in your caravan by using pet enclosure that provides a private, secured, safe and fully enclosed area for your pet when on the road.
  • Travelling with your pet to an unfamiliar environment requires extra care and attention to their supplies. Carry enough pet food, clean water, towels, bedding, toys etc., that might need you anytime.
  • Research beforehand to check all the parks’ facilities, and the place is free from leeches, and other harmful insects as your pets will spend more time outdoors.
  • In case of any emergency and illness, keep the vet's number nearest to the area on your mobile phone to avoid any delay.


There are many caravan parks options to choose from; check with each caravan park before selecting, as the place may vary according to its location, facilities, restrictions, accommodation etc.

When it comes to a quality, fun and safe trip, think about all the points mentioned above. These will help you out in some or the other way anytime, anywhere.

Kalyan Panja