5 BEST Restaurants in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is known as one of the best cities for seafood in the world. Sitting right off the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean, these waters spoil Seattle with fresh, delicious seafood that is tough to beat. However, Seattle is home to so much more as it also has plenty of fresh, locally grown produce thanks to the Pacific Northwest climate.

These two factors combined have led to the creation of tons of amazing restaurants in Seattle that not only value great food, but also provide a space to enjoy scenic views and the culture of this unique city.

BEST Restaurants in Seattle, Washington

Below are the best restaurants in the Seattle area:

1. Hitchcock

If it is your first time in Seattle, a quick way to experience all its best components is a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for a dinner of oysters and salmon tartare at the original Hitchcock restaurant. The restaurant was started in 2010 by an Alaskan native who grew up appreciating the local nature and all the amazing food it provides.

By 2011, Hitchcock was quickly recognized as a Seattle standout and named one of the top ten Best New Restaurants by both the Seattle Times and Seattle Magazine. Its success has only continued since then and the restaurant has expanded to provide quality food for those who do not enjoy seafood. They offer pasta dishes like twisty Gemelli in a sauce of stinging nettles and cream.

The pork served at Hitchcock also comes straight from the owners farm. The freshness of the ingredients in this restaurant is tough to beat.

2. Twede’s Cafe

To get an insight into Seattle’s history check out Twede's Café. The building was built in 1941, by Roy Thompson, and is still owned today by members of the family. For much of its time, it was known as Thompson’s Café and provided Seattleites with the comforts of its freshly-brewed coffee, cherry pies, and an outstanding breakfast menu.

In the 1950s, it evolved into the Mar-T Café but continued to provide excellent food and a cozy atmosphere to locals as well as travelers heading to the mountains. The unique atmosphere of the café was appreciated by David Lynch on a scouting trip in 1990, and it became the set for several scenes of the now-famous TV series Twin Peaks.

Today, the cafe is known as Twede’s Café and has only grown in popularity since its appearance on the hit show. In fact, people from all over come to visit and have a piece of their signature cherry pie.

The diner has a lot of great Twin Peaks memorabilia inside and serves cherry pie which was featured often in the TV show. If you're in the Seattle area and are a fan of Twin Peaks, this is definitely a place you'll want to stop for a slice of pie and to snap a picture or two."

3. The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter is considered the gold standard for a restaurant with an amazing oyster bar as they highlight this local delicacy, but also provide an incredible menu with a wide variety. A night at the Walrus and Carpenter consists of meticulously sourced oysters, octopus carpaccio, and food-simpatico cocktails beneath the glow of an enormous coral reef of a chandelier.

This restaurant understands the unique beauty of Seattle and has created an atmosphere that lets all aspects of this city shine. However, because this restaurant is so cherished by locals and frequented by tourists, there is often a wait to be seated. If that happens, the tile-clad watering hole, Barnacle, next door makes the best waiting room in town.

4. The Mean Sandwich

For those who care less about a fancy seafood dinner and are interested in a quick yet quality meal, stop by The Mean Sandwich. The Mean Sandwich is a bare-bones counter that continually wows locals and visitors alike with their unique and mouth-watering combinations of locally-sourced meat.

The signature Mean Sandwich that consists of fat hunks of corned beef, mustard, and pickled red cabbage, is a cherished menu item, and rightfully so. The sandwich shop also offers a steak tartare club, and the “skins and ins”—fried chunks of baked potato instead of fries. If you still aren’t convinced: The kitchen takes its day-old sandwich buns and turns them into bread pudding.

5. The Black Bottle Postern

The Black Bottle Postern is known for its pleasing, minimalistic interior and lofty ceiling. This atmosphere is perfect for enjoying The Black Bottle’s incredible locally-sourced dishes. Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch and the incredible restaurant staff pride themselves on being able to create something for everyone.

The mouth-watering menu features unique flavor combinations such as pork belly paired with kimchi, bacon-lemon scallops with frizzled kale, bourbon-sauced bread pudding and more. Located just outside of Seattle, The Black Bottle Tavern lets you get away from the noise, unwind, and enjoy their incredible flavor combinations.

Kalyan Panja