Top 10 Instagram Spots in the British Virgin Islands

An exotic and peaceful tropical holiday in the Caribbean is everyone's dream. The most suitable place to sit in that scenario is islands like we can think of any other. A great things to do so is to search online and a better way is to simply go on your Instagram and search for the most Instagram worthy spots in the British Virgin Islands. Because by doing that you not only get a clearer picture but also with people's reviews and opinions about that place.

After a long working time, all you want to do is relax and enjoy it. Laying on a beach, under the beautiful and bright sun, having an ice-cold cocktail in our hands is just it.

The important part to make your holidays much more enjoyable and less stressful is to plan and set everything before leaving like making every reservation etc. But the most important one is to make a list of places you want to go and schedule for that so without any kind of interruption, you can simply just have fun on your trip.

Why Instagram? Because as we know more than a billion people are using it and they are all from around the world. The race for likes and followers has begun and businesses such as travel organizers and all other kinds of businesses are attracted towards it. So, their experience will help you to choose your destinations.

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Here is a list of the best Instagram spots in British Virgin Islands that will make your holiday plans more exciting:

1. Anegada

One of the best ways to start your trip is to go to Anegada Island because first of all it is magnificent in its beauty and secondly, it is very less populated which means you can have a great time without any kind of lousy crowd. It also has kite surfers on the north side and wild orchids and also the beautiful native rock iguana in the middle. It will be a breath-taking moment for you and a great Instagram post.

2. Tortola

Tortola is the main island of the British Virgin Islands and its surroundings possess the incomparable natural beauty of the Caribbean islands, both on land, and under the transparent waters. Tortola is a paradise for lovers of water activities. The beautiful island is also a famous diving center. Tortola has thousands of attractions and incredible scenarios in its beautiful beaches and lush landscapes.

The activities and tours in Tortola, the main one of the BVI, are varied and go beyond sports and culture. The beautiful and comfortable hotels give you the best view of the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean islands. During your trip to Tortola you will discover the many and varied activities that this small island has to delight its visitors, a mixture of natural beauty and excellent services.

Enjoy water tours, fishing, snorkeling and diving to explore the coral reefs, rock formations in deep waters and legendary sunken ships. In Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, activities and tours on land include horseback riding and through the tops of mountains and mountains. Adventure is a common word in Tortola! In the tourist destination of Tortola, the local people will tell you that the blues are always good activities!

When you travel to Tortola, make incredible snorkeling and diving tours in the magnificent waters of the beach, lagoons and inlets. You will also have the opportunity to surf and windsurf, observe the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean islands in a parasailing or ride aboard a fast and powerful speedboat.

During your trip to Tortola you can enjoy one of the most incredible activities you can do in the British Virgin Islands. Swimming with the dolphins has become one of the favorite attractions for locals and visitors and can take place in a fantastic place, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands.

Family vacations in Tortola are fun and educational. This sunny tourist destination is ideal for water sports, such as snorkeling for children and diving for adults. Pick up a Tortola travel guide and do some of the tours and educational activities in the family in full contact with nature: jungle tours, bird watching, horseback riding, biking and a visit to the Museum Folkloric of the island.

Travel to Tortola and discover the most romantic and wonderful landscapes to make the wedding of your dreams come true and an incredible honeymoon, with tours in Tortola for two, surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Sea, on the famous beaches of the British Virgin Islands. In Tortola there are many other activities and attractions to enjoy.

This small Caribbean island has several natural parks and national parks, right here and on nearby islands, the trip is short and fun. You should also visit the island's famous art galleries and dine at its delicious restaurants. Enjoy and tan on the soft sand beaches, always using biodegradable sun lotions, so you take care of your skin and the environment at the same time.

Soper's Hole is spot on the western end of Tortola for beautiful sunsets. Its color is so vivid and sharp that it will make your Instagram photo library more attractive. Also stay there for a little while, after the sunrise for all the coming mesmerizing scenery. With these charming coastal views, it also occupies yachts for a ride in the marine water and also great Jurassic park vibes which definitely will hype up your Instagram backgrounds.

3. Road Town

It is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. It is the street representation of the islands. Popping with vibrant colors and lively aura. It will be a very good spot for your amazing photo shoots.

4. Cane Garden Bay

It is a most perfect spot for picturing your feelings of joy through your photos. This bay in Tortola has an array of turquoise blue beaches with a lot of greenery to make your Instagram beautiful. For a little activity, it has sailboats rides. The white sand beaches contain sun loungers and umbrellas that you can rent for your use. This spot also has great restaurants for a little lunch.

5. Virgin Gorda Peak

It is one of the last Caribbean dry forests in that region. So, visiting there will be a great experience. The highest spot is the summit at 1,370 feet and the mountains are fully protected by the national park authority. It will be a unique visit for you and also a good story to tell on your Instagram timeline.

6. Long Bay Beach

It is connected to the Tortola spot by a bridge. It is a great place to have a romantic moment with your loved one on the white sand with a peaceful turquoise blue sea. It is a great place to show your Instagram family how to create some beautiful and romantic moments.

7. White Bay Beach

It is also an amazing spot on the BVI. It is the bay on Jost van Dyke Island, with beautiful white sand and palm trees to make you feel a little tropical. The water is deep enough for you to have a fresh swimming adventure.

8. North Sound

It is another splendid sunset spot. By visiting you will experience a marvelous sunset which will let you forget about the chaos of your life and just will leave you with peace

9. The Baths

These huge volcanic boulders are piled up to create grottoes under the water. It is one of the most famous spots to visit. It is a very different place and one that you will always remember.

10. Mount Healthy National Park

Visit Mount Healthy National Park, symbol of the era of sugarcane plantations in the British Virgin Islands, where you will find intact vestiges of a windmill whose walls are made of stone. Take a tour of the Sage Mountain National Park, where you can see beautiful jungle landscapes from the highest elevations.

11. Norman Island

It is the best snorkeling spot that you can ever experience. By diving in the water, you will be able to capture the beautiful reddish caves as they rise from the water, and also with your underwater camera, you can take numerous pretty shots for your Instagram highlights.

This list of places will give you a breathtaking and relaxing holiday.

Kalyan Panja